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Marcus Samuelsson Wife (Maya Haile) Parents, Daughter, Height, Net Worth

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Marcus Samuelsson

Only a few people have been able to get fame as a chef and restaurateur like one Marcus Samuelsson. Being a head chef at the Red Rooster in Harlem, New York, he is similarly a successful article writer, having released four top-selling cookbooks to date.

Samuelsson, who is popularly known internationally, is also famous for his appearances on the Inner Chef and Top Chef with Marcus Samuelsson. Interestingly, the chef is a visiting Professor at the Umea University of International Culinary Science.

Over the recent years, the popular chef has won several awards, including the Best Chef: New York City’ of 2003, from the James Beard Foundation awards. The New York Times awarded him a three-star restaurant review in the early 90s, making the chef the youngest ever to receive this kind of review. Moreso, he has earned the Forbes magazine’s four-star ratings consecutive terms. More so, numerous of and First Lady’s important projects had the touch of Samuelsson. He is also on the board of directors of the Careers Through the Culinary Arts program and likewise the U.S Fund for UNICEF ambassador.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Marcus Samuelsson was born on the 25th January of 1971 in a village in Ethiopia to his Ethiopian parents. At the age of only 3, a Swedish couple adopted him and also his sister, Fantaye Tsegie, after the death of his mother.

Marcus went to the Culinary Institute in Gothenburg (Göteborg) then proceeded on to be an apprentice in both Austria and Switzerland. In 1991, Samuelsson traveled to the U.S for an eight-month apprenticeship session in Restaurant Aquavit. At the end of his term there, he joined a Sweden cruise ship but rebounded in 1994 to work under the Executive Chef, named Jan Sendel. Just eight weeks later, Jan died and left a deserted post which, not surprisingly, Mr. Samuelsson was appointed to fill.

Marcus started to develop a passion for cooking amazing meals after watching his grandmother prepare a variety of meals. She was a chef and showed him how to make meatballs, gingersnaps, cookies, as well as how to preserve fresh vegetables. His passion and appreciation for local fresh vegetables came from this side. On seasonings, Marcus revealed that this desire came from his family down in his home country Ethiopia.

His first time operating in a professional kitchen was at the age of about 14/15. His father urged him to follow his passion but guarantee that he was precise at that. This has given the Chef consciousness of improving himself every day. Samuelsson additionally worked in a number of small restaurants and a local eateries. It’s no wonder that he has that golden touch.

Marcus Samuelsson’s Wife (Maya Haile)

Samuelsson got wedded to Maya Haile, a model, in the year 2009. Maya was born in Ethiopia, East Africa, and brought up in the Netherlands. The fashion model stands at 5 feet 9 inches.

Marcus and his wife Maya had a destination wedding in their home country Ethiopia and had a great number of Maya’s close family members in attendance. They experienced the rich African culture of food and other ceremony delicacies.

The pair lives with their son in Harlem, New York City, where two of Samuelsson’s twelve restaurants are further based.

His Daughter and Parents

Marcus Samuelsson had a lovely daughter, called Zoe, before getting wedded to his wife. Zoe is now a grown-up lady.

At the incredibly tender age of only three, Samuelsson lost his biological mother to the Tuberculosis epidemic in Ethiopia in East Africa at the time. His dad, who still lives in Marcus’ birthplace – a small Ethiopian village – is an Orthodox Tewahedo church Clergyman. He was isolated from his family due to the 1974 Ethiopian civil war turbulence.

Samuelsson’s birth name is Kassahun Tsegie, and it got changed after his adoption by her adopted family Ann Marie and Lennart Samuelsson. His elder sister was similarly adopted by the same white family. Ann is a homemaker, while Mr. Lennart is a Geologist. The couple who used to live in Gothenburg, Sweden, have a different adopted daughter, Anna Samuelsson.

Marcus Samuelsson’s Net Worth

The successful restaurateur and Ethiopian-Swedish chef, according to various credible sources, has an estimated net worth of about $6 million. Thanks to his thriving restaurants, which include:

  • Marcus B & P (Newark)
  • Harlem Streetbird Rotisserie (Harlem)
  • Tienda Roosteria (London)
  • Uptown Brasserie (New York)
  • Marcus Bermuda
  • Red Rooster (Harlem)
  • Ginny’s Supper Club
  • Red Rooster Shoreditch (London)
  • Kitchen & Table (Manhattan)
  • Nordia Bar & Grill
  • Eatery Social
  • Marc Burger

Height – How Tall Is He?

Although we are yet to confirm actual Marcus Samuelsson’s height and weight, he is not a pretty tall man. His wife, Maya, is slightly taller than him as she is about 1.8 m tall. Well, love conquers all aspects, height inclusive!

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