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How old is Luara Fonseca? Know about her Age, Networth, Youtube videos, Bio, Instagram

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Beautiful Luara Fonseca

Summary of Luara Fonseca

Luara Fonseca image

Luara Fonseca image

Full Name: Luara Fonseca
Age: 16 years 1 months
Birth Date: February 19, 2005
Net Worth: $300k

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Laura Fonseca is a Brazilian-born Instagram superstar, Youtuber, and TikTok superstar. She is celebrated for her Lip sync and short dance videos that spread virally on the web. Additionally, she is also famous for her Instagram post plus YouTube videos.

Laura Fonseca: Bio, Age, Siblings, Ethnicity

Laura Fonseca was actually born in Brazil on February 19, 2005. She is also famous as “Luaraff” on the internet. At the same time, she has never noticed her parent’s names in any of the social media programs.

Furthermore, information about her siblings and other family parts is not open as well. She is a Brazilian citizen by birth, and ethnicity is hidden.

Height, Weight, Hair color

She has an adorable height of 4 feet 11 inches, and considerable weight is 40Kg. Her body’s other measurement is 28-22-29 inches. She has dark brownish hair and a brown pair of eyes.

Profession Career, Tik Tok, Youtube, Instagrammer famous for?

Laura began her profession with the social app, Musically. Whereas in the app, she uploaded her entertaining videos with her lip-syncs video. Those videos earned the heart of many people.

Currently, she is also active in TikTok with the designation @luaraff. Also, she has not less than 6.5 million followers with more than 587.1 million likes that made her at a leaderboard of the Brazilian TikTok administration board.

Separated from TikTok, she is too active on YouTube. she entered the YouTube channel on October 10, 2015. On October 22, she uploaded her very earliest contents with her roommate, Rafaella. The video was in Portuguese. In the video, they were examining each other in the singing contest. The video has gained 120k views.

In the following video, she uploaded a make video where she was structure as a Maquiagem Mexican skull. Such contents won the souls of many people. Moreover, her YouTube channel has not less than 3.63 million subscribers with not less than 197 million views.

She has tremendous fans and followers on her Instagram too. In fact, in her Instagram posts give everybody wonders what is her lifestyle is like? Because of that, in early 2018, she gained 1 million followers. Two months succeeding, she received 2 million followers. During 2019, she has gained 3 million followers. Instagram followers are constantly increasing with time. As of now, she has not less than 6 million followers.

Net Worth and Salary

She has an approximated net worth of $300k. Also, she makes through her YouTube channel is in the span of $35.8k – $572.7k. Luara’s wages through her TikTok videos from the original TikTok account are $763 for every post.

Also, her incomes through her TikTok videos stand $1.7k with not less than 242 posts through her other TikTok account. Apart from that, she also gains through Instagram, which is in the scope five digits figure.

Is Luara Fonseca married? Relationship

Luara is in an open relationship with Thiago Costa Maia, who is an Instagram superstar having not less than a million followers. At the same time, he is also active on Twitch and has above 3000 followers on it. She has been seeing Thiago for more than one year. Luara and Thiago partake cute and charming pictures with each other on their individual social accounts. In fact, they are extremely popular as a pair on the internet.

Facebook, Instagram

She is very active on Facebook and Instagram. She has about 11.3K followers on Facebook, approximately 6.9M followers with not less than 3.7K posts on Instagram.

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