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Who is Jimmie Herrod? 5 things about Pink Martini Singer on ‘AGT’

by Exposeuk
Jimmie Herrod  biography

The 30-years old, Jimmie Herrod is a Pacific Northwest-based gifted musical artist & performer who is currently operating in America’s Got Talent season 16. He came to the spotlight after winning the golden buzzer of judge Sofia Vergara for singing “Tomorrow” in America’s Got Talent. He has performed in Seattle’s lauded gifted theater scene at ArtsWest and the 5th Avenue Theater. He was also the highlighted soloist with the Oregon Symphony’s exhibition in the 2018 TedX series, has served with artists such as ODESZA, is also the fellow vocalist for the band Pink Martini, & has performed across the world with the band. Playing in AGT, his stunning voice appears to have won the heart of many people. He is a talented vocalist who is known for his subtle & thoughtful lyricism.

Here are 5 points you need to know regarding Pink Martini Singer on AGT.

AGT Performer Receives Golden Buzzer; Jimmie Herrod is renowned for his work of “Tomorrow”

Jimmie has done the popular Annie several songs. When Simon Cowell gathered that Herrod was planning to sound “Tomorrow” from Annie, the Brit engulfed the energy out of the room. “That is my most serious song in the world,” he revealed. Herrod’s “Tomorrow” was a massive hit with everyone in the room, involving three of the four judges who reached to applaud. “Wow wow wow. This isn’t my worst music anymore,” Cowell admitted, presenting off the presence of a man who’d been thunderstruck. “Unbelievable”. Sofia Vergara was also the only judge to not get out of her chair. “I must say, I didn’t like it that much,” she said, to a tune of boos. It was all a plan. “I loved it,” she shouted as she hurled the golden buzzer. He has also sounded “Tomorrow” at the SFJazz Center in 2019 with Pink Martini. He also highlighted the song on his EP Tomorrow.

Jimmie Herrod is Openly Gay 

When it comes to his gender or sexual orientation, Jimmie Herrod is naturally gay. He realized it was hard to develop up as a gay black guy in a transcript. He also stated “There were characters of myself that I couldn’t share in that time & place, but I would put on my nice headphones and listen to records and sing, practically screaming. It was a way to express things.” 

Jimmie is the youngest member of the band, Pink Martini

Jimmie is currently a visitor singer with the band, “Pink Martini”. In 2019, Herrod attached Pink Martini for his introduction EP “Tomorrow”. A regular contributor with Pink Martini, he has traveled and recorded with the group, resulting in the 2018 single “Exodus” and 2019 EP “Tomorrow”. He has also published his own album called “Falling In Love and Learning To Love Myself”.

Jimmie Herrod says his mother motivated him in music 

Jimmie tells his mother, La Tonya Canada prompted him to make musical performances. He was a very shy person until his mother influenced him to perform. Jimmie said to The Olympian that he managed to “hide” in a choir. “My mom was alike, ‘You need to get a job'”, he declared. “She had this numerous idea that I could play at physical rehabilitation centers & senior centers & ask them for a small fee. I had set up a nice network of six or seven various places where I’d perform each month. That was my career in high school”.

Jimmie Holds Degree in Music

Jimmie has earned a Bachelor of Music degree in music production from Cornish, College of Arts. What’s more, he also upholds Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from Portland State University. As of now, he is an assistant professor of jazz vocals & currently teaches music online. 

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