New York Bus-how to get around New York by bus

New York Bus-how to get around New York by bus

Uptown/Downtown Buses

  • Uptown and Downtown buses travel north or south along most Avenues (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Lexington, etc.) in the region that traffic flows on that street.
  • Uptown/Downtown buses usually include both local and express bus routes.
  • A visual sign in the front window of the bus will usually indicate if it is an express bus – ask the bus driver if you are not sure.
  • when you are waiting at a bus stop requiring to be picked up, you should make sure that you wave to the bus driver if they approach and don’t appear to be slowing down. They will normally stop if they see someone waiting at the bus stop, but it is not always clear who is waiting for a bus.
  • The Local buses will stop every 2-3 blocks upon demand. If you want the bus to come to a stop, you need to push on the black strip to request a stop. Otherwise, the driver will only hold if someone is waiting at the bus stop to be picked up.

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  • Buses running express only stop at designated cross streets.

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