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Brittanya razavi kids height, weight, bio, nationality, net worth

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BrittanyBrittanya razavia razavi

Brittanya was born in Oxnard town, California, USA, on 7 July of 1985, so under the zodiac sign of Cancer and having American nationality – she is popular for her occupation as a model while she is similarly a reality celeb.

Childhood and education

Brittanya spent her whole childhood in California but hasn’t shared enough with the public about her birth parents, as she prefers to keep her personal affairs to herself. She is the youngest of five adorable children, and life became difficult for them once their father went to jail when celeb Brittanya was just 15 years old. Having no one in the jurisdiction, Brittanya started acting recklessly, became pregnant and then gave birth to her first kid at the age of 16.

As she was still attending her high school, her grandfather was home taking care of her baby. She was not the most famous girl at high school due to her bad character with everything going on in her entire life, but she still maintained to matriculate. Brittanya chose not to enroll at a college, but to find a little job so that she could financially sustain herself and her child.

Career of a model and other jobs

Brittanya worked various jobs throughout the years before she emerged in the VH1’s the “Rock of Love Bus and Charm School” TV program – in the show, she was seeking to win the love of one Bret Michaels, who is the vocalist of the “Poison” and also “I Love Money” bands. Thanks to the following the show earned her, Brittanya launched her now popular social media networks and was an immediate celebrity.

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After her first appearance on TV and her huge success on the internet, Brittanya was then contacted by many modelling agents who wanted her to pose for their publications. She has since signed contracts with a prestigious modelling company in California. She has posed for various popular magazines, including “Tattoo Energy,” “Savage Tattoo,” “Rebel Ink,” “Spire Magazine,” and many others.

With the use of her character, Brittanya launched her personal real estate business, and is the proprietor of the 187 Avenue online shop, on which she sells her own commodities. She is moderately of a writer, too, as she has published the “Millionaire Self Talk” book – she additionally has her own website onto which other people pay money to watch her private videos.

While she is not an actor, Brittanya has nonetheless appeared in the “Dysfunctional Friends” film shot in 2012,the “Charm School with Ricki Lake” TV series which was shot in 2009, and also for “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels” also in 2009.

Brittanya’s love life and relationships

Brittanya had a really rough love story, and she hasn’t shared enough about it as she prefers to have her personal matters to herself. Brittanya was abandoned pregnant at the age of only16, as the father of the child did not want to be included in it,so Brittanya raised her child with the help of her close family. She later began dating Nico Vasquez. Nevertheless, their relationship did not even last for long as Nico wasn’t ready to commit to that, and wasn’t happy with Brittanya’s job on the internet.

Brittanya lately married Moe Razavi, and the couple allegedly has four children together. However, Brittanya has simply shared pictures of two of their kids on her official Instagram account.

Hobbies and interests

She is very enthusiastic about tattoos, and her whole body has been inked throughout the years. Brittanya has additionally made her way into the adult cinema industry, but she simply makes videos with her husband, which can be found on various adult websites across the internet. She is a big pet lover and has two dogs whose names are not known to us, while she has a cat as well. She likes watching movies late at night with her partner, and her favorites are the “Dear John” and “Fight Club” while her beloved TV series’ are “Friends” and also “How I Met Your Mother.”

Brittanya has travelling as her primary hobby, and she has been to longer than 10 states in the US.

Appearance and net worth

Brittanya is at the moment 35 years old. She has some long brown hair, and hazel eyes are 5ft 3ins (or 1.6m) tall and weigh about 121lb (55kgs).

Her current Net worth is $10 million.

Plastic Surgery?

There’s been some discussion on the internet about whether or not celeb Brittanya has undergone plastic surgery. She has talked concerning the matter on her Twitter account, and confessed to having had plastic surgery some years ago, and is not thinking about undoing it.

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