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Discord (app) customer support contacts (Phone number, email)

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Discord (app) customer support

Find below the customer service details of Discord. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the group-chatting platform.

Head Office

Discord Inc,

444 De Haro Street #200,

San Francisco, CA 94107,

United States

Customer Service

Email: support@discord.com

Web: Create Ticket

About Discord

Discord is a popular VoIP (voice over IP) platform that hosts large online communities and supports voice, video, and text communications. First released in 2015, the software is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems. It currently boasts of 150 million active users each month. Founded by Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, the messaging app is free for use and comes with a load of features. There is also a paid app called Discord Nitro. When it was launched, Discord was designed to serve the gaming community but soon went mainstream. Still, it is popular on platforms like Twitch and Steam, where users play, stream and discuss games.

Competing with the likes of Slack and Microsoft, Discord today has hundreds of thousands of communities what it calls servers. The servers are dedicated to specific topics. New users can register on the platform and start their own server where they can invite friends and stay connected. Within the interface, you can see all the users and can initiate a chat conversation. Additionally, users have the option to add new channels. It can be a text or voice channel. Note that you can’t join any server without initiation. A verified user will need to send an invite to start accessing the group. Apparently, a single server can have up to 250,000 members.

Each of the servers will have rules and will be maintained by moderators. The general community guidelines, however, cautions users not to participate or encourage harassment of others, promote hate speech, threaten to harm others, or evade user blocks or server bans. With regard to content, users are cautioned not to depict minors in a pornographic or violent manner, share images of animal cruelty, or share content that promotes suicide or self-harm, among others. Your account will be suspended if you violate any of the guidelines.

Discord can be integrated into your Xbox account or other popular consoles. A new account can be opened on the web or on the app for Android or iOS. Once registered, you can join up to 100 servers and set notifications for important channels. Users can upgrade to Discord Nitro for a number of benefits. The subscription is available for monthly or annual payment. With Nitro, you can make your own custom and animated emojis, claim a custom tag, a profile badge, get 2 Server Boosts and enjoy a bigger upload size for high-quality file sharing. Additionally, members enjoy hi-resolution video/screen share.

In addition to Nitro boosts, Discord also offers subscriptions for server boosting to unlock better audio and video streaming. Payment for new subscriptions can be made using all major credit cards and PayPal. You can also manage current subscriptions by signing into an account. If not happy with the upgrade, you can request for a refund within 5 days of purchase. For queries or complaints on payment, upgrade, troubleshooting, or others, you can visit the Support section on the website or create a ticket for assistance.

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