Shpock app customer service contacts (Phone, email)

Shpock app

Are you a seller? You can target your prospective audience based on geographical location or even a postcode. Publish a product listing by giving a title, uploading images, setting a price, and writing great content. Put an asking price to start receiving bids. After a product deal has been confirmed, you can no longer remove the deal. Shpock advises meeting in-person to exchange both money and the item. Both parties can agree on a time and location for the transaction to be completed. Customers can even opt for paying on delivery or through PayPal.

Buyers will find amazing deals and bargains on apparel, cars, bikes, smartphones, computers, televisions, furniture, home and garden items, yard stuff, rentals, books, and fashion accessories. On every listing, you will find pictures, owner information, product description, and price. You can interact with a seller by asking questions through chat. To get started, register your account on the Shpock platform using your email or Facebook. For canceling your account or queries on registration, payment, or others, reach the Shpock support via email or phone number provided.

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