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Timmy Thick Age, Wiki, Height, weight, Instagram, Net Worth,

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Timmy Thick Age, Wiki, Height, weight, Instagram, Net Worth,

Instagram is one popular social media platform that is renowned for creating overnight stars. These Instagram stars usually are running a business or just promoting their skills or merely polarizing opinions. Instagram favorite Timmy Thick belongs to the last category of IG users.

Timmy Thick Wiki, Age, Height, weight Family

Timmy was born on August 21, 1999. He was born and raised in New York, United States. He does have an almost small build, with a height of just 5 feet (or 1.52m) and a thick body. Timmy also keeps his family records a top-secret online. No one knows if he has other siblings or who his parents rerally are or what their names are. Even Timmy Thick’s real name is actually unknown.

Growing up and to this day, IG Star Timmy has been bullied and verbally attacked with people, both online and in-person, always asking him what gender he is. There is much to be said about his endurance and determination though, as he has always refused to give in to this online slander and let it destroy him. He states that he likes to think of himself as a boy.

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That may be difficult to believe, particularly if you’ve come across any of his popular Instagram posts. Timmy rose to fame back in 2016 when he began his Instagram account and started publishing mostly raunchy and feminine selfies. He has since gone on to accumulate huge followings – more than just once.

His primary account on Instagram earned more than 300,000 active followers before Instagram disabled it. Apparently, people, particularly straight people, didn’t fancy the image he was portraying to the world and to other kids. Granted, some people had no purpose other than deep, undiluted hate.

These people reported his online account to Instagram infinite times before the company permanently disabled it. Nevertheless, Timmy remained undaunted and proceeded to open fresh accounts every time there was a problem with the current one. Every time, he quickly built his massive following up to hundreds of thousands. He additionally hasn’t skipped a beat in the type of controversial and polarizing content he posts online.

Timmy Thick doesn’t have just haters though. He likewise has a crowd of supporters who admire him and believe that Timmy is just being himself naturally. You can see through their remarks on his posts how they are smart to come to his defense whenever someone wants to slander him. He additionally boasts some fellow social media personality friends that help boost his following on YouTube by posting reaction videos to his Instagram posts.

They are additionally quick to come down on the haters for attacking him in any way online. His catalogue of social media personality friends includes Ugly God and Danielle Preskowitz Bregoli, who additionally happens to be a rapper and a song producer.


In fairness to his social media followers, though, not all the hate him for his sexual alienation. Timmy is popular for posting videos and tweets where he speaks about vulgar issues and frequently uses inappropriate language.

According to rumors, Timmy is not dating anyone at the moment. Whether a boyfriend or girlfriend. Apart from his most intimate circle of friends, his sexual orientation is also still unknown.

Timmy Thick’s Net Worth, Facts

Just Like every other social media celebrity, Timmy Thick makes money by monetizing his social media account and traffic. Many sources, though not much trusted, have put his net worth at around $30,000 with an annual salary of about $15,000.

Outside his online antics, IG star Timmy is just like any other ordinary kid. He likes to spend time with his friends and also hang out whenever he can. Some of his followers believe that his most charming feature is his lips. They have additionally encouraged him to think about becoming a lipstick model.

Timmy has been quoted once as saying that it is much better to be a celebrity on social media than to be normal and mundane in the real life. The social media celeb also has a self-titled YouTube channel where he published one of his most controversial videos. It was a viral video of himself twerking. Timmy Thick maintains that beyond being physically fit, emotional and mental peace is also necessary to discover one’s inner glow.

He is a self-professed dog enthusiast. He additionally harbors fantasies of his typical woman like every other normal person his age. For Timmy, his perfect woman would be like Nicki Minaj – or at least any other woman who comes in the identical mold. Timmy continues to meet unrelenting opposition online, but if one thing is very clear by now, it is that Timmy Thick is not going anywhere else anytime soon.


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