9 Best Alternatives to Procreate App You Need Now

Best Alternatives to Procreate App

The iPad app Procreate is a very well-known digital painting application, providing the highest possible touch responsiveness. It’s appropriate for both beginners and experts, and we utilize it in our Shader courses. Thanks to its great support and community, it’s constantly evolving and getting new features.

In recent months Procreate got a lot of competition from very good alternatives – most of them coming from Autodesk. 

The best alternatives to Procreate can be defined as the applications that hold good features and functionalities on their own, but the one thing they miss out on is a proper team of developers behind them so that you can expect any project from these apps at a very slow pace. The graphics editor apps listed in this article have been chosen after very detailed research on each and every feature of the apps available for iOS.

In this post, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Procreate and the features you can expect from these graphics editor apps. So far, these iOS apps are concerned; procreate is the number one choice for graphic designers, but if you are looking forward to some alternatives for the graphics editor app, here is a list of apps for your iPad.

Please note that these alternatives to Procreate are not in any particular order, and one cannot be declared better than the other because it all depends on how creative a person is. Also, these apps boast their own features and functionalities, so you can check them out before going for a particular app.

9 Best Alternatives to Procreate raster graphics editor App You Need Now

ArtRage is one of the most popular alternatives for Procreate, and that’s because it features more than just painting. It is an app that features more functionalities than just painting on iPad. It has some of the basic stuff that you would expect from a graphics editor app, plus the features which are unique to this app.

The basic tools include Pencil, Oil Brush, Watercolor, and Paint roller. If you want to add any of these tools, you can do so and change the settings. You can even mix colors to create some really unique colors. One of the most unique features is that you can create custom brushes that can then be saved for future use.

  1. DrawPlus X8

DrawPlus X8 is a powerful, well-equipped graphics program. It can create nearly any type of artwork, from simple line drawings to realistic bitmaps and everything in between. I’ve been using it for years myself – since version X4 – and have always been impressed by what it can do. I strongly recommend DrawPlus to any artist in the market for a professional-grade drawing tool.

Although DrawPlus’ user interface hasn’t changed drastically, it has been refined in several subtle ways. There’s now a menu bar with drop-down menus, for example. A new Help button opens the user manual in your browser and displays a table of contents on mouseover. Other buttons and options have been moved around slightly, and some minor interface features have been removed in an effort to streamline things and make DrawPlus easier to use.

  1. Epic Pen 

Epic Pen is a virtual whiteboard that lets you draw anything in the world with others. Drawing on paper is passé, but online it’s a lot more complicated. In the age of tablets, smartphones, and cloud-based services, it’s increasingly frustrating that there’s no easy way to collaborate with others.

Epic Pen offers a beautiful and simple solution to that problem with its online whiteboard, which lets you draw anything in the world with others.

Epic Pen is built to solve this problem in a delightful, fast and fun way. It’s a simple web app that makes sharing your ideas in group chats effortless.

  1. MyPaint

MyPaint is an open-source drawing tool that lets you focus on what’s important: your creativity, not the program. With no more than a few clicks, you can start painting on a webcam using your favorite drawing tools, with support for pressure-sensitive graphics tablets, Wacom’s Intuos line in particular.

MyPaint is designed to excel with digital art tablets but also works with mice and trackpads. It doesn’t have all the features of a full drawing program; it omits dozens of rarely used options to keep the interface clean and simple.

With MyPaint, you can use layers, color management with support for multiple monitors, select any brush or tool your hardware supports, configure them to your taste, and even use Gimp brushes.

  1. Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco lets you upload your photos to the web, tweak them with professional tools and share them with friends.

Adobe Fresco is a free photo-editing tool that lets you edit images on the web. It provides easy access to Adobe Photoshop® functionality through an intuitive user interface designed for touch-based interaction on tablets. This enables fast image processing and editing.

Adobe Fresco lets you take all your photos with you, even those that have not been geotagged. You can then edit them on your tablet and share them with friends or family through popular social networks or at Adobe Revel, an online service that offers unlimited storage for full-resolution photos, plus an automatic backup of files whenever you connect your tablet to the web.

  1. Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro for Tablets provides an intuitive way to edit your photos on the web using touch gestures.

Adobe Sketchbook is a fun, easy-to-use drawing and painting studio that lets you paint naturally on your tablet with your finger or a stylus. It provides intuitive brushes that look like real paintbrushes, pencils, markers, and airbrushes. You can also get creative with shapes, stickers, and text.

Adobe Sketchbook is the only painting studio that lets you keep all your sketches organized in one online portfolio. Upload your sketches and access them from any tablet to view, edit or share them with others.

  1. Clip Studio Paint 

Clip Studio Paint is a full-featured digital illustration and comics creation software that brings to your tablet the ease of use and beautiful interface as well as the reliability of a desktop application.

Clip Studio Paint is powerful digital illustration software that allows you to draw with your tablet and stylus, creating beautiful images in minutes rather than hours. Clip Studio Paint also includes an animation tool so you can create fluid motions frame by frame quickly and easily.

  1. PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI is a lightweight and streamlined painting program, allowing you to draw beautiful digital illustrations with an ease of use unmatched by other programs.

PaintTool SAI is a digital drawing tool for Windows with an ease of use and functionality far beyond simple paint programs. It features a beautifully streamlined and intuitive user interface that allows you to easily unleash your creativity.

  1. Krita

Krita is a pro painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte art and texture artists, and the VFX industry.

Krita is both powerful and easy to use. It has been designed to provide concepts artists with everything they need in one package. Krita provides all of the image editings, texturing, and drawing tools you will need but also provides advanced features. 

Final Thought

I hope that the above collection of free digital art tools will satisfy your desire for creativity and that the next time you need to create digital art, you will try one of them out. And if your favorite tool is not mentioned in the list, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: The tools shown above have been selected according to the number of votes that they have received from users of this website, so they are representative of the preferences of most people who use digital art tablets. Nonetheless, you might have a different opinion, so if you think that an app is missing from the list or it’s here inappropriately, please feel free to express your thoughts in


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