Best Apps to Teach Your Child Proper Table Manners

children manners apps

4. Pepi House

This app, PEPI HOUSE is a fun packed and safe educational game for kids about their daily life in a household today. PEPI HOUSE is a digital app version of a standard toy — doll house. PEPI HOUSE was designed to be as reminiscent to real life toys as possible, but the digital component allowed us to offer even more. Download Here.

5. Kurbo

Kurbo app is a mobile health coaching app designed particularly for kids, teens, and families. It is fun and easy to use the app. It helps you make intelligent eating and exercise decisions and develop some healthy habits. 90% of Kurbo associates experience weight loss within three months. Almost everyone published improved self-confidence and self-esteem, and have a bunch of fun along the way without having to follow a specific diet. Download here.


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