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How to contact zoom customer service and get help

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Zoom has literally become a household name and transformed the way we interact. In 2020, the platform became so popular that it became the ubiquitous synonym for video conferencing. This user-friendly communication app garnered millions of users around the world during the pandemic and new age of lockdowns in 2020. The services have been frequently flocked by people who wanted to keep up with their friends, get the businesses going, build digital clubs, continue online classes, and even host weddings. The explosive growth in the presence of rivals like Microsoft, Google, or Cisco says something about the overall build of the platform. Zoom is not just a pandemic winner, but its growth curve started going up in the pre-pandemic era. In 2016, Zoom became the number one fastest-growing video conferencing app. Zoom has efficiently held its end by meeting the enormous surge in demand for video communications.

A quick snapshot

Zoom has a straightforward and simple mission statement: ‘make video communications frictionless.’ Founded by Eric Yuan, a former Webex employee, the focus was always on making video conferencing mobile-friendly. Zoom is loaded when it comes to features. You do not have to fix your room before your jump on a Zoom call. Just set a virtual background to hide the clutter behind you or to eliminate distractions. You can schedule your Zoom meetings with the calendar integrations, and there is more. Zoom has got a waiting room too, and you can use the feature for enhanced security to know who comes into your meetings. There is a multi-share feature that allows real-time collaboration, and people can share their screens at the same time. Zoom has an app available for mobile and desktop, each allowing users access to call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, call blocking, call delegation, call hold, conferencing, and more.

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Subscriptions and billing help

Zoom video conferencing is available in different packages, each offering a set of variable benefits to users. The basic package is free. Users can host 100 participants, organize group meetings for up to 40 minutes, and get access to unlimited one-on-one meetings. The ‘Pro’ subscription package is available for users at $149.90 per year. The package allows users to host up to 100 participants, gives access to large meetings with participant numbers up to 1000, group meetings lasting 30 hours, social media dreaming, and 1GB cloud recording. Small and medium businesses go for a $199.90 package, which allows hosting of 300 participants, large meetings add-on with 1000 participants, single sign-on, transcript recording, domain management, company branding, and more.

The Zoom United Business package is available at $350 per year and gives access to all of the phone features of Zoom United Pro. Users get access to unlimited calling with Global Select, meetings with 300 participants, single sign-on, domain management, company branding, and more. The Enterprise package can cater to large enterprises. This pack allows access to host 500 participants, unlimited cloud storage, transcript recording, dedicated customer success manager, and more. The prices mentioned here are annual and for a single license only. Do visit the website for the latest prices and new benefits. Audio conferencing, additional cloud storage, premier support, and large meetings are some add-ons that can be added to any subscription.

Support options

Zoom is successful among its pool of rivals, and there is more than one reason for it. The prime factor for the success is the bundle of benefits and ease of use, but that does not put its dedicated customer service support in the backseat. Zoom has set a benchmark when it comes to prompt response, and users know that support is always a click away. There is more than one way to seek support from the Zoom helpdesk.

1) Dial the Zoom helpline

If you are a licensed Zoom member, you can request support by phone. Administrators of education, business, enterprise, API, premier, or Premier+ accounts can seek assistance via phone. While dialing the helpline number, users should keep the host key and personal Meeting ID ready for clear and hassle-free communication. The helpline numbers vary country-wise; do ascertain if they are accurate on the official website. For now, the listed number for phone support for different countries are +1 888 799 9666 for United States, +61 1800 768 027 for Australia, +33 800 94 64 64 for France, +852 3002 3757 for Hong Kong, 000 800 050 2040 for India, 0053 132 0070 for Japan, +60 1800 81 9551 for Malaysia, +64 800 475 039 for New Zealand, +65 800 321 1249 for Singapore, and +44 800 368 7314 or +44 20 7039 8961 for the United Kingdom.

2) Submit a ticket

Another convenient yet effective way to contact Zoom for support is by raising a web ticket. Licensed users can create a web ticket explaining the issue or describing a question, and Zoom technical experts will get back to you with a solution. You can submit a request pertaining to Zoom phone number porting, technical support, billing, or you can use the ticket to report abuse. Once you chose the category of issue, you will be asked to provide other credentials like your email address, write in the subject, and give a description of the purpose of communication.

3) Leave a comment on Twitter or Facebook

Zoom has a presence on all the major social media channels, including TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and YouTube. If the aforesaid options do not get you out of the jam, consider leaving a comment on Twitter or Facebook. Zoom actively monitors its social media pages, and your feedback or complaint might get a prompt response.

4) Explore support forums

Given the popularity of the platform, users across the world have clubbed several forums specifically addressing issues, explaining features, and troubleshooting errors. Many of them, like Tom’s Hardware, gives users ample information by featuring requests and the solutions thereof. Users can search for particular problems faced by other community members and extract the information made available for the issue by developers and other users.

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