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Who is Ashley Wicka? Wiki, Affair, Instagram, Net Worth, Bio, Age, YouTube

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Ashley Wicka Beauty

Summary of Ashley Wicka

Ashley Wicka

Ashley Wicka

Full Name: Ashley Wicka
Age: 18 years 9 months
Birth Date: June 13, 2002
Net Worth: $1 million to $5 million

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Ashley Wicka is an American-born model, YouTuber, and Instagram super Star. She has a successful youtube channel where she uploads fun and trial videos. She is recognized for her Beautiful appearance, cute smile, style, and fantastic personality. Ashley is also famous for her eye-catching Instagram images and Videos. She has a tremendous fan following. She was also celebrated on the Vine app.

What is Ashley Wicka Famous For?

  • Are an American born model, YouTuber, and Instagram star
  • Famous for her looks, charming smile, and a fantastic personality

Ashley Wicka: Parents, Family, Siblings, Childhood, Age, Bio, Ethnicity

 On 13 June 2002, Ashley Wicka was born in the USA, and she is currently 18 years old. Her zodiac symbol is Gemini, and she is a citizen of America by birth. Though there is no precise data about her birthplace, Ashley rose up in Southern California. Furthermore, Ashley became vegan at the young age of 14 years.

She rose up along with her younger handsome brother called Aidan. Aidan has also performed on Ashley’s channel on various occasions. Other than this, there is no more data regarding her parents and other family articles. Furthermore, she also has yet to experience about her academic background. But acknowledging her age, we can appropriate that Ashley might be a high school student yet.

Furthermore, Ashley has hemophobia, a fear of blood. She has also wholly passed out due to this in her biology class, and she has also been close to passing out entirely a lot more times. She would love to live in Hawaii when she is a grown up or at least she wishes to spend some parts of her loving life there. It is additionally the only place that Ashley’s family goes to as a big target.

All About Ashley Wicka’s Career

Ashley is a Youtube content producer. She gained an audience with her videos selling a plant-based lifestyle, i.e., a vegan lifestyle. Ashley founded her self-titled channel on 12 February 2018 and so far has above 197,000 subscribers. Moreover, with her unique content, Ashley has gained 15,314,905 views on her channel. Furthermore, the video that she accorded in February 2019 called EATING iCarly FOOD FOR 24 HOURS became her most famous to that point. It was viewed higher than 700,000 times. Additionally, Ashley has also cooperated with fellow content producers like Vanessa Nagoya, Dom Brack, and Zachary Ryan.

In addition, Asley has also highlighted various other social media celebrities on her Instagram accounts, such as Life with MaK, Gracie K., and Jonathan Gio, amongst many others. Ashley is likewise an actress who has been highlighted in a Youtube short movie called How Clause Ruined Christmas. This short movie is found in “Humor with George TV,” and he shared this on 25 December 2019 festive time.

Speaking in detail on Ashley’s Youtube channel, the oldest video on her channel at now is VEGAN TEEN: WHAT I REALLY EAT IN A DAY. This video has received 31,499 views after its upload back on 20 February 2018. Furthermore, the only video with above 1 million views at present is called how to make THICK SMOOTHIE BOWLS + 3 recipes with above 1.6 million views.

Famous Videos

The videos with above 500k views and shorter than 1 million views are 75 FOODS YOU THOUGHT WERE VEGAN BUT AREN’T EATING early FOOD FOR 24 HOURS, and 75 FOODS YOU WOULDN’T EXPECT TO BE VEGAN… BUT ARE ROOM MAKEOVER 2018 | redoing my room!, with above 818k, 627k, 555k, and 509k views, sequentially.

Ashley Wicka: Net Worth

From her profession as a YouTuber and an Instagram superstar, Ashley has a net worth calculation of $1 million to $5 million.

Is Ashley Wicka married? Husband, Children, Marriage

Ashley Wicka is most presumably single at present. She has not yet shared any news about this issue. Moreover, Ashley Wicka has also not given any social media posts that might symbolize her current relationships or affairs.

Rumors and Controversies

Ashley has kept a clean public profile that is continuously from rumors, scandals, and controversies that might hinder her professional career and individual life. Nonetheless, Ashley Wicka is sure to attract many admirers in her future for her talent, amusement, and charms.

Ashley Wicka: Height, Weight, Eye Color

Until a few months before obtaining the video titled Q+A // workouts, veganism, and more! Ashley was running the cross nation and track five to six days each week. Nevertheless, she was diagnosed with scoliosis, which she previously thought she had due to the padlock difficulty she has had her entire life. But she was also sadly diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, due to which Ashley totally stopped running.

After that, Ashley began doing Yoga and Pilates for a some days each week. Ashley has uniformly dark brown hair color and lovable green eyes. Other than this, Ashley has not really given the precise stats on her body measurements like chest-waist-hip measures, dress size, height, weight, shoe size, etc.

Is Ashley Wicka active on social media?

Talking about her social media appearance, Ashley Wicka has a self-titled Instagram account with 95 posts shares and outstanding 34.4k followers. Moreover, on her Tiktok account, Ashley has over 114.3K followers and undoubtedly 3.7 million likes. She also has a famous self-titled Youtube channel with over 197,000 subscribers and over 15,314,905 views after its creation on 12 February 2018.

Did You Know?

  • Her younger handsome brother, Aidan, has obliged on her channel on various occasions.
  • She has cooperated with fellow content producers Vanessa Nagoya, Dom Brack, and Zachary Ryan.
  • Her early February 2019 video “EATING iCarly FOOD FOR 24 HOURS” became her most famous to that point, being viewed higher than 700,000 times.


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