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The 30 Richest DJ’s in the World

by Exposeuk
David Guetta

Who are the most prolific DJs in the world?

When it gets to the music business, DJs apparently aren’t the prime people you think of owning all the wealth. After all, what with the matches of, and so on, nothing else quite piles up.

Nevertheless, you might be shocked by some of the capital these DJs are extracting in!

We’ve put together a collection of the richest DJs in the business, but before you proceed reading, suggest what you think will oblige, as shown below in the list.


The Top 30 Richest Mixers in the World

Here are the 30 richest DJs of all time, as of March 2021. We’ve picked all their net worth calculations straight from CelebrityNetworth.com.


  1. Eddie Piolin Sotelo

Net Worth: $36 Million

Mexican radio broadcaster Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo is at number 30 on the list. He currently entertains the nationally syndicated radio show El Show De Piolín on Entravision.

As of March 2021, Eddie Piolin Sotelo’s net worth is estimated to be $36 million.


  1. Diplo

Net Worth: $38 Million

American DJ, songwriter, and record producer Thomas Wesley Pentz, famous by his platform name DJ Diplo.

As of March 2021, DJ Diplo’s net worth is estimated to be about $38 million.

“It will never be too late for the change.” – Diplo 


  1. Sebastian Ingrosso

Net Worth: $39.5 Million

Swedish DJ and record producer Sebastian Ingrosso is a member of the Swedish House Mafia, synchronically with Axwell and Steve Angello, who also surface on this list.

As of March 2021, DJ Sebastian Ingrosso’s net worth is estimated to be about $39.5 million.

“Turn off your head and turn on you’re hearing.” – Sebastian Ingrosso


  1. Ferry Corsten

Net Worth: $40 Million

Ferry Corsten is a Dutch DJ, record director, and remixer. He’s recognized for remaining one of the insensibility genre pioneers within the years of 1991s–the 2000s. This was back in a time while he was operating under several different aliases.

As of March 2021, Ferry Corsten’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million.

“Trance is the genus of music that plants smile on people’s grimaces. It’s produced to make people feel majestic and skip about the problem that they may encounter every day.” – Ferry Corsten


  1. Fatboy Slim

Net Worth: $40.2 Million

Norman Quentin Cook, famously known as DJ Fatboy Slim, is an English record producer, DJ, and musician who helped popularise the big beat style in the 1990s.

As of March 2021, DJ Fatboy Slim’s net worth is estimated to be about $30 million.

“A great DJ is always watching at the party, understanding what they’re like, examining whether it’s controlling, agreeing with them. Smirking at them. And a poor DJ is constantly staring down at what they’re performing all the time and just producing the thing that they prepared in their bedroom.” –DJ Fatboy Slim


  1. Axwell

Net Worth: $40.5 Million

Axel Christofer Hedfors, famously identified as DJ Axwell, is a Swedish record producer, remixer, DJ, and Axtone Records owner. Axwell is additionally a fragment of the Swedish House Mafia, besides Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso.

As of March 2021, Axwell’s net worth is estimated to be about $40.5 million.

“Underground dancing music – in the most accurate way probable – it’s a beginner.” –DJ Axwell


  1. Alesso

Net Worth: $40.5 Million

DJ Alessandro Renato Rodolfo Lindblad, generally recognized by his platform name DJ Alesso, is a record producer and Swedish DJ. He has worked with a number of the performers and DJs on this very list.

As of March 2021, Alesso’s net worth is estimated to be around $40.5 million.

“Normal people do ordinary things, but I can’t be the entirety of them.” –DJ Alesso


  1. Pete Tong

Net Worth: $40.5 Million

DJ Peter Michael Tong MBE is an English DJ who works for famous BBC Radio 1, where he is the host of ‘Essential Selection’ and ‘Essential Mix.’ Before serving on the radio, Tong performed all throughout the world at events as well as nightclubs.

As of March 2021, Pete Tong’s net worth is estimated to be $40.5million.

“Stop criticizing me when everything progresses opposite.” –DJ Pete Tong.


Tom Joyner

Net Worth: $40.5 Million

Thomas Joyner is an American radio toastmaster, host of the nationally syndicated ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show,’ and the originator of Reach Media Inc., as well as the Tom Joyner Foundation BlackAmericaWeb.com.

Tom’s show has captivated plenty of baller promoters like Chrysler Corporation, Walmart, McDonald’s, and Southwest Airlines.

As of March 2021, Tom Joyner’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million.

“We take five, one-week holidays a year, and those dates are installed in stone.” – DJ Tom Joyner


  1. DJ Sasha

Net Worth: $40.8 Million

Sasha is a Welsh DJ, record generator, and Grammy Award nominee. He was declared World No. 1 DJ in 2001 in a vote directed by DJ Magazine. He is a four-time International Dancers Music Awards champ and four-time DJ Awards, victor.

DJ Sasha has an approximated net worth of $40.8 million.

“You just have to love a thing considerably to get it.” – Sasha


  1. Marshmello

Net Worth: $40.9 Million

Christopher Comstock, differently known as DJ Marshmello, is an American electronic music yielder and DJ. DJ Marshmello is, of course, great for wearing the enormous marshmallow-looking head when playing on the platform.

It was originally said that Comstock used this to help promote his public entity and recognition to elevate his profession.

As of March 2021, Marshmello’s net worth is approximated to be $40.9 million.

“Be the sun, keep on shining, and let the world burn.” – Marshmello


  1. Judge Jules

Net Worth: $41 Million

Judge Jules is a British entertainment lawyer, dance, producer, and music DJ. Recognized for his DJ enterprises, music composition, and popular radio show, which gained global breakthrough. He was declared the No. 1 DJ in the World through DJ Magazine in 1996.

DJ Jules has advanced onto the richest DJs list globally, with a predicted net worth of $41 million.


  1. Zedd

Net Worth: $49 Million

DJ Anton Zaslavski, identified famous by his spotlight DJ Zedd, is a German record yielder, DJ, and artist. Zedd was born in Russia Nevertheless grew up in Germany, which is wherever his impressive profession as a DJ all started.

As of March 2021, Zedd’s net worth is predicted to be $45 million, offering him the 18th richest DJ globally.

“Being yourself is something that will make you endure through anything. If you let the music satisfy someone, it’s the primary step in the opposite direction. Always do something you believe in, no matter what they say. The only step to go!” – DJ Zedd


  1. John Digweed

Net Worth: $50 Million

DJ John Digweed is an English DJ, record producer, and actor. DJ Magazine declared him the World No 1 DJ in 2001.

John is currently 50 years old and has had an amazingly thriving career, currently giving him an estimated net worth of $50 million.

“If you’re the most important DJ in the world, you’re in a place where you can play stuff that people don’t know and toot people’s minds. But if you just decided to play essence, they know to get a response, that’s just denoting lazy.” – DJ John Digweed


  1. Skrillex

Net Worth: $52 Million

Sonny John Moore, recognized professionally as DJ Skrillex, is an American electronic dance music producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, singer, and songwriter.

Skrillex’s technique is very different from many different DJs out there, which set him apart when trying to make a brand for himself.

As of March 2021, Skrillex’s total net worth is considered to be around $50 million.

“I fancy doing everything in a really least, different way as a particular way of responding, ‘Look, I got a career out of thoughtfully and CRAFT-FULLY, though unconventionally, formulating records on laptops and flipped talkers.'” – DJ Skrillex


  1. Kaskade

Net Worth: $54 Million

Ryan Gary Raddon, recognized by his platform name Kaskade, is an American DJ, record yielder, and remixer.

As of March 2021, Kaskade’s net worth is considered to be $50 million.

“Hearing to music is such an uplifting, pure thing. It’s far-fetched to remarkable – I get that. But the way dance music causes people to come together, it’s not a big extent from hymns.” – DJ Kaskade


  1. Deadmau5

Net Worth: $58 Million

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, famously known by his limelight name deadmau5, is a Canadian record generator and DJ from Toronto, Ontario.

Zimmerman has earned six Grammy Award designations for his task. He has served with other DJs and producers like Wolfgang Gartner, Rob, Swire, Kaskade, and MC Flipside.

As of March 2021, Deadmau5’s net worth is determined to be $50 million, putting him at 14th on this record of the richest disk jockeys in the business.

“I was the petty popular in my school. The tiny famous you are, the more chance you have to pull on your own thing as objected to trying to match into everybody else’s business.” –DJ Deadmau5


  1. Armin Van Buuren

Net Worth: $60 Million.

Armin van Buuren is a Dutch Mixer, record producer as well as remixer;

DJ Van Buuren has acquired numerous accolades. He has been rated the No. 1 DJ by DJ Mag, a record of more than five times in four years in a row. He was rated fourth on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s list in both 2015 and 2016.

As of Match 2021, DJ Armin van Buuren’s net worth is approximated to be $55 million.

“You know, sometimes you’re suspicious of other people and their accomplishments, and you wanna be that character, but I’ve come to understand that each person on this planet has his own path.” – DJ Armin Van Buuren


  1. Paul van Dyk

Net Worth: $60 Million

Innumerable, generally known as DJ Paul van Dyk, DJ Matthias Paul is a German Grammy Award-winning DJ, musician, and record producer.

He was nominated the World’s number one DJ in 2006 and 2007, a thing only a few DJs have ever accomplished. He was the first-ever DJ to be nominated number one by Mixmag in 2006, and By 2009, respectively, he had sold over 3 million albums globally.

“I wouldn’t term myself a director. I don’t want to manage people; I want to influence them, I want to design a new world for them, just for that little moment, when they are wasting themselves in my music. I want to encourage them.” – DJ Paul van Dyk


  1. Afrojack

Net Worth: $66 Million

DJ Afrojack is a Dutch DJ, record yielder, and remixer. In 2015, he published his graduation album Forget the World. Afrojack frequently stars in the top 10 of DJ Mag Top 100 DJs.

With an estimated net worth of $66 million, he’s grown to one of the business’s richest DJs.

“People want realness, truth. People can sense when someone is conspicuous or fake. It’s because you perceive it; you see it in someone’s body communication.” – DJ Afrojack


  1. Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold’s Net Worth: $69 Million

DJ Paul Mark Oakenfold is an English record producer and trance DJ.

Oakenfold is a two-time Grammy Award as well as two -time World Music Awards candidate. He was also declared the No. 1 DJ in the World twice in 1999 and 2000 by DJ Magazine.

Over the span of his profession, DJ Paul has accumulated a net worth of $69 million, making him the 10th Richest DJ globally.

“When I began this profession, it was no big business. There was no money in it, and you took it solely for the passion of playing music.” – DJ Paul Oakenfold


  1. Thomas Bangalter

Net Worth: $75 Million

On the right above, Thomas Bangalter is a French musician, record producer, musician, songwriter, DJ, poet, and movie director.

He’s the other moiety of the French house music duo Daft Punk and has amassed a $75 million net worth through his profession.

“The only confidence to being in power is to have it in the start. Maintaining control is still tough, but taking control is practically impossible.” – DJ Thomas Bangalter


  1. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo

Net Worth: $747Million

DJ Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, stressed on the left above, is a French musician, record generator, musician, songwriter, DJ, and movie director.

He’s famously identified for being one half of the French house music duo Daft Punk. The other half is Thomas Bangalter, who’s also highlighted on this list of the world’s most valuable DJs.


  1. Andrew Taggart

Net Worth: $80 Million

DJ Andrew Taggart is an American DJ and another-half of The Chainsmokers duo. His companion Alex Pall also stars on this list. They’ve been performing EDM music under The Chainsmokers’ name since 2010.

As of March 2021, Andrew Taggart’s net worth is approximated to be $80 million.

“No one should believe that they have to be complete. And we can be role figures if we own our errors.” – DJ Andrew Taggart


  1. Alex Pall

Net Worth: $84 Million

DJ Alex Pall is an American DJ/Artist and is half of The Chainsmokers duo. The Chainsmokers began producing EDM music in 2010 and have had major success.

As of March 2021, Alex Pall’s net worth is approximated to be $84 million, making him the 6th richest DJ globally.

“We storm every night.” – DJ Alex Pall


  1. David Guetta

    David Guetta

    David Guetta

Net Worth: $ 88 Million

DJ David Guetta is a French DJ, songwriter, record generator, and mixer. He co-founded the very knownGum Productions with Jean-Charles Carré and Joachim Garraud and published his first album, ‘Just a Little More Love,’ 2001.

Anyone who knows what Mixing is has listened to David Guetta, that’s for sure. He is one of the commonly-known DJs Globally, and Calvin Harris is highlighted on the top spot.

As of March 2021, David Guetta’s net worth is approximated to be $75 million.

“My parents were notably left, so everything was opposite the system. I was wandering barefoot in the courts of Paris when I was only eight years. When I began to mixing, they hated it, because for them, nightclubs, and all of this life, was terrifying and fake.” – DJ David Guetta


  1. Steve Aoki



Steve Aoki’s Net Worth: $95 Million

DJ ] Steve Aoki, Steven Hiroyuki is an American electro house musician, record generator, DJ, and music manager.

Aoki has published several Billboard-charting studio albums, prominently Wonderland, which was drafted for Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronica Album in 2015. He is also the patron of the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund, which gathers money for global philanthropic relief organizations.

As of March 2021, Steve Aoki’s net worth is approximated to be $95 million.

“I continually tell industrious DJs you have to absolutely love what you do and find that important to drive you. It needs so much consideration to detail, and it takes up a lot of your time. You discover a song, and there are so many small pieces that address that song’s work. It needs a lot of perseverance, persistence, and flexibility.” – DJ Steve 


  1. DJ Tiesto

    DJ Tiesto


Net Worth: $190 Million

, real name is Tijs Michiel Verwest, am a Dutch DJ and record generator.

When Tijs was a youth, he would DJ at high school parties and then at several Netherlands clubs in few years. In 1994, DJ Tiesto began to publish his personal songs, and that’s when his profession started to pick.

Tiesto is in position 3 on this list of the world’s richest DJs, with an estimated net worth of $170 million.

“Since I was a kid, I ever considered the need to partake the music I love with as numerous people as feasible, and Mixing looked like the excellent outlet.” – DJ Tiesto


  1. Gianluca Vacchi

DJ Gianluca vacchi

DJ Gianluca vacchi

Net Worth: $300 Million

DJ Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian professional DJ and social media character. He’s apparently most popular for his lifestyle; notwithstanding being in his 50’s, he has a strong tattooed frame and is a bit of a playboy.

As of March 2021, Gianluca’s net worth is evaluated to be $200 million.

“There is forever time to dream.” – DJ Gianluca Vacchi


  1. Calvin Harris



Net Worth: $400 Million

Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ, musician, songwriter, and raiser. His actual name is Adam Richard Wiles. He was shouldered in Dumfries, in Scotland, but presently lives in Los Angeles, California.

When Adam was more childish, he would pile shelves in supermarkets and serve at a local fish processing company to earn the money he required for DJ gear.

He slowly started to produce careers here and there and finally caught Three Six Zero Group’s eye, who hired him later on. Honestly, now Calvin Harris is the richest DJ globally, with a net worth of about $400 million.

“Seldom, it’s better to stop imagining and trust your senses. That’s what I used to when I initially started performing music, but as time goes on, you can seldom over-intellectualize things.” – DJ Calvin Harris.



This ends our list of the richest disk jockeys globally. Fascinating of these DJs are worth crazy amounts of cash.

Here’s a fast recap of the top 30 most expensive DJ’s in the world as of March 2021:

  1. Calvin Harris
  2. Gianluca Vacchi
  3. DJ Tiesto
  4. Steve Aoki
  5. David Guetta
  6. Alex Pall
  7. Andrew Taggart
  8. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
  9. Thomas Bangalter
  10. Paul Oakenfold
  11. Afrojack
  12. Paul Van Dyk
  13. Armin Van Buuren
  14. Deadmau5
  15. Kaskade
  16. Skrillex
  17. John Digweed
  18. Zedd
  19. Judge Jules
  20. Marshmello
  21. DJ Sasha
  22. Tom Joyner
  23. Pete Tong
  24. Alesso
  25. Axwell
  26. Fatboy Slim
  27. Ferry Corsten
  28. Sebastian Ingrosso
  29. Diplo
  30. Eddie Piolin Sotelo

How many of the richest DJs in the world did you expect to appear on this list?.


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