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Chilly Jimenez Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, YouTube Star

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Chilly Jimenez

Chilly Jimenez is a successful American YouTuber who achieved prominence as an ex-girlfriend of YouTube gamer Logan Thirtyacre who characterized several roles in his SuperMarioLogan’s videos, including Peach in Mario’s Wig and Cecilla from the Summer School series.

Full Name: Chilly Jimenez
Age: 25 years 6 months
Birth Date: September 28, 1995
Net Worth: $ 1.5 million

What is Chilly Jimenez famous for?

  • Chilly is a famous American YouTuber.
  • Chilly is the Ex-Girlfriend of a YouTube gamer called Logan Thirtyacre.

How old is Chilly Jimenez? Bio, Wiki, Nationality, Family, Siblings

Chilly Jimenez was conceived on September 28, 1995, in the United States. As of 2021, Chilly is 25 years old. Her real name is Ladye Wanda Jimenez. As per her citizenship, she is American, but her ethnicity is unexplored. Furthermore, her zodiac sign is Libra.

About her family, her dad’s name is Wanda, and her mom’s name is Minelli. As per her siblings, Chilly has two brothers called Julian and Tito.

Education Details

About her educational background, there is no detailed data about her school background. Chilly has not disclosed any information concerning her academic qualifications and education.

All About her Career

About her career, Chilly gained prominence as a previous partner of the YouTube gamer called Logan Thirtyacre. She played various roles in the SuperMarioLogan series on her ex-boyfriend’s YouTube account. Chilly characterized the role of Cecilla in the Summer School series, Peach in Mario’s Wig, and Pink Yoshi in Mario’s New Girlfriend.

Furthermore, she also has her own YouTube account named ‘Chilly’ that she founded on April 15, 2008. Chilly started uploading videos in which she starred her pet, Kitten. Furthermore, she also starred her ex-boyfriend, Logan, on her vlogs. On January 4, 2014, Chilly posted her first video along with Logan under the title ‘New York City Vacation.

Till now, Chilly has posted about 687 videos on her youtube until now. She has accumulated around 2.2 million subscribers on her account. Her most famous video is called ‘destroying JEFFY PUPPET PRANK!! (REVENGE) (yelling)’ which was uploaded on April 2, 2018. The video has over 16.7 million views.

Furthermore, her other videos, such as Ripped His Playoff Tickets Prank!! (GONE WRONG) (FIGHT), Tito Come Outside “MUSIC VIDEO” By SML, JEFFY THE RAPPER BEHIND THE SCENES (BUSTED!!!), SML AND CHILLY SCHOOL: NO FOOD ALLOWED!, SML Jeffy Goes To Walmart!, also have millions of views.

Net Worth and Salary

About her income, As a YouTuber, Chilly has made a large amount of cash for her living. According to the information for 2021, her calculated net worth is about $1.5 million.

According to the social blade, she makes $1.9K – $31.1K monthly and $23.3K – $372.8K annually from her YouTube account.

Is Chilly Jimenez single? Controversy

The prevailing relationship standing of Chilly Jimenez is single. Earlier, she was in love with Logan Thirtyacre, who is also YouTuber. They began dating in high school. They had also managed a YouTube account called LoganandChilly.

There was quite a disastrous ending for the duo. They have been connected to many controversies, too. In the video of Logan’s Draw My Life, it was reported that Logan truly broke up with Chilly once but got back unitedly after Logan got his life back on course.

On December 15, 2019, her sister, Damaris Chapman, proclaimed that Logan had cheated on Chilly with two concubines on both her Twitter and Instagram. She also stated that Logan had told her bro not to tell his infidelity to Chilly. But her bro Tito reported to her, which drove Logan to rip all the clothes from Tito. After that, he aggressively said to Chilly and Tito to get out of the house. Anyway, these allegations are confirmed to be all false.

On February 3, 2020, on his Instagram account, Logan proclaimed that he and Chilly had been split for a month. A week later, Lovell, a friend of Logan’s, published on Instagram that Chilly was really cheating on Logan. Logan also said that, Chilly had been cheating on him for three years and that she was a gold digger, only sojourning with Logan for his money and fame. Logan continued, she never adored Logan and that they split up sometime after New Years’.

Further, it was also reported that she went with her new lover named Roy Gebhard, who has kids from a past marriage. During an Instagram live stream with Lovell on February 22, 2020, Logan reported more details concerning his break-up with Chilly and the fallout. Furthermore, on Monday, February 24, 2020, Chilly formally left his house.

How tall is Chilly Jimenez? Weight, Eye, Hair

Chilly has an incredible height of 5 feet 1 inch. Chilly has a green eye color with cute blonde hair. Nevertheless, the news regarding her bra size, waist size, dress size, hip size, hip size is under review.

Social Media Appearance

She is available on social sites like Twitter and Instagram. Chilly has more than 199K fans on Instagram and more than 22K on Twitter..’


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