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Joseph Frontiera Bio, Age, Net Worth, Nationality, Height, TV Personality

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Joseph Frontiera

Joseph Frontiera is a well-known TV celebrity who was part of the hit Counting Cars show. He is renowned for both his display at the show and his lawsuit. His Counting Cars show has revived and made old cars seem brand new. The almost new show is the Pawn Stars TV show spin-off.

Full Name: Joseph Frontiera
Age: 32 years 9 months
Birth Date: July 01, 1988
Net Worth: $ 200,000

Joseph Frontiera: Nationality, Bio, Age, Ethnicity

Joseph Frontiera was conceived in the United States on 1 July 1988.he is white by ethnicity and has an American country. In addition, he has not revealed any particulars about his birthplace and family.

In addition, he has not unveiled anything about his life and learning to the media, but as we know, he is recognized as a car repair and car mechanic. He also has some education in shaping the body and framework of the car. There is very limited data about him in the public domain because of his passion for secrecy.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

As stated above, Joseph’s individual life is very reserved. Gazing at his pictures, it can quickly be appropriated that he’s standing at the average height. Moreover, there is no data about the size of his dress, his shoe size, and much more.

Relationship Status

Frontiera is a very reserved person in his romantic life. He has not yet shared any features of his love life. We can hypothesize that he’s a bachelor and single at the moment because there’s no data that he’s got a girlfriend or a wife.

Yet, on the other hand, maybe he’s dating someone, or maybe he’s married, but he hasn’t shared anything about it yet. Well, he only knows the accuracy. We have no other way than to expect his publication on this matter.

Net Worth and Salary

Joseph began to acquire a fair amount of money from his History Channel Reality Restoration Show. The average salary for someone working on the network is about $69,413, but this pay changes with the names and locations.

In addition, he did not unveil any details of his incomes. He has a low-key nature and remains comparatively under the radar, particularly after his conflict with the company when Danny Koker filed a lawsuit.

Career and Professional Life

Joseph Frontiera is a car repairman who has worked on the Counting Cars History Network. The show was initially broadcasted on the History Channel on 13 August 2012. It’s 22 minutes running and has eight seasons. It’s on the screen next to Mike Horny Henry, Rick Harrison, Shannon Aikau, Roli Szabo, and Ryan Evans.

The newest season premiered in 2018, and then more than 136 episodes were broadcast on the show. As for the show, he was at the heart of controversy when Count’s custom registered a lawsuit against him in March 2017.

It was alleged that Joseph spent more than $75,000 of the company’s money for his own use. Besides, it is alleged that he handled the money to pay for his personal Land Rover Range Rover and bought airline tickets for personal use. For this, the IRS penalized him $18,000. Records from the Las Vegas Court of Justice show that he has been charged with theft of more than $3,500. HI’s lawyer-backed him and disputed him in court by charging Count’s customs for lack of factual support.


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