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List of Best PlayStation 5 (PS5) Racing Games (2024)

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Today, PlayStation 5, or rather PS5 as we will refer to it mostly in this post, is the best place to play racing games in 2023. That is partly due to the strength of its DualSense controller. Racing games give the player a thrilling sense when he hears the rumble of the car on the track. But that’s not all, as that’s just one aspect that makes those games satisfying.

But what are the best PS5 racing games that you should be enjoying right now? Read on to find them, as I will be paying attention to those games that have been enhanced in some ways for the console.

  1. Destruction Allstars

This isn’t a kart racer but a car crashing and player jumping game. The game is focused on strict frantic action, hectic gameplay, and multiplayer mayhem. The interface is also a good-looking one that many gamers consider fanciful enough. The clean, crisp visuals are really captivating.

Destruction Allstars – Your Goal

  • Pick a racer
  • Jump into a large dome
  • Book it toward the nearest set of wheels
  • Wreck everyone who tries to get in your way
  • Use unique cars
  • Use unique abilities
  • Use your natural-born talent

This game is one that everyone can find interesting because, like many other games, it is not perfect. Need to spend some time on something else? Consider playing the game, and you may be enthralled as it offers you a good time. Don’t worry. This game is a PS5 exclusive, so it makes use of the Dualsense with adaptive triggers.

  1. GRID Legends

This game is about cars drifting around city streets. However, there’s more to the cars drifting here and there on the streets. The game is a series that focuses on providing the right balance of arcade fun and simulation depth. The game is generous with players that are raked in time after time. At some levels, you are certainly going to get really entertained, as the levels don’t offer exactly the same kind of thrill.

This game has always focused on bridging the gap between arcade fun and racing simulation. The game brings to the gamer the same thrill of competitive motorsport without being bogged down with too much engine tuning and other features.

GRID Legends – Your Goal

  • Move up to the grid where you find up to 100 or more cars and tracks
  • Throw in circuits from around the world on track and off
  • Compete on over 130 routes across 22 locations
  • Face fierce personalities. Paddock politics, on-track drama, and more
  • Discover what it really takes to be a racing legend

You could get additional gains when you purchase additional gears so you can perfect your gaming experience. When covering more mileage in the race, you will be shown more performance upgrades that you could use to accomplish more in your gaming experience. This game has a well-rounded package that most games aren’t able to boast of.

  1. Gran Turismo 7

There’s a wide variety of opinions that claim this is the number one game on PS5. Created by the company known as Polyphony Digital, the game remains a product of Sony Interactive Entertainment if you care to know. This game is Sony’s flagship racing game series that has little competition for now, as it is simply the best. Gamers can experience some casual racing thrills, especially is this true for some who may want to avoid the simulation-heavy feeling.

Gran Turismo 7 – Your Goal

  • Drive a Honda Civic, Ford Mustang, or Nissan GT-R, any car that you want, and enjoy them as much as you would when you drive them in real life
  • Buy car parts as you race on
  • There are many modes to try.
  • Spend most of your solo career in the world circuit – where you find events, tracks, and championships across three continents – Europe, America, and Asia-Oceania
  • Unlock as many modes as you can

If you want to experience racing with top-class cars, this is the game for you. You will indeed enjoy it, as it is one of the best when it comes to the user interface. These excellent graphics, brilliant gameplay, and plenty of content the gamer can explore make Turismo 7 the best racing game on PS5.

  1. F1 2021

From the stable of Codemasters, F1 2021 offers gamers lots of thrilling excitement this year. As we all know by now, Formula 1 is already a hotbed for drama, whether you speak about it on or off track. This game offers a unique side of F1. This game is a huge improvement that fans love instantly. Especially is this true of F1 fans, who appreciate more the accurate visual presentation. For anyone looking to enjoy a multiplayer racing game experience, he or she could play the career mode as two players, either as rivals or as teammates.

F1 2021 – Your Goal

  • Start with one of the five teams and rise from the ranks of F2 to the heights of F1
  • Enjoy the changing on and off moments through three seasons
  • Compete against the current Formula 1 line-up and make a name for yourself
  • Brace yourself for twists and turns
  • You may also opt to take on the rest of the grid on your own terms

This is one of the best games on PS5 at the moment. However, it might be a tough sell for those who aren’t sold on the real-life championship.

  1. Dirt 5

The game is a part of a series from Dirt that has been around for a long time now. However, our focus is on the Dirt 5 racing game is the best out of all the series, and it is one that people are rooting for this year. The few important upgrades for the game have made it a favourite among fans worldwide. Note that you can’t customize your cars in this game.

Dirt 5 – Your Goal

  • Explore different career modes in the game
  • Explore the track selection, which is able to take you around the world. You could go from New York to China
  • Enjoy the different types of challenges that will test your gaming skills
  • You can race on any combination of tracks, weather conditions, and competing racers

You get a lot in terms of different modes in Dirt 5, especially in gameplay features and presentation, but you can’t get robust car customization in this game. If you need that badly, you may need to look elsewhere. However, throughout the campaign, you will be able to unlock different cars, that you may somehow be able to change some aspects of the cars.

  1. Wreckfest

This game from Bugbear pays attention to the destructive elements of racing in order to thrill gamers. The racing game offers you the opportunity to crash other cars, run them through the wall, and do all manner of destructive stunts on your opponents. This is one big reason some fans are addicted to this game. Gamers are encouraged to see themselves as destructive derby racers, working their way through various championships, earning new cars, and getting fresh upgrades as they race on.

Wreckfest – Your Goal

  • You must be aggressive. You get rewarded for smashing your competition to pieces – that must be your main goal.
  • Move Fast, drive hard. That is important because the faster you move when you collide with another car, the more damage you do to them.
  • Show no mercy. Wreck everything you could in your opponent. Remember that those cars also have armour on every side, so be prepared to mash them hard.
  • Check out your events. There are banger racers, destruction derbies, and special events that you may look forward to participating in. check whether the event you want to attend is a death match or the last man standing affair. Both have different rewards.
  • Tuning your car. Start tinkering around underneath the hood of your car so that you can improve your performance immensely. The tuning process has been simplified so you could engage in it on race by race basis.

You can work your way through the different stages of the racer. Explore different championships, and earn new cars and upgrades as you go. The game gets really interesting.

  1. WRC 10

If you’re accustomed to the rally gaming genre, you are most likely to love this game. Rally fans who want to have a shot at driving rather than simply watching will find this game very interesting. This game continues the long-running series tradition of providing the best rally experience possible. It is a fun sliding cars around in the countryside without any consequences.

WRC stands for World Rally Championship, a game that comes with 12 stages for a year. In this game, there are plenty of historical Group B cars for players to muck around as well. Gamers who love to travel across the world and compete at the highest level of the rally will definitely find this game interesting.

WRC 10 – Your Goal

  • Try to listen to and understand your co-driver. He has much control as you do
  • Pay attention to pace note numbers. These come as “left three” or “right five”. These instructions come to you as you drive. For example, one means a very tight and slow corner but six means a very fast and open corner.
  • Pay attention to corner and distance descriptions.
  • Adjust the co-driver timing
  • Map your buttons
  • Use your lights
  • Use your wipers
  • Use semi-automatic gears

There are so many tools and features to help you succeed while playing. Drive very fast, at least fast enough for the level you’re in, and it can do a lot of good.

  1. Art Of Rally

Gamers commend this game for its high-resolution graphics and realistic depictions of racing. The game takes a high position among the best PS5 racing car games of 2022. The game is peaceful as it is also brilliant. Yet, it is also a thrilling game to play because of the serene quality of the game’s art.

Picture cars going sideways fast in the dirt. It’s a good rally game for gamers who love it rough. The game also brings back the vintage cars of the 80s. In addition to that, you have the opportunity to travel all over the world across 70 stages.

Art Of Rally – Your Goal

  • Career Mode. Experience the golden age of rally car racing, unlock different vehicles and liveries for cars
  • Select the track and car to race. Get the fastest time against your opponents from around the world
  • Create a custom rally with as many tracks as possible. You may also select the stages, difficulty, and vehicle
  • Participate in online gaming events that allow you to race against other users for the fastest time on featured maps
  1. MotoGP 21

This is a perfect one for people who want to race on two wheels. Of course, many lovers of PS5 racing games do love this game. It is an officially licensed racing game for the MotoGP championship. This game includes the full 2021 season together with all the licensed riders, teams, and tracks for MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3. There are also legendary riders and bikes for gamers who like to bring back the old glorious days.

MotoGP 21 – Your Goal

  • Control several settings including bike maintenance, team management, R&D
  • Select your team, your data analyst, manager, and engineer

This is more like a racing simulator than a game but it is designed for racing fans more than for casual gamers. With this game, you’re able to get started as a beginner and improve in a short while.

  1. Riders Republic

This is a racing game that appears to be more fun than many of the races mentioned here. Why? You don’t need a car or a motorbike to engage in a racing game. In this game, riders are able to go downhill at a really good speed. The game offers players an open world of sandbox based on a Hodge podge of American national parks that make it possible for players to do what they love.

Riders Republic – Your Goal

  • Perform tricks on bikes, skis, and snowboards. It is the best way to level up fast
  • Start taking part in the Tricks Battle Arena
  • Earn as many trick points as you can in the shortest span of time

So, whatever you love, whether mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, wingsuit racing, jetpacks, and snowmobiles, you will be able to progress through the various different disciplines in any way you want. This is truly one of the best PS5 racing games that you could lay your hands on.

Top 12 Best PS5 Racing Games – Summary

If you need to thrill yourself with the best PS5 racing games today, there you have them. If you love wrecking, racing, jumping into large domes, and conquering the racing world in 2023, you can examine these games. I promise you will enjoy exploring the several options available.

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