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Streitwise Review, Features anc Contact details

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Diversifying your investments is a great way to increase your wealth-building potential, and that includes investing through real estate. But most people don’t consider this route because it can be costly and intimidating to start, with access traditionally limited to billionaires and large institutional investors.

However, thanks to new regulations from the SEC and investment platforms like Streitwise, more people nowadays can easily invest in the real estate market and get passive income through free cash flow, higher and more diversified returns, and a hedge against inflation.

With Streitwise, you get to own shares of a private real estate investment trust (REIT) without having to buy, manage or maintain physical properties for as little as $1,000.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at Streitwise and all it has to offer investors.

What Is Streitwise?

Streitwise is not a real estate crowdfunding company nor a marketplace. Instead, it offers a non-traded, private real estate investment trust (REIT) that already owns several leased commercial real estate properties. Their main product is 1st Street Office Inc., an REIT that is sponsored and managed by Tryperion Partners. So far, it has invested in Midwest office buildings with New Balance, Panera Bread, and Allied Solutions as tenants.

When you invest in a REIT like Streitwise, you earn money in two ways: dividends from the investment (rent payments) and any appreciation in the underlying value of the commercial real estate itself (when a property is sold).

Streitwise Features

Minimum Investment $1,000
Account Fees 3% upfront, 2% annually
Time Commitment 12 months
Accreditation Required No
Accounts Supported Individual, trusts, self-directed IRAs & 401(k)s
Offering Type Equity, direct ownership
Property Types Office & mixed-use
Regions Served St. Louis, Indianapolis, targeted secondary markets
Dividend Distribution Quarterly via check or direct deposit
Dividend Target 8 – 9% for 2020

Streetwise’s REIT is unique in a couple of ways. First, it’s a private fund, not a publicly traded REIT. And second, it’s available to both accredited and non-accredited investors. In fact, Streitwise is one of the few companies that allows the average Joe to invest in a private, non-traded REIT.

Streitwise focuses primarily on buying commercial real estate assets and owning them for the long term. They constantly look for deals in secondary markets that are strategically located close to transportation, amenities, and established employers and industries. When you invest in Streitwise, you become a co-owner of a REIT made up of several office properties that are already acquired and producing positive cash flow from commercial tenants with leases in place.

The REIT is completely managed in-house by an experienced team of experts, not by unaffiliated third parties. Streitwise also keeps debt leverage low to limit risk and ensure stability. And they charge a fraction of the fees other REITs charge because Streitwise sells their shares directly online instead of using expensive brokers.

Benefits as a private-REIT investor include tax incentives, quarterly earnings in the form of dividends, and lower long-term capital gains tax rates when properties are sold. You’ll also enjoy a new 20% tax deduction on pass-through income.

Streitwise Limitations

Streitwise offers 100% passive investing, with management making all the decisions and handling all the documents. That means, as an investor, you have no say in which commercial property you want to invest in. There’s also only one REIT consisting of a few commercial properties located in two geographic areas, so it provides little diversification by both asset type and location. And lastly, the investment is not liquid. Your funds will be tied up for at least a year before you have the option to cash out quarterly.

Streitwise Contacts

Phone numbers



Thinking about dipping your toes into the commercial real estate world? You might want to take a good look at Streitwise. With a low minimum investment of just $1,000, it lets just about anyone invest in private real estate deals that were previously only available to accredited investors with huge wallets. Streitwise is also transparent about how they work and how they make money, which is essential in building trust with you, the client. And while other platforms carry higher fees, Streitwise lets you invest in private, non-traded real estate at a fraction of the cost.

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