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Top 10 Best Songs by Ariana Grande

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Top 10 Best Songs by Ariana Grande

Anyone into the pop music industry is sure to know the Legendary musician Ariana Grande. She, alongside her songwriting and singing, is also known for her acting appearances in quite a few TV series.

As of this date, in 2021, her net worth is somewhere between $45 million to $70 million, according to Forbes. This alone puts Ariana Grande in the light of Inspiration for many fans worldwide. As much as this may look like a grand achievement, she surely did not rise to this form of stardom just overnight.

She has been working ever since she was a teenager. Her very first performance was with the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre when Grande was just a child of about the age of 10 or 11. With the advent of the time, she began to diversify her interest in music and then seriously started pursuing her music study.

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She ambitiously informed her managers that she would need to release a music album at just the age of only 13. The managers obviously thought that the need for a 13-year old’s music album was naive, but it indeed was one of the reasons for her to move on to fame and win her a lot of accolades.

After which, musician Ariana Grande is found to be alternating between theatre and music. Having her first appearance in the Television in the cable network Nickelodeon TV doing the show was named Victorious. After the Sitcom got her the status of Teen Idol, she then went back to focusing on Music since it was her first calling. And began training with her music coach Eric Vetro and kept faithful to her passion by impersonating a lot of the songs sung by other famous musicians.

This fetched her the very first recording contract. These things did considerably decently but none sufficient to make her famous. After which, she continued to get to work with Nickelodeon not just as an actress but also providing some vocals for a lot of theme songs and characters.

But eventually, in the year 2013, she released her debut album named Yours Truly, which put her in the good Trajectory, which sold over 148,000 copies, and then her future music releases were all a grand until the recent one named Motivation, which was her solo single.

A perfect blend of hard work, talent, and passion is a clear measure of her success.

Here is our list of the Top 10 Best Songs by Ariana Grande

1. 7 rings
2. God is a woman
3. no tears left to cry
4. breathin
5. thank u, next
6. boyfriend ft Social House
7. the light is coming ft. Nicki Minaj
8. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored
9. Everyday ft. Future
10. MONOPOLY ft Victoria Monét
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