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This is a comprehensive list of best-managed bus companies in the United States as of 2019. The transport industry in the US is one of the most competitive sectors that require smart and innovative approaches to gain a competitive advantage over others. It is a very competitive sector where only the strongest and the smartest survive. Maximum customer satisfaction is the most important component for any businessperson in the transport sector. A satisfied customer or consumer will always come over and over repeatedly to seek your services.

Below is a list of the best-managed bus corporations that have been in business for a more extended period and have steadily grown in terms of operations and profit wise.


The Megabus is the biggest company out of the ten. It prides itself in the running through more than fifty cities in the U.S. alone so bus travel wouldn’t be a problem. The bus line provides top quality safety as well as free mobile wi-fi services for added entertainment. Restrooms are similarly available and are convenient for disabled people. All clients can rest easy and place their trust in Megabus’ professional drivers.

As with the best, there is nitpicking. The Megabus regrettably has little legroom to spare passengers as people will really struggle and kick each other for some legroom.


Established in 1919, Jefferson Lines was founded so people could quickly and safely travel in the most comfortable way possible throughout the nation’s heartland.

It is further a member of the American Bus Association, National Tour Association, United Motorcoach Association, and several other local visitor associations and chambers of commerce.

Jefferson Lines company provides services in 13 states from North Dakota to Texas, such as Arkansas, Iowa, South Dakota, Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and more. Amenities provided are included Wi-Fi, power outlets, restrooms, air conditioning, reclinable seats, among other things.


One of the best characteristics of the Boltbus that several would agree on is their $1 tickets. Nowhere can you spot coach travel for less around the Metro Area. The bus lines pay much consideration to the details, like extra legroom, free wi-fi support, power plugs, and the reality that you can reserve seats makes this bus liner a winner. The disadvantage of the Boltbus would be its sanitation; the line suffers from some smells which can turn some people off. Other than that, this is an excellent service for its price.


Sin City recently got a whole lot serious. The Lux Bus is a coach journey to Vegas for about $50. The line is an extensive bus exclusively for those who want to sin it up before entering in Vegas. It extends free drinks and free snacks while en route to Las Vegas and other destinations provided. The bus lines have comfortable leather seats which have the feel of being classy and exclusivity all the way from Los Angeles stretching to the famous desert city. The bus company offers a door-to-door service to hotels which is well plus for most people who have reserved tickets.


The Vamoose is an enjoyable bus which implements security and safety above all else. It provides a sense of exclusivity and excellent performance. The Vamoose is a US travel bus company which has all the necessary luxuries provided; such as amazing wi-fi signals, bathrooms, and friendly drivers. The Vamoose gains its way from the Metro to the DC area, where politicians and top state leaders can purchase exclusive sections for added comfort, legroom and other purposes.


Nothing is more like the U.S. travel buses. The Tripper Bus company puts its customers first before anything else. Loyalty and customer satisfaction is a top priority. From the Metro section running to the D.C. area, their passengers can be safe. The Tripper Bus has characteristics such as extra legroom, electrical sockets excellent wi-fi signals, good clean bathrooms, and on time departures. Despite all these, the best thing about the Tripper Bus company is that it rewards its longtime passengers with free rides! Every eight one-way tickets, you will get one ride free, and that’s how to reward loyal customers!


Nothing smells of a new class than Redcoach bus company. This line runs through the hot and extravagant Florida beach scene along with its reclining seats which can stretch to 140 degrees with extra legroom. People can be comfortable with the new leather seats equipped with footrests, the on-board movies, and state-of-the-art security systems. The Redcoach is the definition of affordable yet packed experience.

RedCoach offers:

Wi-Fi, power outlets, tables for computers, restrooms, air conditioning,and reclining seats which reaches to 140 degrees with additional legroom. You can get satisfactory on the new leather seats which have footrests, onboard movies, and more.
RedCoach gives you an affordable yet exceptional experience.


Incorporating larger cities on the east coast between New Hampshire and Washington, D.C., Peter Pan Bus is a long-distance/commuter bus transport headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts.

  • Serves over 100 communities in the Northeast corridor of the United States.
  • Peter Pan gives daily express services in major metro areas, such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.
  • On most of their buses, Wi-Fi, power outlets, restrooms, and air conditioning is available.bus companies in the us


FlixBus is the very first bus company on the German coach business and was founded in 2011 to anticipate the liberalization of the long-distance coach market in Germany.
Leading European intercity bus co-operation FlixBus is heading for the States with a green business design and budget travel with high-quality standards. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles.

FlixBus offers:

  • Over 60 million passengers on green board buses
  • Over1,200 bus destinations in 26 countries
  • Over 200,000 daily bus connections
  • WIFI and 220V outlets.


Started in 1914 Greyhound bus company is now a subsidiary of the British transportation company the FirstGroup

Over 3800 destinations across the U.S.
With over 1,200 buses in rotation, they serve over 17.2 million passengers.
New Greyhound line in service for bus routes in America
In 2007, the Scottish transport group FirstGroup obtained Greyhound. Almost instantly after, they introduced “New Greyhound”, remodeling many terminals, growing the fleet with new buses and refurbishing old buses. They additionally started a new advertising campaign with Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners aimed at attracting 18- to 24-year-olds and other demographics to “The New Greyhound”.

The best thing about these top bus lines is the quality they present for their price. Some may be costly, but they are worth the cost. Others are a bit cheaper, but they pack a whole lot of service and commitment rewards. Customers will, again and again, keep on coming back to the top ten best bus companies in America. It would be best if you watched out for these bus lines in your area. If the quality equates to provisions, then these top bus companies are a godsend

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