Top 5 NFT Blockchain games and the meaning of Blockchain games

Blockchain games

The gaming industry has been growing in popularity in recent years. From simple ones to those with immersive experiences, gaming has evolved over the years, with billions taking part in it. Irrespective of the fun part associated, the gaming industry is one of the highest valued in the world. The market is estimated to be $ 295 billion by the end of 2026, with 10.5% CAGR growth on an average. The major boost in this industry was noticed during the outbreak of the Covid pandemic as gaming became one of the most popular activities online. An interesting trend noticed was the rise of blockchain-powered in-game experiences and NFTs.

What is Blockchain/NFT gaming?

Video games have a world of their own, and gamers are indulged in it without any intervention from the real world. In simple words, Blockchain acts like that bridge between virtual world gaming and making use of it in the real world. It helps build gaming characters into something that can be associated with the real world. Along with this, decentralized gaming would benefit anti-cheating and hacking in the games. Here, there is no particular server that controls the game, which can be hacked by players. Lastly, it helps the gamers earn money in the real world with all the transactions/interactions they make with the game.

Blockchain allows developers to be creative in their work. The module allows game developers to tap into virtual reality, augmented reality, and so many more technological blocks that can be integrated into a game. Like mentioned before, there is a concept of earning instead of just spending on skins, weapons, and others, so the uniformity in fairness remains across the game. All the progress made in the game is appreciated and rewarded through Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are the rewards that a gamer spends his time and money on. Crypto gaming and NFT gaming are relatable, but the former deals with spending cryptocurrencies to transact on the game, while the latter is based upon native currencies and used to reward players with rare collectibles.

Blockchain gaming also has a good amount of limitations as well. The transactional costs associated with Blockchain are very high, and gamers may be disappointed with their rewards. Another major problem is the loss of data through bad networks. Blockchain-based games rely heavily on the internet stability, and much may be lost in the process of restoring a network connection. The final problem is with the governments across the world who see NFT and Blockchain-based apps as a tool to commit a crime.

What is ahead? Blockchain NFT gaming is at its nascent stage. There is a long road ahead of it, considering the growth of this industry. There are diverse possibilities of gaming technologies that can be incorporated into a game. It also offers new experiences to gamers, like creating value for their time spent on the game in the real world. It also opens new doors for user experience, better usability of game consoles, and wealth generation.

What are the top 5 NFT Blockchain games?

Axie Infinity

This game is inspired by the Pokémon characters, where players interact within battles, collecting cards and raising a kingdom virtually. The game builds a universe of its own, and it is currently the top-ranked game on Ethereum Blockchain. The biggest difference from any other sandbox game is that it rewards the users with NFTs. These can be traded on exchanges by the players.

Players can earn more rewards by farming love potions which are required in the game. They can also collect mystics and origins to do so. Players get rewards per play, and they enjoy the latest implementation of governance tokens, which allows them to have governing rights on the game platform. The main purpose of the game was to build an informative game that not only rewards the players but also introduces the world of Blockchain. Once a player gets the hang of the game, it is very easy to trade the rewards.

So rare

Sorare is an NFT Blockchain card game that promotes the activity of an organizer. The game deals with the cards of professional football players. A player has to build a team with the cards and compete with other players. The tournaments decide the player’s winning, and they get rewarded for the same. Players can buy, sell and even trade these virtual teams as the game progresses. It is also based on Ethereum and based on the ERC-721 standard. The cards used in the game have a unique identity and no second card of the same football player is available in the game. The card’s value is rated on their index rules by which players can understand the value of the cards they are holding. The game has partnered with popular football clubs like Real Madrid and K League.

The Six Dragons

This is one of the finest Blockchain based games that are available out there with feature rich graphics. The players are free to do almost anything on a huge virtual map of fantasy. It houses farmlands, dungeons, fights, and also has weapons that players can use to survive the game. The game has a governance token with Blacksmith service. This allows the players to trade with their tokens for in-game items like weapons, skins, etc. The game has partnered with big names like PlayStation. TSD governance token allows the players to trade, have voting power in-game decisions, and grants governing status.

League of Kingdoms – Build your fortress, conquer lands, farm and buy LAND tokens in this game. This sandbox based game lets the player build his own kingdom with a castle, academy, hospital, and treasure house and compete with other players on a large virtual map. The game works on LAND token exchanges, which are NFT real estate. Players can hold on to their tokens until they are priced right to exchange.

Lost Relics

A role-playing (RPG) game that houses action, adventure and houses Enjin Blockchain for rare virtual items in the game. The game has almost 12,000 players measured every week. ETH and ENJ are used to move the in-game perks of crystals, gold, and power pendants. The power pendants are used to access the exclusive content of the game. The virtual relics are of ERC-1155 standard, which is tangible in the real world. The game is based upon a time when beasts walked the land and fought the deception war, which washed away knowledge and power. The only remaining parts from the war are the lost relics that the players have to discover in the game.

All the games mentioned have their own websites, social media handles, and support pages. Any difficulty with the game can be solved within the platform. Support is offered by the developers as well. The games allow the players to build the value of their time in the real world, which is what makes them special. Secured by the latest technology, these are experiences an avid gamer can’t miss. Try out these top games if you want to explore the world of NFT Blockchain-based games.