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Formerly known as SpringLeaf, OneMain Financial offers customized loan solutions operating out of over 1,600 branches in 44 states. It currently specializes in providing personal loans of up to $20,000 to people with bad credit. To date, OneMain has originated more than $10 billion in loans to over 3.5 million borrowers. Want to learn more? Keep reading for the good, the bad, and my breakdown of personal loans with OneMain Financial.

OneMain Financial was founded as Commercial Credit in the year 1912. The company provides loans and credit products, from $1500 to even $25,000. It has extended over $120 billion in loans to over 10 million customers. It currently operates over 1,700 branches in about 44 states in the US. The company is part of Springleaf Holdings, Inc. If you are interested in any of the products, you can visit a branch nearest to your address.

You can find a variety of loans on the website. The list includes debt consolidation loans, boat loans, wedding loans, vacation loans, auto loans, dental loans, medical loans, home improvement, furniture loans, to name a few. You can directly apply for a loan on the website. Once your application has been received, a OneMain loan specialist will contact you if you qualify. You can schedule an appointment and discuss available loan options. As for making payments, you can make a one-time payment on the website or log in to your account to pay through card or net banking. You can also pay by phone or by visiting the nearest branch where you can pay by cash, check, bank draft, card, or money order. For more information or queries on payment, new application, cancellation, technical support, or others, reach the OneMain Financial customer service.

Borrower Averages

OneMain Financial considers both your credit history and your financial ability to repay the loan. It analyzes your income, budget and other financial responsibilities to determine whether or not to approve your application.

One Main Financial Terms & Fees

Loan Amounts $1,500 – $20,000
Loan Terms 2 to 5 years
Repayment Options Monthly
Origination Fee Varies by state
APR 18.00% – 35.99%
Soft Credit Check? Yes
How To Qualify
  • Minimum credit score: None, but average is between 600 and 650
  • Minimum credit history: Not provided
  • Minimum annual income: None
  • Debt-to-income ratio: Not provided
Prepayment Fee None
Late Payment Fee 5%
NSF Payment Fee Varies by state
Debit Card Payment Fee $2.95 per payment
Payment Fee at Walmart $1 to $1.50


  • No collateral required. Don’t own a house? It’s not going to be an issue here. However, you are welcome to provide personal property as collateral.
  • Joint applications. OneMain welcomes cosigners so you have a better chance of getting approved and qualifying for better rates.
  • Soft credit check. The initial credit check won’t affect your current credit score, but if your loan is approved, a hard inquiry will display up on your report.
  • Quick funding. You can get your funds the same day you’re approved.
  • Flexible fund use. A personal loan through OneMain can be used for debt consolidation, home improvements, life events, travel and more.
  • Fixed rate. It won’t budge for the entire duration of your loan term.
  • Seven-day commitment guarantee. If you change your mind, you have seven days to cancel with no penalty.
  • No prepayment penalty. So you can pay that loan of yours back as quickly as possible.
  • Flexible payment options. You can make payments online, in a branch, by phone, by mail, via app and even at a Walmart Service Desk.
  • OneMain Rewards. Earn points by completing simple tasks like paying your bills on time, completing budget tutorials, monitoring your credit score and interacting with the company on social media. Points can be redeemed for gift cards and other discounts.


  • Not available in all states. You can’t apply for a OneMain personal loan if you live in Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington D.C.
  • Must meet in person. To complete the loan, you’ll have to visit a branch to verify your identity, income, expenses, employment and collateral (if any).
  • High rates. The low end is just over 16%, while the high end is almost 36%!
  • Full coverage insurance required for collateral. If you take out a secured loan, OneMain requires that you have full coverage on the vehicle you use as collateral.

Eligibility Requirements

There are no minimum credit score, gross annual income or debt-to-income ratio requirements.

OneMain contacts

Head Office
OneMain Financial
601 NW Second St.
Evansville, IN 47708
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 800-961-5577
Phone: 800-325-2147
Phone: 877-520-6246 (technical support)


OneMain Financial is a great choice for borrowers with less than stellar credit who can apply with a cosigner. Collateral is not required, and the company will only do a soft pull on your credit during the initial application process. Funding is super quick after approval. The rate is fixed, and there’s a seven-day grace period for you to change your mind, for whatever reason. You also have plenty of payment options to choose from. With OneMain Rewards, you can easily earn discounts and gift cards from participating restaurants and retailers.

To complete the application, you have to drag yourself to a OneMain Financial branch with the necessary documents. The rates are also quite high compared to other lenders. If you are going to take out a secured loan, OneMain requires that you have full coverage insurance on that collateral. Lastly, OneMain personal loan is not available to those living in Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington D.C.

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