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Nathaniel Bandy Bio, Age, Net Worth, YouTuber, Gamer, Instagram Star, Height, Nationality

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Nathaniel Bandy

Read to know more about Nathaniel Bandy’s career, Age, Bio, wiki, Net Worth, Income, Education, and Family. Also, know details about Nathaniel Bandy’s Parents, Childhood, Relationship, body measurements, Pictures, and countless more.

Nathaniel Bandy is a great American YouTube gamer. Additionally, he centers mainly on Nintendo games and runs a self-titled YouTube channel, previously known as ‘@naeroikathgor.’

Full Name: Nathaniel Bandy
Age: 27 years 5 months
Birth Date: October 12, 1993
Net Worth: $ 900,000

What is Nathaniel Bandy famous for?

  • FAMOUS, an American GENIUS YouTube gamer.
  • Famous with a CREATIVE slogan reading “Striving for Originality,” who uses his channel

How old is Nathaniel Bandy? Bio, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

On October 12, 1993, Nathaniel Bandy was born in Virginia, the United States but has lived in several places over his life, including living in Norway between the ages of 7 and 10. Currently, his age is 27 years old, and his zodiac sign is Libra.

Unfortunately, there is no information about Nathaniel’s family and siblings. He holds an American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity.

Education History

Talking about Nathaniel’s education history, he attended James Madison University.

Did You Know?

  1. How old is Nathaniel Bandy? – He was born on October 12, in the year 1993. Currently, his age is 27 years old.
  2. What is Nathaniel Bandy’s Zodiac Sign?- His zodiac sign is Libra.
  3. What is Nathaniel Bandy’s net worth?- According to the data for the year 2021, Nathaniel’s net worth is around $900K.

All about Nathaniel Bandy’s Career

Bandy is a famous YouTube gamer with a creative slogan reading “Striving for Originality” who uses his account to do just that. Rather than create the typical impressive gaming videos, he produces Top 10s in addition to a series titled Smash’N’Compare, How Will Nathaniel Rage, and Grading/Acapelling. Bandy concentrates on Nintendo content, specifically Nintendo 64.

Moreover, he also joined YouTube in April of 2007 before he began attending James Madison University. Then, the first videos he posted were part of a series called The Faceless Board Breaker. Further, by request of Bandy’s loyal subscribers, he also created a secondary channel called NB’s Let’s Plays, which acts as a Let’s Play channel.

Additionally, Nathaniel Bandy Originals are original videos primarily about Mario and various Nintendo games. They follow a linear storyline where Nathaniel and other YouTubers partner to defeat the villainous SimpleFlips. Moreover, ‘TRIGGERED!’, which is a series where Nathaniel lists all the negative things about various video games. He also has a fictional brother named Bathaniel Nandy, which is usually part of the videos.

Eventually, ‘MIND BLOWING’ is a series where Nathaniel lists all the positive features of various video games. Simply, the opposite of TRIGGERED. ‘REACTING’ is a series where Bondy reacts to his old videos or videos by other individuals, such as Nicobbq’s creative video on why Pink Gold Peach derived from Mario Kart 8 is a better character. Nathaniel is infamous for being against the character Pink Gold Peach.

Likewise, ‘Predicting Future Nintendo Games’ is a series where Nathaniel makes predictions for Nintendo games that he wants to see made. So far, Nathaniel has also made predictions for Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 9, Super Mario 64 2, SplaTWOon, Super Mario Galaxy 3, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Smash Bros 5.

How Will Nathaniel Rage??’ is a video series where Nathaniel plays a very difficult game (i.e., Contra), then will have three segments where Nathaniel gets very pissed off, then you will have three questions on what will Nathaniel do, and then Nathaniel will do one of them. Some of them are very hard, and some aren’t.

Whereas, some examples are Your poop, Gold star in 200 years, Game of ping pong with NB in the year 9999. On December 20, the year 2015, the series was canceled and transferred to “Classic NB,” but on March 14, 2016, Nathaniel revived the show and, as of today, makes new episodes monthly. Nevertheless, as of July 2016, the series appears to be on hiatus.

Net Worth and Salary

Nathaniel has an approximated net worth of around $900K. As a YouTuber, he has an average salary of $2.68K- $5.2K.

Is Nathaniel Bandy Single? Relationship

Nathaniel Bandy is currently single. Moreover, he is mostly on to himself, focusing on his YouTube channel. Also, he is living a jubilant single life and focusing on his career.

Height, Weight, Eyes Color

Nathaniel has light brown hair and brown eyes. But, his height, weight, shoe sizes, etc., are disclosed.


By request of his loyal subscribers, he created a secondary channel called NB’s Let’s Plays, which acts as a Let’s Play channel.

Social Media Profile

He is active on social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. His Instagram account ‘@nathanielbandy’ has earned over 21.6K followers. His self-titled YouTube channel has gained over 229K subscribers. Similarly, his Twitter account ‘@NathanielBandy1’ has accumulated over 69.5K subscribers.


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