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Where to find the latest NBA trade rumors

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Where to find the latest NBA trade rumors

There was a time when basketball was considered a staple of American life. It still holds the same position but has also dominantly gathered a massive fan following around the world. Watch any sports channel or pick a newspaper; there is devoted coverage of the NBA. The undoubted king of the cool, NBA has been captivating fans, and it is more like a part of the culture to many. NBA housed some of the greatest players, who enjoyed on and off-field glory. From Larry Bird to Bill Russell to many others, the league never went scanty in terms of star power. With time, the league became a pool of unmatched and elite talent. Fans found a supreme dash of nail-biting rivalries mixed with individual performances, and they became loyal as ever.

When NBA trade entered the scene, the terrain became all the more interesting. When most of the summers are full of basketball action, the NBA trade is the time of whirlwind speculations and unexpected player movements. When the history of the NBA is written, fans will remember some iconic trades, including the one where Pelicans traded Anthony Davis to the Lakers, the trade that sent Kevin Garnett to the Celtics, when Charles Barkley went to the Phoenix Suns, and so many others. There have been seasons when the trade deadlines would come and go, but with the much quitter pandemic times, fans have their eyes on the trade deadline. If you love basketball, you adore NBA, and you have some free time on your hands, there are plenty of sources that could keep you updated on the latest NBA trade rumors and milestones.

The official NBA website

What is better than hearing it out of the most authentic source? You can follow the NBA website for the latest trade tracker. The website will keep you updated on the official trades of the latest season, and you will hear about it only when it is official. Follow the website, and you won’t be making a dumb assumption at a dinner with your fellow NBA supporter. The website updates information only when the deal is officially approved by the league and is simultaneously announced by the team. You can find all the NBA transactions on this one source grouped under specific dates.

Visit the HoopsHype

HoopsHype has been a home to many NBA fans, and the website is entirely dedicated to NBA trade. There is a lot in store for you if you don’t mind getting into some depth. Visit to the website and find all about the player salaries, ranking of the agents as per their wages, depth charts, daily transactions, NBA awards, TV rankings, team payrolls, latest NBA News, and of course, the much-sought trade rumors. You can browse through the information about one particular team or all of the NBA. Some of the top teams featured include Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs and Indiana Pacers. If a trade is about to happen or is being discussed, you will find everything about it at this destination.

Find what is hot on Bleacher Report.

Bleacher Report is a website dedicated to a lot of sport. You will find information on football, boxing, F1, rugby, golf, NBA, NFL, and much more. Coming to the point, the website gives NBA fans access to all the hot news revolving around NBA trade. Know everything there is to know about player movements, partnership agreements, provisions, salaries, and related news stories. Whatever is trending about any NBA scene, you will find it all here, with better details.

The know-it-all: Twitter

If more than two people are talking about it, it is on Twitter. This social media platform is home to all the important or not-so-important events happening anywhere. With a majority of the sports fans having access to Twitter, this comes as no surprise that a considerable chunk of NBA trade rumors come right from here. Just search about the player or team you want to know, and millions of tweets will guide you to the insider version of the story. Before it hits the headlines on CBS, USA Today, or ESPN, you might catch it on Twitter. You can also follow the Twitter handles of sports journalists from big media houses to scan trade rumors, speculations, or signings. Log in to your Twitter and know everything that is not official yet.

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