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Who is Arthur D. Levinson? Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Relationship, Kids

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Summary of Arthur D. Levinson



Full Name: Arthur D. Levinson
Age: 71 years 0 months
Birth Date: March 31, 1950
Horoscope: $600 million

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Arthur D. Levinson is a molecular biologist and businessperson best recognized for developing therapeutics for various forms of cancer.

He is also the director of Apple Inc. and CEO of Calico. Also, he became the Vice President of Research Technology in early 1989.

What is Arthur D. Levinson’s famous For?

  • Is an American-born molecular biologist and entrepreneur.
  • He worked as BOD of Google from early 2004 to late 2009.

Arthur D. Levinson: Family, Siblings, Childhood

Age, Bio, Parents, Ethnicity

 On March 31, 1950, Levinson was born in Seattle, Washington, to a Jewish pair Malvina and Sol Levinson. Developing up, Levinson was highly inspired by Carl Sagan’s book ‘Intellectual Life in the Universe.’

He does not have any siblings. Arthur holds American citizenship by birth, but his ethnicity is not known.

Education Details

Levinson scrutinized genetics and biochemistry at the ‘University of Washington. ‘ Also, he finished with a BS in molecular biology in late 1972 and finished his Ph.D. in biochemistry from ‘Princeton University’ in late 1977.

All About Arthur D. Levinson’s Career

He worked at the ‘Microbiology Department’ of the ‘University of California’ from late 1977 to 1980, where he entered the Nobel laureates, J. Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus, as a postdoc to work on producing antibodies for treating cancer.

His early cancer research developed a monoclonal antibody named ‘trastuzumab,’ one of the initially targeted cancer medication therapeutics. Also, he formed the anti- monoclonal antibody, ‘rituximab,’ that heals hematologic cancers and a kind of epidermal tumor factor receptor.

Furthermore, he has provided to the development of targeted therapeutics, ‘bevacizumab,’ and ‘ranibizumab,’ which are popularly used for healing several cancer-causing illnesses to the brain, colon, kidney, and lungs.

He has also made donations to age-related macular degeneration. He pioneered the development of the drug ‘Herceptin’ to heal breast cancer.

In early 1980, Herbert W. Boyer, co-founder of the world’s first biotech firm, ‘Genentech,’ hired Levinson as a research scientist. He prepared to acquire unique lab experiences at ‘Genentech’ and turn to academia after that.

Under Levinson’s management, ‘Genentech’ started examining various cancer research schemes to rate them based on scientific viability, medical requirement, market potential, and production economy.

Moreover, he prioritized the improvement of new medications for immunology, cancer, and vascular biology.

At ‘Genentech,’ Levinson became ‘Vice President of Research Technology’ in late 1989, ‘Vice President of Research’ in early 1990, ‘Senior Vice President of Research’ in early 1992, and eventually, the ‘Senior Vice President of Research and Development’ in late 1993.

Furthermore, in late 1995, ‘Genentech’ made Levinson its new ‘Chief Executive Officer’; he became the director in 1999. The ‘Irvington Institute’ and the ‘National Breast Cancer Coalition’ acknowledged Levinson’s corporate management awards in late 1999.

BOD of Google

From early 2004 to 2009, Levinson worked on the board of managers of ‘Google.’ In late 2006, ‘Princeton University granted him with the ‘James Madison Medal,’ and Barron’s magazine identified him as one of ‘The World’s Most Valued CEOs’ (in late 2009 as well). Moreover, The ‘Best Practice Institute’ registered Levinson in ’25 Top CEOs.’

In 2011, ‘Apple, Inc.’ called Levinson as its ‘Non-Executive Chairman of the Board’ while on late November 15, he became the board’s director, succeeding Steve Jobs. Also, in early 2012, ‘Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,’ New York, granted the ‘Double Helix Medal’ to Levinson.

CEO of Calico

On September 18, 2013, Levinson became the CEO of ‘Calico,’ a ‘Google’-a backed company concentrated on health and well-being.

Also, in 2014, Levinson earned the most significant honor for a ‘University of Washington’ alumna, the ‘Alumnus Summa Laude Dignatus Award.’

Furthermore, on October 3, 2014, President Obama performed the ‘National Medal of Technology and Innovation’ to Levinson, the essential US honor in the field of science and technology.

Furthermore, in early April 2016, the ‘University of California,’ San Francisco, praised Levinson’s donations to the scientific community with the ‘Outstanding Alumnus Award.’

Arthur D. Levinson’s Beloved Things

  • Personality: Steve Jobs
  • Companies: Google, Apple

Salary and Net Worth

He has an approximated net worth of about $600 million and has a salary of $557,000 per year. Also, he gained above 1.15 million Apple shares which are worth not less than$128 million.

Rumors and Controversies

Arthur has been victorious in keeping himself far from scandals and controversies in his secret and professional life.

Is Arthur D. Levinson married? Wife, Children, Marriage

Levinson partnered with Rita May Liff on December 17, 1978, and together they have a boy and a girl. Additional data about the couple is not available.

Height, Weight, Eye Color

He has green pair of eyes and light brownish hair and has decent height and nice weight.

Is Arthur D. Levinson active on social media?

Arthur does not appear to be active on any social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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