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P Allen Smith Family and Companion: Recipes, Garden Home, Farm, Bio, Wiki, Age, Partner, and Net Worth

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P Allen Smith
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P Allen Smith Biography and Wiki

Paul Allen Smith, rather commonly P Allen Smith, is an American writer, television host, businessperson, and conservationist. He was born in Little Rock and grown in McMinnville, Tennessee.

P Allen Smith

P Allen Smith

He went to Hendrix College and earned a Rotary International Scholarship to consider garden layout and history at the GreatUniversity of Manchester in England. He also considered English gardens that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had toured in the 18th century.

He uses his Arkansas home, Moss Mountain garden, which The New York Times praises as a “stunning estate,” as an epicenter for supporting the local food tendency, organic cultivation, and custom poultry maintenance breeds. Smith designed his farm to help as a place of motivation, education, and preservation and presents visitors worldwide and locally sourced feeds to offer them to the regional table expression.

Moss Mountain Farm is prostrated in the historical pattern, inspired by environmental attractions, and conducted by a modern-day discovery—all of these are stimulating to write a new chapter in the progression of the classic American garden and a ceremony of the South’s cookery.

In late 2009, Smith established the Heritage Poultry Conservancy, which is committed to protecting and preserving unsafe breeds and domestic poultry endeavors. Besides, he endeavors to train future contemporaries throughout his activity with Kids Plant It Earth. The curriculum he produced for the presentation teaches scholars about holding good stewards of the planet through cultivation.

Smith studied field history and composition at the University of Manchester in England, is an honorific member of the Garden Club of America and beneficiary of their Commemoration of Honor, are a member of the Royal Horticultural Society and a previous board member of the Royal Oak Society. His work is highlighted in national newspapers, highlighted at key functions, and celebrated in bestselling titles, including P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home and P. Allen Smith’s Annual Recipes from the Garden, an acceptance of his love for natural, regional cookery. His media business, Hortus Ltd, offers three national, award-winning television programs: Garden Home (which has savored 14 seasons on PBS), Garden to Table, plus on Public Television, and Garden Style, now in its early 17th season of syndication.

In P. Allen Smith Garden Home’s half-hour experiences, Smith enables people to explore their own style and design stunning indoor and outdoor living reservations in their own homes. His purpose is to connect with people, farm health and mindfulness, and eventually inspire others to live a more spontaneous life. He shares lifestyle bents and tales of people who are creating a positive influence in their communities.

Smith has also developed regularly on “Today Show” The Weather ChannelThe CBS Early program, the NBC, and other national TV programs educating watchers on gardening and layout techniques. He has also composed numerous books on cultivation and offers pieces to various publications.

Smith’s scheme firm, P. Allen Smith and Associates, concentrates on estate guide planning, garden layout, and foundation, with plans at public institutions, private companies, and family farms. He is a retired Board Member of the Royal Oak Foundation (the American partner of England’s National Trust). He has committed to conservation efforts at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and George Washington’s Mount Vernon, amongst other well-known properties.

P Allen Smith Age and Birthday

Paul Allen is about 61 years old as of 2021, and he was born on March 12, 1960, in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the United States. He celebrates his birthday on March 12 each year, and his lineage sign is Pisces.

P Allen Smith Height and Weight

Allen is a man of average height, and he also seems to be pretty tall in stature in his photos. He opposes at the height of 1.84 m tall and weighs 87kg.

P Allen Smith Family, Parents and Siblings

Born in Little Rock and grown in McMinnville, Tennessee, his daddy is Paul Allen Smith Sr. His sibling is Chris Smith, and he is additionally the farm manager.

P Allen Smith Partner, Is Paul Allen Smith Married?

Allen is not wedded; our efforts to find out more about her husband came to no avail as no such data is publicly possible. Thus, the uniqueness of Smith’s partner is still unclear. It is also not acknowledged if he is in any connection. Nevertheless, this part will be refreshed as soon as it is available.

P Allen Smith Wife

As often identified as one of America’s most skilled garden planners, Smith was once wedded to a woman named Debbie, and he is currently not coupled whatsoever.

P Allen Smith Wedding

Moss Mountain Farm is an outdoor, garden wedding and corporate privacy venue inside close vicinity of Little Rock, AR. Moss Mountain is a happy place stuffed with gardens, flower conservancies, river views, orchards, and the creation and home of America’s popular garden planner, P. Allen Smith.

Is P Allen Smith Gay?

Truly, he is rumored to be gay. He is currently separated and didn’t approve any of the reports pleaded his way.

P Allen Smith Boyfriend

Smith prefers to hold his corporal life separate; hence report about his dating life is under analysis. It is not identified whether she is wedded, dating, or has either child. Nevertheless, this information will be updated as quickly as it is available.

P Allen Smith Measurements and Facts

Here are some fascinating facts and basic measures you should know regarding Paul Allen Smith.

P Allen Smith Bio and Wiki

  • Full Names: Paul Allen 
  • Sex: Male
  • Occupation: Television host
  • Origin: American
  • Society/ Ethnicity: White
  • Creed: Not Known
  • Sexual Adjustment: Not known

P Allen Smith Age and Birthday

  • Age: 61 years (2021)
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Date of Birth: March 12, 1960
  • Region of Birth: Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
  • Anniversary: March 12

Paul Allen Smith Body Measurements

  • Body Measurements: To be updated soon
  • Height: 1.84 m
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Eye Color: Brownish
  • Hair Color: Brownish
  • Shoe Size: Not yet updated

Paul Allen Smith Family and Relationship

  • Dad: Paul Allen Smith Sr.
  • Mom: To be updated
  • Siblings: To be updated
  • Marital Status: Not known
  • Spouse: T be updated soon
  • Children: To be updated soon

P Allen Smith Net Worth and Salary

  • Net Worth: 7 million dollars (2021)
  • Salary: To be updated soon
  • Source of Revenue: Entrepreneurship, Books, and TV

Paul Allen Smith House and Cars

  • Place of resident: US
  • Cars: Car Brand to be Updated soon

P Allen Smith Garden House

His home is free for tours and lunch. It is positioned along Ross Hollow Road, Moss Mountain Farm, Roland, AR 72135. Smith further established Moss Mountain Farm, more known as The Garden Home Retreat, which is positioned on the Arkansas River banks. It envelops more than 500 acres of land dating back to 1840.

Undeviatingly dilatory the cottage is the croquet yard, which is expressed by a summer kitchen and art studio. The neighboring garden includes a fountain garden that departs two wings of garden rooms supplied with a mix of annuals, perennials, roses, shrubs, herbs, and ornamental grasses.

Beyond the flower gardens are orchards supplied with custom apple trees, stone fruit, and blueberries, a one-acre green garden, a daffodil hill bluebird trail, wildflower gardens, and falls more than 300,000 daffodils flowering each spring. From barns to mobile chicken homes, various stables are positioned everywhere in the grounds and surrounding pastures.

P Allen Smith Favourite Recipes

His latest book, P. Allen Smith’s Annual Recipes from the Garden, was published in late December 2010. P. Allen Smith’s Yearly Recipes from the Garden features over 120 recipes: 30 for every season. These are meals that everyone prefers to eat. Taking sweet advantage of constituents as available as bell peppers and carrots and as popular as fresh peaches and tomatoes, the ingredients are Allen’s preferences, most from his own kitchen and some modified from family and friends. They are excellent for those who garden as well as anyone who simply fancies fresh food. They comprise:

SUMMER: Savory Grit Cakes with Oven-Smoked Tomatoes; Aunt Martha’s Corn Pudding; Rosemary-Garlic Smoked Pork Tenderloin; Peach Moon Tart Zucchini and Lemon Salad;

SPRING:  Grilled Salmon Sandwich with Lemon-Dill Mayo; Salad of Asparagus, Edamame, Arugula, and Cheese; Radish Top Pasta; Chilled Pea Soup with Bacon and Whipped Cream; Speckled Strawberry Ice Cream

FALL: Turkey Breast; Goat Cheese and Leek Tart; Allen’s Favorite Sweet Potato Pie Parmesan Pecan Crisps; Roasted Red Pepper Soup; Citrus-

WINTER:  Tiny Orange Muffins; Old-Fashioned Blackberry Jam Cake Cranberry Spice Cocktail; Savory Rosemary Butternut Squash; Slow-Cooker Lamb Stew;

Various of the ingredients are Southern-inflected, including pleasant personal stories, full of Allen’s much-loved wit and charm. All-American Blueberry Muffins extract thoughts of him and his siblings wandering the woods rummaging for wild berries; Lady Peas with Red Tomato Relish evokes him of shelling peas with Ma Smith in his grandparents’ kitchen subsequent supper; white Blue Cheese and Onion Cornbread charms up the great sweet-versus-unsweet Southern cornbread debate.

Allen offers cuisine tips as well as advice on picking fresh vegetables. There is also a how-to leader with basic cultivation schemes for producing the biggest differences of produce. If you are new to cultivation edibles, you’ll learn that you should reconsider starting with zucchini (the most “overachieving” of vegetables) and herbs (a windowsill gives you all the location you need).

P Allen Smith Accident

P. Allen Smith crashed into a business pole and flipped his car while riding drunk in Hamptons’ streets in early June 2009. Smith was driven to Southampton Hospital around midnight by the cops, who fortunately found him in the condition. He later agreed to his drunk state that night after comprising treated.

P Allen Smith Moss Mountain Farm

P Allen Smith Moss Mountain Farm

P Allen Smith Moss Mountain Farm

His home, Moss Mountain Farm, serves as a home of motivation and training. Visitors particularly enjoy the Arkansas River’s extensive vistas, the one-acre vegetable and lush rose gardens, and traveling the eco-friendly early 1840s-style farmhouse. In Poultryville, you’ll coincide with Smith’s flock of custom poultry and determine his endeavors to protect these endangered breeds. The farm is an excellent place for a wedding or unique event, a birthday or jubilee celebration, or a day out with family and friends.

P Allen Smith Shop

At Moss mountain farm, we sell;

  2. Sun Perennials

P Allen Smith Net Worth

Smith is estimated to have a net worth of 7 million dollars (2021). This covers his assets, capital, and income. His main income source is his profession as a writer, television host, businessperson, and conservationist. Through his multiple sources of income, Smith has accumulated good possessions and favors to lead a modest lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Question P Allen Smith

Who is P Allen Smith?

Paul Allen Smith is a garden designer, conservationist, television host, and lifestyle expert. Smith is the entertainer of three television shows.

  • P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table
  • P. Allen Smith’s Garden
  • P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home and

The programs are spread to public television by American Public Television.

What is Paul Allen Smith’s full name?

P Allen Smith was born in Little Rock originally as Paul Allen Smith.

How old is Paul Allen Smith?

He is 61 years old as of 2021.

When was Paul Allen Smith born?

Smith was born on March 12, 1960, in Little Rock, Arkansas, in America’s great the United States.

How tall is P Allen Smith?

Allen is a medium-sized man; he also seems to be quite towering in stature in his photos. He stands at the height of 1.84 m tall and weighs 85kg.

Does P Allen Smith have a Brother?

Chris Smith substitutes up as the Farm Manager and Allen’s brother.

Does Paul Allen Smith have a Wife?

Some reports say that P. Allen Smith is either currently has a partner named Debbie or was wedded to a woman called Debbie at some point in his life, maybe in the years before he was popular.

Is Paul Allen Smith still married?

No, he is not married as of now.

Was P Allen Smith ever married?

Yes, Allen is reported to have been wedded to a woman by the title Debbie.

Where does Paul Allen Smith live?

One of his houses is found in the historic Quapaw Quarter of Little Rock, Arkansas, and the first Garden Home is an early 1904 Colonial Revival home surrounded by a series of garden rooms devised by Smith. He obtained the house for one United States dollar and moved it to a 15,000-square-foot (1,400 m2) a vacant lot.

What is P Allen Smith’s net worth?

Smith is estimated to have a net worth of $7 million (2021). Through gains from his work as a writer, television host, businessperson, and conservationist, he has accumulated cheap possessions. Despite his apparent riches, he prefers to live a simple lifestyle.

What is P Allen Smith doing now?

Paul is currently entertaining public television set, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home, P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table, P. Allen Smith Gardens.

What happened to P Allen Smith? Is P Allen Smith sick?

Smith is well alive and in good shape. There have been no records of him being sick or having any health-related problems.

Where is P Allen Smith filmed?

In Little Rock, some episodes are also taken at Smith’s Arkansas Home, Moss Mountain Farm, near Little Rock, Arkansas.

Smith’s Social Media Contacts


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