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How To Delete your Site From Ezoic PlatformEzoic

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How To Delete your Site From Ezoic Platform

Ezoic monetization is a platform that is focused on building a better web, and it helps publishers and site owners to enhance their digital properties. If you are not aware, Ezoic is home to lots of features that are meant to ensure publishers earn a lot more.

The platform lets publishers manage several goals while staying in control of all testings. You’ll actually have access to features for monetization, website speed, and so much more, and as a Coalition for Better Ads member, Ezoic is very dedicated to helping you know all about how adverts affect visitor experiences, plus the ad-blocking rates all across the globe. See How To Remove/Delete Site From Ezoic Platform:

How Can I Remove/Delete Site From Ezoic Platform?

  • Before anything else, head to Google and search for “Ezoic Support.” Or you can just access it directly at https://support.ezoic.com/index.php
  • You’ll be prompted to type in the email plus subject, and the Ezoic Knowledge Base will show you articles that will reveal problems that are related to the ones you are facing.
  • Now, tap “Those Articles Didn’t Help Me.”

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  • After that, tap the new “New Support Ticket” button way down on the Support page.
  • Once that is done, enter the domain URL you wish to get rid of from the Ezoic Program. Your subject should be “Removing My Domain From Ezoic,” then type in more information about the reasons for opening the ticket.
  • Now tap “Create Ticket.” The status of the ticket will be visible, and you’ll be able to check if it is open or resolved. After a while, within 24 hours, an Ezoic worker should solve the ticket you created via email. He or she will, however, need you to upload the .txt file to your website with this precise phrase, “Ezoic Procedure Verification #Your Ticket Number.”

Create Ticket On Ezoic

  • Create a .txt file with the phrase “Ezoic Procedure Verification #Your Ticket Number” and save it as an Ezoic.txt.
  • Now head to your file manager via the C-Panel or FTP, then add the Ezoic.txt to your site. Make it accessible as yourdomain.com/ezoic.txt, and confirm if it is accessible or not. You can also access the .txt file via this URL format, yourdomain.com/ezoic.txt.
  • You can now respond to the Ezoic staff member and inform him or her that you have uploaded the .txt file with the exact phrase. Do not forget to reveal the name of the .txt File you’ve created and uploaded (e.g., Ezoic.txt, Remove.txt) to the Ezoic employee.
  • Then head to “Tickets” and confirm the status.

Remove A Domain In Ezoic:

  • If you added a domain and you are not the owner of that domain in Ezoic, simply contact the support team via “Chat” and discuss the situation with them. It will be removed instantly without requiring any .txt verification file.

After Removing The Domain, Can I Register On The Same Domain Name On Ezoic Again?

  • Yes, you can add the same domain you removed recently.

How Do I Turn Ezoic On & Off?

If you’re not aware, users are allowed to activate or deactivate Ezoic with an easy click of a button in the user interface as well. Just adhere to these instructions:

  • Get yourself logged in to your Ezoic account and head to “Settings.”
  • Tap “Update Settings,” close to “Turn On Ezoic.”
  • Use the toggle button to activate or deactivate Ezoic on your device. When you disable Ezoic, every user will be directed to the old layout of the website. If you used AdSense on the original site, every traffic would immediately be moved back to AdSense. You can even decide to divert a part of your traffic back to the original site by making use of the sliding scale. Be aware that turning Ezoic on and off is only possible when the website is live.

Why Your Ad Earnings Dropped In Ezoic?

The fact is that advert earnings dropping varies from one website to another. However, there are various common reasons that could be responsible for your ad revenue decreasing; check them out below:

Check The Ad Revenue Index Before Anything Else:

Checking your ad revenue index simply lets you know how the marketplace is doing in general, and by so doing, you’ll know if the drop affected everyone or only your website.

  1. Coronavirus:

As you already know, the pandemic has led to the biggest ad earnings drop since 2016. The main reason behind the ad earnings drops is simply supplies and demand. As the pandemic started, advertisers across several industries immediately reduced their marketing budgets, leading to excess ad spaces on the page but a reduced number of advertisers. Not to worry, though, as the coronavirus eases, ad rates will improve again, and things will be back to normal.

Comparing Ezoic With Google Adsense:

  • Even if it is free to join both Ezoic and Google Adsense, a minimum of 10 000 website visitors are required every month before you can sign up with Ezoic.
  • Google Adsense delivers comprehensive reporting, and you’ll see information like the number of clicks on adverts, cost per click (CPC,) click-through rate (CTR,) which is not available in Ezoic. Also, Ezoic only delivers earnings per 1000 visitors.
  • They both pay every month. However, you have to reach the $20 payment threshold to be paid by Ezoic. For Google Adsense, $100 is the payment threshold for Google Adsense.
  • Ezoic grants you control over adverts displayed, unlike Google Adsense, which does the opposite, especially when you use auto ads; they simply fill any available space.
  • Ezoic helps you enhance the website loading speed with their caching and Cloudflare applications, but Google Adsense slows down your website, especially the auto adverts.
  • Google Adsense can ban your account without warning, while Ezoic will first write to you if something fishy is noticed with your account. A decision would be reached on your account eventually, but it’ll depend on the response you give.

There you go, need help with removing or deleting a website from Ezoic? This tutorial breaks down all you should know and how you can go about it.

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