List of top 30 best US Zombie movies of all time you must watch

List of top 30 best US Zombie movies of all time you must watch

In the years since, the making on zombie movies has drastically slowed, particularly at the studio level. There are still the genre characteristics (Maggie), occasional breakouts (th famous World War Z) and ongoing franchises (Resident Evil), but in expressions of volume and often quality, the zombie movie has taken a backseat in recent years. Is it genre burnout? Did fans tire of the undead the way they tired of Westerns? It is possible but unlikely considering the achievement of one pop culture juggernaut; AMC’s The Walking Dead series, which has triumphed in ratings since it debuted back in 2010. It’s possible the success of that series has a role to play in the way zombie films have withered at the cinema, either because audiences are burnt out or zombie fans are getting their fix at home. Alternatively, perhaps, it’s cultural. Romero created the modern zombie film throughout times of significant social change in the world, they again resurfaced at the height of the recession and war on terror in the early 2000s, and now that we are in the midst of an era of international political turmoil, I have noticed some pretty good zombie films popping up again.

Is another cinematic age of the undead upon us? Only time will tell for sure, but as for now, check out our team picks for the top 21 best zombie movies of all time below.

List of top 30 best US Zombie movies of all time

1.Dawn of the dead

2.The Return of the living dead

3.Re animator

4.28 Days later…

5. day of the dead

6.Evil dead 2

7. Shaun of the dead

8. Night of the living dead

9. Zombie

10. demons

11. Dawn of the dead

12. Pontypool

13. The beyond

14.Night of the living dead

15. Zombieland

16. Dead alive

17. Road of the dead

18. The plague of the Zombies

19. Night of the creeps

20. Train to Busan

21. The Battery

22. Dead and Burried

23.28 weeks later

24. The Horde

25. Cemetery man

26. Planet Terror

27. Rammbock

28. Night of the Comet

29. Juan Of the dead

30. I walked with a Zombie

31. World War Z

seen anything else that deserves our top 30 best US Zombie movies of all time? Let us hear from you too.

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