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Kimberly anne scott bio, Relationship With Eminem

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In this era where love no longer a last “forever after,” it is delightful to see a couple who, despite hurting from an intense love-hate relationship, still try to create a comfort zone around each other. This is why we are concentrating on the unfulfilled love account of Kimberly Anne Scott’s and her lover, whose relationship got destroyed by the same music that commenced it in the first place.

Who is Kimberly Anne Scott?

Kimberly Anne Scott is a novelist who writes puzzles, greetings postcards, and children’s books. She is additionally a freelance illustrator. Nevertheless, she became remarkably famous for her tumultuous relationship with the legendary top rapper, Eminem. She was born on the 9th of January, of 1975, to parents Kathleen Sluck and Casimer Sluck. She is of white origin, and her official nationality is American. Kimberly grew up in Michigan City, the United States, which is further her birthplace. She had a twin sister named Dawn Scott, who passed on as a result of a heroine overdose in spring 2016. Growing up, Kimberly and her twin sister had a troubling childhood. They had to trade with an alcoholic stepfather who even abused Kimberly sexually. As a result, she and Dawn ran out of their home to escape their stepfather’s constant abuse. They at that time stayed at a Youth home in 1998 but later on moved in with Eminem and his mom, Debbie Nelson.

Relationship With Eminem

Kimberly Anne Scott and the famous award-winning musician, Eminem, met each other by pure fate. While at their Youth Home, Kimberly never got out at all, but the first day she left for a friend’s birthday party, he met Eminem. Kimberly was just 13 then, while the fabulous rapper was only 15. She saw him reaching on top of a table singing one of LL Cool J’s music tracks, “I Am Bad.” They got chatting, and in an extraordinary twist of fate, it occurred that Eminem shares essentially the same childhood experience with her having also been abandoned by his father.

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Their friendship bloomed from the party, and it didn’t take much long before Eminem admitted her into the home he lived with his mum. They soon became high school lovers. Eminem, who was all about rap music, then abandoned college at 9th grade to focus on some odd jobs that could help him foot his bills and continue his career in the music industry.

In 1995, while musician Eminem was still combining common jobs and unsatisfying profession, Kim got pregnant suddenly. She had Hailie, their first baby the same year. But even before their baby came, their relationship was not externally troubled. They fought hard and made up. In the same way, they spread hatred and love towards each other. As time progressed, the rapper resorted to showing his deep repugnance for her through his songs.

In 1999, Eminem published a song title 97, Bonnie & Clyde which, expressed his intense hatred for Kimberly. On different incidents, most close associates to the duo thought it was going to be done between them, particularly for the multiple breakups and the makeups. But the pair always rekindled their passion.

They later got wedded, and Kimberly became known as “Kimberly Mathers.” But the union failed only two years on. The problem began primarily because rapper Eminem was still performing the 97 Bonnie & Clyde, which had previously delighted Eminem’s fans. Kimberly, who didn’t fancy the way she was portrayed in the hit song, felt frustrated. This led to numerous troubles and disputes, including a suicide attempt on the side of Kimberly. In 2000, he, too, did a song named “Kim” through which he put together his anger towards her. Just around the same time, Eminem caught Kimberly kissing a common friend and then filed a divorce in 2001.

Downhearted Kimberly began over-indulging, leading to her capture the same year. She was accused of consuming cocaine but was not convicted. The author/writer pulled the pieces of her life and began a new life with Eric Harter. The relationship provided one daughter, named Whitney in 2002.

In 2003, she was detained for drug possession and having a discontinued driving license. Eminem, on the other side, dropped two more lyrics (Crazy in Love and Puke), still talking about his ex-wife. At this time, many thought it was all over. Apparently, Kimberly and rapper Eminem were yet to get over each other again. After her release from detention, they got back together in mid-2006.

This time their association lasted for only a month and a few days. Kimberly became very depressed and even threatened to take her life once over. She also battled substance abuse and went on a one-year probation time with drug and alcohol counseling.

Despite their separation, they both have a cool relationship currently. They co-parent their kids including Hailie Jade Mathers, (she is biological to both) Whitney Scott Mathers (biological to just Kimberly and also adopted by Eminem) and Aliana Marie Mathers (a child adopted by both because of the death of her mom Dawn Scott, Kimberly’s twin sister, who died due to drug abuse).

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