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Kevin Durant Height, Weight, age, shoe size, Contacts

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Kevin Durant Height, Weight, age, shoe size

A person’s physique is normally one of the most determining factors of them being capable of participating in a particular basketball sport. Requirements in physique differ from sport to sport as various sports types are better suited to a special type of person. For the game of basketball, the usual notable physical characteristic of a person who wants to play the sport is height, something that Kevin Durant seems to have an abundance of.

It is essential to note that Durant is not the tallest personality ever to play the game of basketball. Nevertheless, due to his plays and his achievements so far in the competition, his height and other body statistics are considered the ideal prototype of the ultimate basketball professional.

Kevin Durant At A Glance

Kevin Durant Height, Weight, age, shoe size

His Journey To The NBA

From a rather young age, Kevin Durant had been remarkably tall. As a middle school student aged just 13, the aspiring NBA star had grown to a height of about 6 feet 0 inches (1.83 m), a feature he would put to good use as he played in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball in Maryland to be later viewed widely as the second-best high school prospect of the year 2006.


After high school studies, Durant chose to go to the University of Texas, where he performed for the Texas Longhorns men basketball club. In his freshman term, he averaged 11.1 rebounds, 25.8 points, and 1.3 assists per game to support his team to a 25–10 record overall score. The Longhorns would compete in the NCAA Tournament, where they were outplayed in the second round despite Durant contributing with 30 points and nine rebounds.

With his ability evident for everyone to see, Kevin Durant became the very first freshman to win a nationwide player of the year award. He took home the Naismith College Player of the Year Award, John R. Wooden Award, and a couple of more universally recognized honors and prizes. The following year, Durant announced for the 2007 NBA draft, where he was selected second overall by the Seattle SuperSonics to achieve his dream of becoming an NBA player.

Interesting Details About Kevins Height and Other Body Statistics


Over the development of his NBA career, Kevin Durant’s height has been the basis of many debates. Before that time, there were no disputes over how tall he actually was as in his last high school year, and his height was recorded at 6 feet 7 inches (about 2.01 m) while by that time he was a beginner at the University of Texas, he had grown to become about 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m) tall.

Different numbers have since his college years been put forth as his height. The small forward / power first position player has been reported to be either 6 feet 11 inches, 6 feet 9 inches, or 7 feet 0 inches. During a conversation on a radio show in 2019 nevertheless, Kevin Durant put all the rumors to bed as he revealed his assumed true height. He said that he is actually just 6 feet 10 inches tall when he is not wearing shoes. With shoes on the court, though, he gets up to 7 feet tall.

Another distinguishing factor contributing to him being the huge scorer he is today is his 7 feet 4 inches (about 2.24 m) wingspan that creates matchup difficulties for defenders who are unable to stop him from getting off a clean shot despite of the situation they had put him in. The slender body-built athlete additionally weighs about 240 pounds (109 kg) and has body measurements of waist – 35 inches, chest – 43 inches, and biceps – 15 inches.


A Look at How His Height May Have Played a Part in His Career Successes


As earlier mentioned, Kevin Durant’s height and wingspan have contributed to him obtaining an outstanding basketball scorer as defenders are helpless to stop him from shooting with his freakishly elongated limbs.

Between the years 2010 and 2014, he won four scoring titles to become one of only two athletes to win as numerous titles in a five-year span. In the year 2013, the year when he was unable to acquire the title, he became one of solely seven players and the youngest player in NBA history to enter the 50–40–90 club after he registered a 41.6% three-point shooting rate,51% shooting rate, and a 90.5% free throw shooting rate.

On the defensive end of things, Kevin Durant has in recent times started to put his height and wingspan to much use to become a more stable off-ball defender and rim defender. In the year 2018, his defensive work had improved so much so that he was recognized for the NBA Defensive basketball Player of the Year Award.

Kevin Durant Wife

Sorry, ladies. It seems Kevin Durant is off the market for now.

Kent Youngblood of the Star Tribune states that Durant’s bride-to-be, Monica Wright, proved the rumors of her commitment to the Oklahoma City Thunder star on July 7.

Then again, how could she even say no? This is Kevin Durant we’re discussing, one of the kindest, most helpful players in the NBA. In other terms, a great marriage material.

Kevin Durant Contacts

Facebook: @KevinDurant

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