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The top 10 richest trillionaires in the world

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top 10 richest trillionaires in the world

Being the richest man on the planet is not something that is easy to accomplish. You need years of hard work and good company management. Well, we all know that Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world right now with a net worth exceeding 100billion dollars. That brings us to the topic, The top 10 richest trillionaires in the world, who are they? Do they really exist?

Currently, one of the biggest companies, apple, has a net worth of about $205.5 billion according to Forbes. So it would take Jeff about 20 more years to rebuild Amazon and become the world’s first trillionaire.

Of all the current multi-billionaires in the world that we know, only 11 realistically have a good chance of becoming trillionaires during their life, based on their current rate of wealth growth. An average annual percentage growth over the last five years on future years has been applied to determine how long it would take to move to the trillion-dollar mark.

Just like Jeff Bezos of Amazon was the first centibillionaire in the whole world, he is on record to become the world’s first trillionaire in the year 2026 at the age of only 62. Mark Zuckerberg also could be the world’s youngest trillionaire at the age of just 51, but that will not be until later in 2036. Here is our list of potential trillionaires in the world.


Rank Name Year of trillion-dollar valuation Age at trillion-dollar valuation
1. Jeff Bezos 2026 62
2. Xu Jiayin 2027 68
3. Jack Ma 2030 65
4. Ma Huateng 2033 61
5. Mukesh Ambani 2033 75
6. Bernard Arnault 2033 84
7. Mark Zuckerberg 2036 51
8. Steve Ballmer 2040 83
9. Michael Bell 2043 78
10. Larry Page 2051 77

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