SSSniperWolf Real Name, Boyfriend, Sister, Net Worth

SSSniperWolf Real Name, Boyfriend, Sister, Net Worth

Her love for the crafts is what led her to build her second YouTube channel named LittleLiaWolf, in 2014 where she posts much of DIY videos.

SSSniperWolf Net Worth

According to Forbes magazine, Lia has famously parlayed her enormous internet following into profitable partnerships with Ubisoft, Activision, EA, and Disney Studios. She was named amongst Fobes’ 2017 list of Top Influencers in the Gaming category. While no specific figure was placed on how much she earns from her uber-popular YouTube channel, Forbes magazine hinted that members of the 10-man list are able to earn millions of dollars annually.

Her garage incorporates a Nissan 370Z, and a luxurious Mercedes S550 coupe. That said, the specific figure of her net worth isn’t known to us; however, we consider that it is low 7 figure. So SSniperwolf net worth is about $1.5 million.

SSSniperWolf Boyfriend – Evan Sausage

Youtube personality SSSniperwolf has been in an on-and-off relationship with fellow vlogger named Evan Sausage. Sausage, upon seeing her first YouTube videos, sent the private messages that cracked her up. The pair developed a friendship that later on led to romance. After a while of dating, they bought a house together. Wolf disclosed this in a video he posted in 2015 where she also stated that they would most likely get married and build a family. Wolf has taken followers through the progress of their relationship posting more videos with titles like “We Broke Up,” “Break Up Update,” and also “How We Got Back Together.” Nevertheless, she has been criticized and accused of using her relationship situation to drive viewership on her youtube channel anytime it seems to be growing low.

There has been an unconfirmed report surrounding their relationship status that Lia is only dating YouTuber Sausage because he is the actual person who is behind all her gameplay videos and the popular live streams. The stories began to roll after many people began to wonder why a girl as hot as Lia would be seeing hmmm a non-six-packed non-Hollywood-Esque Sausage guy.

SSSniperWolf Facts

She has two little dogs named Kaz and Tuna.

Lia is amazingly good at hula popping. She states, “When I was in sixth grade, I got a topmost prize in my school for a hula-hooping competition,” she revealed in one of her youtube videos. “Weird, but I am insane good at hula hooping.”

She didn’t see a physician for 12 straight years. Lia shared this fact in one of her videos posted back in 2014, which made it 10 years since she last attended a doctor. She explained that the reason was that she was “terrified because a doctor made me take off my outfits for no reason in front of my mom when I was a child, so I’ve not been to the doctor ever since then, and I don’t always think I can.” When she eventually overcame her fears to see a doctor in early 2016, she told fans about it.

Lia was once accused of wanting to do porn when she contacted Pornhub through Twitter. She debunked the rumors in a video stating that she only contacted the porn site to inform them that people were re-uploading a solo porn video on the site with her nickname SSSniperwolf.

She has been arrested twice for criminal offenses. First was in 2013. Reports had it that she was arrested for committing armed robbery, but the Youtube star has exclusively debunked the rumors.

Lia and her current boyfriend Sausage were arrested in August of 2016 after “neighbors called the cops [since] they heard some screaming & I got arrested by cops for disorderly conduct,” she posted on Twitter handle. The screaming started after her boyfriend decided to use a strange girl’s pic as his mobile phone background picture. Wolf called the event “the dumbest thing ever.”

SSSniperWolf contacts

You can reach her through her popular social media channels;

Instagram: @SSniperwolf

Twitter: @ssniperwolf

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