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Elizabeth Huberdeau | Bio, Age, Dating, Ex-Husband, Net Worth, Height |

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Elizabeth Huberdeau and john cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau Summary

Full Name: Elizabeth Huberdeau
Marital Status: Divorce
Gender: female
Net worth: $1 million

Why was Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena got separated?

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a retired wife of WWE Superstar and actor John Cena. John and Elizabeth were then high school lovebirds. Cena seldom speaks to the public about his individual life, which makes it impossible to look deeper into his very life. Nonetheless, as far as the source is concerned, Cena announced he was going to get married during the promotion of his past 12 Rounds movie.

The couple lived a married couple for only three years. While the specifics of their wedding fall are still a mystery to many of their fans, there are numerous speculations and stories circulating. According to some of the online sources, Elizabeth suspected that John of being unfaithful during her marriage time. They got separated back in 2012.

What is Elizabeth Huberdeau doing now?

As for now, Elizabeth works as a real estate businesswoman in the US. Elizabeth, as a real estate marketer, purchases and develops real estate as well as commercial properties. She’s marketing them to a sufficient quantity. At some time, Huberteau began modeling as an occupation, but she’s not really familiar with how far she’s come in her career.

Net Worth and Salary

As a good immobilizer, Elizabeth is making sufficient cash to have not only a secure but enjoyable livelihood. Huberdeau has not announced her net worth to the general public. In addition, Huberdeau did not disclose how much cash or property she had earned during the divorce cash settlement.

Since her former husband, actor John Cena, has a net worth of about $55 million. He would have given her a quite high amount of cash.

Is Elizabeth Huberdeau linked with another guy following the separation with John Cena?

As for the moment, Elizabeth is living a single life, while John Cena has moved on with a WWE superstar called Nikki Bella. The really exciting part is that both John Cena and actress Nikki Bella had been married once before, directly to their high school lovebirds, and in both instances, the marriage lasted just three years.

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