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List of top 20 richest TV hosts in the world

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richest TV hosts in the world

Being a TV host is not only fun but also pays well. You get almost everything that you can ever imagine of. Popularity, reputation and above all, the pay.

The top richest TV host in the world is Oprah Winfrey, with a net worth of $3.2 billion followed closely by Ellen Degeneres at a net worth of $450 million, then Judy Sheindlin with a net worth of $420 million, in that order respectively.

Richest TV hosts in the world 2019

Rank Name Net Worth
1 Oprah Winfrey $3.2 billion
2 Ellen Degeneres $450 million
3 Judy Sheindlin $420 million
4 Dr. Phil McGraw $400 million
5 David Letterman $400 million
6 Jay Leno $400 million
7 Ryan Seacrest $380 million
8 Sean Hannity $220 million
9 Steve Harvey $120 million
10 Tyra Banks $90 million
11 Conan O’Brien $85 million
12 Bill O’Reilly $85 million
13 Jon Stewart $80 million
14 Wendy Williams $60 million
15 Stephen Colbert $45 million
16 Chelsea Handler $40 million
17 Jimmy Kimmel $35 million
18 James Corden $12 million
19 Anderson Cooper $11 million
20 Craig Ferguson  $8.5 million

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These are the richest TV hosts in the world. We will update this list once the figures are changed somehow.

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