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Bow Wow net worth 2023 update

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Bow wow net worth

Under normal conditions, most people begin their careers in their twenties. However, very few are fortunate enough to start working and earning as teenagers then manage to stay on top despite the enormous challenges. One excellent example of such a celebrity is Bow Wow. Born Shad Gregory Moss, the American rapper and performer also doubles as a television host. Initially, he was popular in the mainstream media with the pseudonym ‘Lil Bow Wow’ until 2003 when he splashed off the ‘Lil’ part. Right from a tender age, the star developed a strong liking to music, particularly rap. Rap music has been his enthusiasm and biggest income earner over the years. So, how much is Bow Wow net worth?

Bow Wow net worth

A few years before, the rapper was at risk of running bankrupt. However, thanks to his entrepreneurial genius and talent, he managed to find his way back. He worked on a few gigs here and there and was able to build his current net worth. Read on to find out his income generating projects, concerts, endorsements, and how much he is worth.

How much is Bow Wow net worth?

How much is Bow Wow worth today? This is a puzzle that most of his fans ask. The artist has been busy with a couple of albums and films to his name. So it would not be a surprise that Bow Wow net worth 2019 stands at $1.5 million. He raised the amount through his professional rap career that began at a tender age.

bow wow car

Earnings from music

Most of his tracks have hit record sales, earning him popularity in different parts of the world. So, how much money has Bow Wow made in his career as a musician?

He first entered the industry with his debut album Beware of Dog that was released in 2000. This grew rapidly to become a massive hit, and the record sales went beyond 3 million copies by 2009. The album contained tracks such as Bounce With Ghetto Girls that made him a household name and Me. The estimated earnings from this album were about $2,810,000.

bow wow car

Following the commercial success of the first album, Bow Wow went ahead to release Doggy Bag, his second album. The So So Deff label protege sold over a million copies in the United States alone and earned RIAA Platinum certifications. Also, it was ranked at position eight on Billboard 200 and number two in the Top R&B/Hip Hop albums. The album raked in approximately $774,000 in earnings.

His next album, Unleashed, was further a massive success. It achieved Gold certification and ranked top 3 in the Billboard 200. This was after dropping the ‘Lil’ part of his name, and it seems the change came with its own financial achievements as the Columbia Records’ hit earned the star over $774,000.

bow wow house

bow wow house in Japan

His fourth album, Wanted, came in 2005 and earned Platinum certification. Songs from the album such as Let Me Hold You (featuring Omarion) and Like You (featuring his then-lover Ciara) secured top positions on Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot Rap Tracks. All the success cemented his status as one of the best and successful rapper. Notably, he sold about a million copies that brought in $1,000,000 in earnings.

The Price of Fame, Bow’s fifth album, was released in 2006 and included songs like I’m a Flirt, Outta My System, and Shortie Like Mine. The album ranked number six in US Billboard 200, and within the first week, it had sold over 262,000 copies. Bow earned $500,000 from this project. The next year, he featured Omarion in the album Face Off that raked in over $500,000.

bow wow house

New Jack City II is the most recent album that earned him the lowest cash. The 2009 project featured stars such as Soulja Boy, Nelly, T-Pain, T.I., and Trey Songz, and had a parental advisory label due to the adult content.

From 2009-2016, Shad released various mix-tapes that faired quite well, earning him some good money.

Bow’s endorsement deals

Also critical to growing his net worth is his income from endorsement deals. Here are some of the big companies he has endorsed.

  • Asphalt Yacht Club
  • Besado
  • Campbells
  • Caviar Gold
  • Cavoda

Bow Wow’s house

While most prosperous young celebrities may not be absurd about sharing the same house with their mothers, Bow would not have it any other way. The rapper/actor shares his eight-bedroomed house in Atlanta with his fiancé and mom Teresa Caldwell.

Bow Wow’s financial woes

Uncle Sam never hesitates when it comes to going after celebrities and businesspersons who may have failed to be negligent with tax, and Shad is no exception. The rapper landed in the IRS’ crosshairs with a government debt of a six-figure amount. Precisely, he owed the IRS unpaid taxes amounting to $91,105.61. The amount was dated back to 2006, and this prompted the government to file a tax lien in the state of Florida where the rapper owned property.

However, the rapper disputed the report about his financial struggles on his blog and urged his fans not to believe everything they read.

In the year 2012, the rapper admitted that he was responsible for Erica Mena’s pregnancy and was later to be a father of a lovely daughter Shai. During the proceedings, he admitted that he has no money was not able to raise the amount.

Shad maintained that he earned only $4,000 every month and leased his Jeep, and his checking account just possessed $1,500. Despite the revelation, he was still directed to pay $11,500 as child support as well as a supplementary $3,000 monthly.

Luckily for the smart young rapper, he was able to rescue himself from falling to bankruptcy.

Does Bow Wow net worth inspire you? Share your opinions on the same in the comments section.

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