Top 10 Best Online Music Streaming Services

Top 10 Best Online Music Streaming Services

6. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a top music streaming service developed by Google’s YouTube. It provides a tailor-made interface for the music service, oriented towards music streaming alone.

It enables internet users to browse through music videos on YouTube video service based on live performances, genres, playlists, remixes, and recommendations. The YouTube Music is for the millions of individuals who already do most of their music entertaining straight through YouTube itself.

It has made it more accessible to visually showcase music presenting a more comfortable and appealing means for your fans to enjoy your music. And it’s additionally designed to work as a simple audio service when the user wants.

7. Deezer

Deezer is an online-based music streaming service. It enables users to listen to any music content from top record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Warner Music Group.

Created in Paris, France, Deezer music platform currently has more than 53 million licensed audio tracks in its library, with more than 30,000 radio channels, 14 million monthly active users, and over 6 million paid subscribers as of 3 April of 2018.

Deezer music has its Flow playlist which plays the songs that it thinks you’ll really love, based on the songs, artists, and albums you’ve previously ‘liked’ on Deezer. Its a “karaoke-style lyrics” feature essentially highlights lyrics as they are sung in the song you need, so it makes it much easier to memorize and sing along to.

8. Audiomack

Audiomack is a streaming music core for artists and fans and is pretty similar to the SoundCloud platform. They concentrate exclusively on new, independent, and up-and-coming music artists offering free, and limitless music sharing and development.

There are no premium accounts for the artists, and free accounts include unlimited music storage, whether you have one song or even one thousand. Audiomack enables artists to measure the reach of their top music with trend-based rankings.

9. Napster

The most distinguishing feature is the iHeartRadio music app and its All Access music subscription service that gives subscribers with an on-demand music stream experience as well as premium radio service.

It has more than 30 million songs, with over 100 million active music enthusiasts. Napster makes it simple to play your favorite tunes while discovering more music along the way. It has some unique features like Music Match, Earprint, KIDS/AUTO mode, and a best-in-class music playlist builder.

10. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a top music streaming platform and an online music store operated by Prime Music, is additionally an extra service offering an unlimited streaming of a limited number of music catalog.

It has been accessible to Amazon Prime subscribers in different countries since opening in mid-2014. The Amazon Music player is combined with the Unlimited streaming services, and digital music Prime as well as the music store for shopping on most platforms.

Its other key feature is Music Unlimited that is a full-catalog unlimited music streaming service, available as a monthly or even an annual subscription. The Amazon Music Player, as described by Techdirt, is “just letting the people take music files they already [have], and enabling them to store and stream them from the internet.”

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