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QPark Biography, Youtube, Girlfriend, age, net worth

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QPark girlfriend

QPark is a Korean-American born comedian and social media personality. QPark owns a YouTube channel of his own. Moreover, QPark is best known for his comedy skits and over-exaggerating songs, and numerous real-life situations in public.


Full Name: Q Park
Born Date: 17 Jul, 1997
Age: 23 years
Horoscope: Cancer
Net worth : $3 million


QPark was born on July 17, 1979. As of 2021, he is 41 years old. He hasn’t revealed his real name on any of the social media platforms at the moment. He was born in South Korea. However, he resides in New York, America at the present. Similarly, QPark is of the birth sign Cancer. He has a brother. His parents are originally from Korea. However, their names are not known as of now.

There is no information about his family obtainable on the web. Although QPark’s entire career is based on various social media platforms being a digital content creator, he has not shared many details about his family. Even though he comes off funny and chilled on his videos, it seems like he prefers keeping his personal life a private affair limited to his family and close friends only.

More about QPark

He is also one of the fortunate survivors of the 9/11 attack. He shared the brief story of it on one of his Instagram posts. He also mentioned that he is very grateful for the life he has and feels sorry for the ones who sadly were a victim of the terrible attack that day.


Discussing QPark’s educational qualifications, for his schooling, he attended Horace Mann School. He studied there from 1990 to 1996. Likewise, he is a graduate of Yale University. His major in college was a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. He graduated in the year 2000.


Early Career Choices

Originally he wasn’t a comedian, neither did he do what he does now. QPark worked for an Investment company based off in New York City right after he graduated college. He was hired in the energy and power department as an analyst. After working for about 2 years for the company, he left the job to go join Morgan Joseph & Co Inc. Similarly, he worked there as a vice president of the media and entertainment department. In the span of 6 years that he worked for Morgan and Joseph & Co Inc, he was never genuinely satisfied with his career.

Although having a sound source of income and being able to afford a sustainable lifestyle, he wasn’t really happy. Hence, he quit his job there and ventured to open a Korean BBQ restaurant. He was quite successful in opening his restaurant. Likewise, he opened 3 more outlets after the success of his first. However, he soon realized that he was rather interested in eating than cooking food. This was when his curiosity in social media platforms began. Later, he sold all of his is restaurants.

More About His Career

QPark started posting videos on the app Vine back in 2013 when Vine was still popular. Although he never actually pondered on the thought of becoming a comedian, he somewhat posted the videos for entertainment purposes. His videos slowly started to gain popularity on Vine which landed him advertisement offers from brands like Pepsi, Dunkin Doughnuts, Gap, Charmin, Spotify, Virgin Mobile, and many more.

Likewise, he slowly expanded his reach on other platforms like Instagram. He first posted on his Instagram in April of 2012. Similarly, he started posting videos on his Instagram in the year 2013. Now, he is a well-known comedian. He has a YouTube channel of his own. His YouTube Channel is @QPark. He first joined the YouTube community in May 2007. His official YouTube channel has garnered 9.98 million subscribers to date. Moreover, he has posted 296 videos on his channel up to now.

QPark is best known for his hilarious videos. His videos comprise of public pranks, singing and dancing to various songs in public in a funny way, and sometimes challenges. He loves making other people laugh. He is famous for not being shy to do all the activities he does in the public for the purpose of entertainment. Although there are some people who might get offended by his behavior in the public, majority of us love to see him act bold and silly out there. One of the most popular uploads on his channel is the video titled “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as Kim Jong Un”. This particular video posted in 2017 has 38 million views on it.

Net Worth

He earns around $3.1 million from his official YouTube channel. Other than that, he might also earn a certain sum from various advertisements. Moreover, his total net worth is about $5million. However, there is no information about his assets and properties to date. Further details about his net worth are still under review.

Relationship Status

QPark is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Edith Marie. The couple has been together for a solid 8 years now. We can seldom find him posting pictures of the two on his social media accounts. Edith also does posts cute photos of them on his Instagram. It seems like both of them are living together. Prior to Edith, there are no rumors of him dating anyone else.

Body Measurements and Social Media

He is around 5 feet 8 inches tall. Likewise, QPark weighs about 80kgs. He has beautiful brown eyes and dark black hair.

He is active on several social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On Instagram, he is at @qpark with 3.7 million followers. Likewise, on Twitter, his username is @qpark. He has 92.2 k Twitter followers. Similarly, he is available on Facebook at @QPark. He has 10million people following him on his Facebook page.

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