List of top 10 Best Dental Schools in the World-US included 2020

Best Dental Schools in the World

As an Ivy League institution that awards academic excellence in various fields (Wharton, for example, is one of the top business institutions in the world), it is no surprise at all that the University of Pennsylvania – or simply UPenn – makes an impression on this list. The university is interested to make the most of this academic diversity, also, with dual-degree options encouraged (ideal for those looking to link their clinical training with their business goals). Throw in possibilities for hospital externships overseas, student research programmes and summer fellowships, and also UPenn becomes a highly sought-after destination. Tuition fees are set at about $95,000 (£71,860) per year, although this does not value for living costs or personnel costs.

5. University of Washington

Location of school: Seattle, Washington, USA

Average school ranking: 11.7

Based in the trendy north-western metropolis of Seattle area, the University of Washington particularly School of Dentistry (UWSOD) gives students a world-class dental training. On the downside, though, the institution is something of a closed-door shop. According to the university’s admission statistics, UWSOD receives about 1,000 applications per year for 63 places – a slim approval rate of around 6.3% – with Washington and, to a lesser extent, WICHE natives taking the vast majority of those spots. If you’re one of the fortunate few non-residents to clutch in (and some places are reserved for international students), then you can anticipate to pay tuition costs of about $102,000 (or £77,160) per year, not covering personal and living expenses.

4. University College London (UCL)

Location: London, United Kingdom

Average ranking: 10.3

While there is unquestionably the potential for a joke here about the British people and teeth, UCL depicts the first of two UK entries on this list. Certainly, the University’s Eastman Dental Institute – proximate to the Eastman Dental Hospital with which it is affiliated – is residence to one of the finest dentistry research groups in the whole world. Perhaps bizarrely, the school doesn’t really offer an undergraduate course in dentistry; its collection of specialist certificates, postgraduate programmes, and research events make it a more than worthy addition, in any case. Tuition fees differ depending on your selection of course, where you are from and what funding you are qualified for, but on the whole, they are in line with most other UK universities.

3. University of Michigan

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Average ranking: 9.3

Despite its prominence for athletic prowess, the University of Michigan is likewise one of the best scientific research universities in the United states Unsurprisingly, its dental establishment, located on the picturesque campus near Ann Arbor, is a beneficiary of this accomplishment. There are various postgraduate programmes available, with the main dentistry stream following the DDS curriculum, while schooling fees for non-Michigan inhabitants are set at about $68,370 (or £51,720) per year (not covering living and personal costs).

2. King’s College London

Location of school: London, United Kingdom

Average school ranking: 8.0

Amalgamated under the known academic umbrella of University of London, King’s College UK is a research-driven school with the largest dental school in the United Kingdom, graduating about 150 dentists each year. Unlike UCL, it gives the five-year BDS undergraduate programme and presents students with the opportunity to obtain clinical experience in several world-class hospitals as well. Tuition fees for UK candidates are capped by the British government at £9,250 (about $12,280) per year, while all international students are looking at about £43,500 (around $57,720) per year. (These fees don’t cover living or personal costs, nor do they value for additional expenses for travel, graduation and security checks.)

1. Harvard University

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Average ranking: 6.0

When it comes to top university rankings, it appears as though that, no matter what the subject is, Harvard University is a world leader. Dentistry is certainly no different, with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine – based in Boston – offering various postgraduate courses, including the DMD programme. As part of the continuous curriculum – which makes full use of Harvard’s unique teaching techniques – students are also required to develop and complete a research project in their second, third and fourth years, nearly complementing the existing inter-disciplinary approach. Tuition fees are set at about $85,070 (£64,350) per year, although this does not cover living costs, travel, and other personal allowances.

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As you can see here, there are top-level opportunities for studying dentistry all over the world, although when picking a university, you should always take a look at what is the best fit for you – not what everybody else thinks.

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