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Jodie Woods Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Education, Family, Career, Net worth

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Jodie Woods

Jodie Woods is an American-born social media personality and a celebrity teenager. Jodie Woods is additionally popular for being the sister of Jordyn Woods. Furthermore, Jodie Woods has garnered a good following on her massive following in Instagram and Tik Tok profiles.

Jodie Woods’s Bio, Age, Education

Jodie Woods was born on the 6th of January 2005, in California, United States. At the moment, Jodie Woods is only 16 years old. Her birth name is Jodie Woods. Kid Jodie Woods’s nationality is American by origin and belongs to the Afro-American ethnic background. At the same time, Capricorn is her zodiac sign.

Jodie Woods was born and brought up as the daughter of her well-to-do parent’s dad John Woods and mother, Elizabeth Woods. Regrettably, her father, John Woods, passed on in January of 2017 due to consequent pain from Cancer. Jodie Woods has three siblings one sister Jordyn Woods and two beautiful brothers John Woods III and Joshua Woods. At the moment, Jodie Woods and her younger sister Jordyn Woods and brothers John Woods III and Joshua Woods are all staying with their mother, Elizabeth Woods, who is a photographer and a talent/brand manager.

Talking regarding Jodie Woods’s educational history, She has not given any insight into her educational or scholarly journey till presently. Nevertheless, we know Jodie is homeschooled studying at the school level.

Jodie Woods’s Career

Speaking of Jodie Woods’s professional experience, Jodie Woods came into the public limelight as a celebrity’s sister. Jodie is famously known as a sister of Jordyn Woods. Jodie worked and appeared along with her sister Jordyn in different programs and events and got the awareness.

Jodie Woods is likewise an Instagram personality. Jodie Woods is well recognized for her everyday fashion & style, adventure posts, and her family time. Jodie Woods has additionally posted photos with various famous personalities.

Furthermore, Jodie Woods additionally collaborated with her sister in Jordyn’s account. Furthermore, Jodie Woods is previously signed to her family management group, called Woods Management Group. In a Q&A video, Jordyn Woods declared that Jodie Woods was working on issuing a clothing line. Jodie Woods may be working on it, and now forthwith will be launching her personal business.

Jodie Woods’s Net worth

Jodie Woods is making a handsome amount through her flourishing career and from sponsorships on her Instagram account. Nevertheless, Jodie Wood s has not revealed her net worth or her annual income. But according to some numerous sources, Jodie Woods’s estimated net worth is $1 million approximately.

Jodie Woods’s Body measurements

Jodie Woods is a beautiful and attractive girl. Jodie Woods weighs around 50kg and 110lbs in pounds(lbs). Jodie Woods stands at the height of 163cm or 5ft 3inches tall in height. Jodie Woods has beautiful black curly black hair and sharp wide brown color eyes. Influencer Jodie Woods has a slim body figure.

Jodie Woods’s Relationship status

Jodie Woods may be presently having her single life. Jodie Woods is really too young to be in a relationship right now. Currently, Jodie Woods is concentrated on her career further as her education. Similarly, Jodie Woods probably be entangled in a relationship after some years. But for the moment, Jodie Woods seems to be experiencing her time with her friends and family rather than staying in a relationship.

Social media

Jodie Woods has about 1.6M followers on her Instagram account; Jodie Woods also has a Snapchat account at @justjodiewoods. Jodie Woods additionally has a Tik Tok account, a place where Jodie Woods has gained188.7k followers, with nearly 1.9M likes. Moreover, Jodie Woods has not yet opened the Facebook account.

Other facts

  1. She’s Signed To Her Family’s Management Group

Influencer Jodie may not have picked the specific path she wants to venture down just still, but she’s already making sure that she’s in the best position to do whatever she needs when the time comes. She is contracted to Woods Management Group, which is run by her mother, Elizabeth Woods.

  1. Her Father Passed Away In early 2017

Jodie’s father, John, passed on in January 2017, only two weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. Mr. John Woods served as a TV sound engineer and was part of the crew on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Through his time on the program, Jodie and the rest of the Woods became very close with Will Smith and his entire family. Prior to John’s death, Jodie’s mother shared a pic of Jodie visiting him in the hospital.

  1. She’s On TikTok

Instagram is the social media stage that has gotten Jodie the most recognition, but she also opened an account on TikTok. She has only posted about three videos, but she’s still maintained to get nearly 750,000 followers. His videos have likewise gotten a combined total of more than 158,000 likes.

  1. She Loves Getting Advice From Her Sister

Some siblings give more time fighting than they do going along. Luckily, that isn’t the case for Jodie and Jordyn Woods. The pair have a very close relationship and can chat about anything. Actually, Jordyn is Jodie’s favorite person to get guidance from, and she can always believe that her elder sister will steer her in the right direction.

  1. She Loves Shoes

No matter how cute an gear is, it’s not complete without the complete pair of shoes. As someone who likes fashion, it makes sense that Jodie additionally loves shoes. In a Q&A video on Jordyn’s YouTube channel, the sister’s accorded how they both prefer to buy shoes. Jodie didn’t go into detail regarding the types of shoes she likes the most. Nonetheless, it’s clear that she links to take care of them both. Jordyn hinted at the fascinating fact that Jodie hates to rumple her shoes.

  1. She’s Creating A Clothing Line

Jodie doesn’t just adore fashion from a consumer standpoint, and she further wants to be part of the huge industry. In that same Q&A video, Jordyn announced that Jodie was working on starting a clothing line. Jodie seemed delighted to share her fashion ideas with the world. Nonetheless, it looks like the project is still working.

  1. She Likes To Cook

Cooking is nothing more than a burden to some people. For some, though, it’s a fun way to unwind and be creative at the same time. Jodie appears to be part of the second group. The young girl likes to spend time in the kitchen making all sorts of dishes. She additionally shares the dishes she makes on her Instagram story.

  1. She’s A Brand Ambassador

When you have over 9820,000 followers on Instagram as Jodie does, you can make loads of money simply by posting stuff on social media. Jodie has been able to publish products in exchange for free things and/or a percentage of the businesses. She is currently appointed a brand ambassador for a skincare product line called Ancient Cosmetics.

  1. She’s Only 16 of age.

Jodie and Jordyn seem so much alike that lots of people think they could be twins. Not simply are the Woods sisters not twins, but they’re not even close in their age. Jodie is really 8-years-younger than her big sister. Jodie turned 16-years-old at the beginning of 2021.

  1. She’s All About Being Positive

Having lots of followers on social media platforms isn’t always as cool or fun as it seems. People on the internet can be really cruel, and sometimes the comments section can be full of undesirable things. Jodie has had to endure this first hand. Nevertheless, she has learned that it’s best to avoid the negative remarks and focus on the good things. By staying positive, Jodie is able to act like the haters don’t exist.

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