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Gianluca Vacchi age, net worth, girlfriend, instagram

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Gianluca Vacchi

Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian businessman, leading entrepreneur, actor, DJ, author, musician, and social media celebrity. Gianluca Vacchi came to the spotlight because of his massive wealth, dance moves, numerous tattoos, and adventurous lifestyle.


Full Name: Gianluca Vacchi
Birth Date: 05 Aug, 1967
Age: 53 years
Net worth: $200 million
Lucky Number: 9

Early Life

Gianluca Vacchi came to this beautiful world on August 5, 1967, in Bologna, Italy. As of now, he ages 53 years old, and his birth sign is Leo. Furthermore, his father is the CEO of Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p. A. His parent’s names are not available. However, Vacchi grew up in a wealthy family. Moreover, he did his graduation from Università di Bologna. He achieved a degree in economics from Alma Mater Studiorum.

When he is seven years old, her grandmother taught him Piano. And, this was the very first time he was introduced to music, and ever since then, he has always had a love for music, and it is reflected in his lifestyle today. Further, he is a good friend of actor Zac Efron and footballer Christiano Ronaldo. And, for his luxury lifestyle, he is also famously known as ‘Grandpa Playboy.’

Career and Professional Life

At an early age, Vacchi was interested in business. So, he studied economics and then began to be part of the family business. And, later, he established the company IMA, a company dedicated to the creation of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and others. Likewise, he diversified his businesses, participating in different business projects. Moreover, while doing this, he increased his capital, becoming a billionaire in a matter of a few years.

Vacchi served as a Non-Executive Director of I.M.A- Industria Machine Automatiche. Therefore, he also worked as a financer in many offices. Moreover, he mastered the art of starting lucrative businesses and later selling them when they are well-established.

Likewise, in the year 2006, he started a designer watch business called ToyWatch, which had tremendous growth in its first year, and then he sold it. Gianluca is president of SEA Societa Europea Autocaravan.


He is also famous for his videos and pictures on social media. Consequently, his lifestyle is frequently shared by the businessman through his social networks. And, through the social media networks, he showed the huge number of properties he owned: mansions, houses on the beach, yachts, motorcycles, supercars, and even a helicopter.

In 2016, he also published a book. Accordingly, the book named ‘Enjoy (2016)’, which, in Vacchi’s words, is a conceptual biography. In the book, he talks about his experiences, gives advice, and encourages people to enjoy life to the fullest. Moreover, in 2017, Vacchi was seized by Banco BPM. Later, he explained that this does not greatly affect his fortune and that it was all a disagreement with the bank.

Career as a DJ

In recent years, Gianluca has dabbled in music as a DJ. Therefore, he has worked with great figures such as Steve Aoki, Nicola Zucchi, Christian Lena, and Albertino, among others. Currently, he has a contract with the Spinnin ‘Records label. Moreover, his first song, title ‘Viento,’ appeared under this label on August 13, 2017.

Then after, Tump-it came out, a theme that quickly became a trend. Similarly, in August, he released the song Sigamos Bailando, his collaboration with Yandel and Luis Fonsi. Then, he released the song ‘Waglio’ in collaboration with Alessio. And in the year 2019, he released ‘Asho Mami’ and ‘Mueve.’ Further, he has made numerous tours as a DJ and worked in clubs such as the Amnesia Ibiza, Sutton Club, and also Sutton Barcelona, among others.

Relationship Status

Vacchi was previously engaged to Melissa Sato. But they broke up after some time. And, in 2014, he started dating Giorgia Gabriele. Sadly, they also broke up in 2017. He became popular after his funny & weird dancing videos, which he uploads on YouTube.

As of now, Vacchi is romantically involved with the young model, Sharon Fonseca. Therefore, on May 10, 2020, during the celebration of Mother’s Day, he announced via Instagram that he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child. And, on October 28, they announced the birth of their daughter ‘Blu Jerusalema Vacchi.’

Body Measurements

He is pretty tall and has 5 feet 8 inches, and his weight is around 77 kg. Vacchi has pair of blue eyes and maintains short white hair on his head. He also has a white beard. Likewise, he is also a fitness freak. He is a man of more than 50 years who has attracted the attention of various people, not only for his eccentricity but also for his physical attractiveness.

His chest-waist-hip measurements are 42-30-34 inches, respectively. Moreover, he has lots of tattoos on his body. Therefore, it is estimated that Gianluca tattoos are 29 in number. However, each of the tattoos has a meaning that is related to either his personal or professional life.

Social Media and Net Worth

His ‘@gianlucavacchi’ Instagram account has earned over 19.8 million followers. He has earned over 2.83 million followers on his official Facebook page. Moreover, his Twitter account has gained over 68.6K followers. His ‘GianlucaVacchiVEVO’ YouTube channel has amassed over 313K subscribers. And, his TikTok account has gained over 16.9 million followers and over 168.4 million likes.

He earns a huge sum of money through various sources. Therefore, without a doubt, he ranks among the highest-earning celebrities with high net worth values. And that is why he is also referred to as ‘The Money King.’ However, his estimated net worth is $200 million.

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