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Guitar Virtuoso 24/7 Kevin Tratasta Rocks the Nation during “Mayflower Tour” with Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras

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Guitar Virtuoso 24/7 Kevin Tratasta Rocks the Nation during “Mayflower Tour” with Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras

From humble beginnings in Jakarta, Indonesia, to captivating audiences across the United States, Kevin Stiphen Tratasta, known as 24/7 Kevin, has been a relentless force in the music industry. As the touring guitarist for “Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras,” Kevin’s performances during the recent “Mayflower Tour” were nothing short of electrifying.

Kevin’s love for music ignited during middle school when a friend introduced him to the guitar. He quickly became enamored with the instrument, learning to play his favorite songs and forming his band to compete in school band competitions. Winning accolades, including “Best Guitarist,” affirmed his passion for music and set him on a creative path he would pursue relentlessly.

Despite his family’s initial hesitation about a career in music, Kevin’s unwavering dedication led him to explore various genres, from alternative rock to gospel and beyond. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Hotel Management, Kevin continued to make strides in his musical journey. Immersed in the church’s worship band, he honed his skills and grasped the essence of performing with a united musical spirit.

Venturing to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams, Kevin attended a music school in Hollywood, where he encountered a vibrant community of musicians. From that point on, he embarked on an extensive musical journey, playing gigs across several states in America, such as California, New York, Philadelphia, Tennessee, Missouri, Connecticut, and Washington.

As a musician, content creator, and music director, Kevin wears many hats. From recording gigs in the studio to performing for various artists and singer-songwriters, his versatility and skill set him apart in the industry. Furthermore, he continues to explore the potential of social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, bringing his musical passion to a global audience.

Reflecting on his travels to different countries, Kevin recognizes how music serves as a universal language that bridges cultures and connects people worldwide. These experiences have shaped his artistry, inspiring him to blend diverse musical influences into his unique sound.

When asked about his approach to networking, Kevin emphasized the importance of building connections within the music community. Every gig he plays provides an opportunity to connect with fellow musicians, audio engineers, lighting crews, and more. His proactive engagement on social media has also proven instrumental in securing new opportunities and collaborations.

Beyond his captivating performances, Kevin takes pride in his roots. If a best friend were to visit him in LA, he’d take them on an adventure through iconic spots like the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Sign. From savoring In-N-Out burgers to exploring local music stores and attending a dream concert at The Forum Inglewood, the itinerary would celebrate both the city and their shared passion for music.

Kevin attributes much of his success to the unwavering support and mentorship of God, his parents, his best friends, Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras, his City Blessing Church family, the Musicians Institute community, and his Hillsong Church family.

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