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Unagi Voyager Electric Scooter Review: A High-End Commuter Scooter with Long Range and Powerful Motor

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Unagi Voyager

Unagi is a popular name in the electric scooter industry, and the Unagi Voyager is one of the brand’s latest offerings. The Voyager is a high-end electric scooter designed for commuters who want a fast and efficient way to get around. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Unagi Voyager and compare it with the Model One Voyager and Model One Classic.

Design and Build Quality

The Unagi Voyager’s design and build quality are among the standout features of this high-end electric scooter. The scooter’s design is sleek and modern, with clean lines and a minimalist approach. The use of high-quality materials like aluminum and carbon fiber gives the Voyager a premium look and feel that sets it apart from other electric scooters in its class.

Unagi Voyager review

The Voyager’s folding mechanism is another key design feature that makes it stand out. Unlike many other electric scooters, the Voyager can be folded down in seconds with just one hand. This is thanks to a clever lever mechanism located on the stem of the scooter that allows the user to quickly and easily collapse the scooter down for storage or transportation. Once folded, the Voyager is compact and easy to carry around using the included carrying strap.

In terms of build quality, the Unagi Voyager is built to last. The scooter’s frame is made from high-strength aluminum and carbon fiber, which makes it both lightweight and durable. The stem and handlebars are also made from high-quality materials and feel solid and sturdy.

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The Voyager’s deck is wide and spacious, providing plenty of room for riders to stand comfortably. The deck is made from a grippy rubber material that provides excellent traction, even in wet or slippery conditions. The Voyager also features a front shock absorber and a rear airless tire that work together to provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even on bumpy or uneven terrain.

Compared to the Model One Voyager and Model One Classic, the Unagi Voyager is slightly heavier, weighing in at 29.6 pounds. However, it’s still lightweight enough to be carried around comfortably. The Model One Voyager and Model One Classic both weigh in at 28.5 pounds.

Speed and Range

The speed of an electric scooter refers to the maximum speed it can travel, while the range refers to the distance it can cover on a single charge. In this section, we’ll delve deeper into the speed and range of the Unagi Voyager electric scooter.


The Unagi Voyager has a maximum speed of 20 MPH, which is impressive for an electric scooter. A speed of 20 MPH is perfect for commuting and getting around in the city. It’s fast enough to help you beat traffic and reach your destination quickly, but not so fast that it becomes unsafe. Additionally, the Voyager’s speed is on par with the Model One Voyager and Model One Classic, which also have a maximum speed of 20 MPH.

It’s worth noting that the speed of an electric scooter can be affected by various factors such as rider weight, terrain, and weather conditions. As such, it’s essential to factor in these variables when considering the actual speed of an electric scooter.


The range of an electric scooter refers to the distance it can travel on a single charge. The Unagi Voyager has a range of 12-25 miles, which is quite impressive for an electric scooter of its class. A range of 12-25 miles is more than enough to cover most people’s daily commutes without requiring a recharge.

The Voyager’s longer range is made possible by its 360Wh battery, which is more substantial than the Model One Voyager’s 259Wh battery and the Model One Classic’s 216Wh battery. Additionally, the Voyager’s battery management system (BMS) optimizes the scooter’s energy consumption, which allows it to travel further on a single charge.

Battery and Motor

The Unagi Voyager electric scooter comes equipped with a powerful battery and motor that work together to provide an exceptional riding experience. The battery is a 360Wh lithium-ion unit that provides plenty of power and range for commuting and other urban riding needs. It can last for up to 25 miles on a single charge, depending on riding conditions and terrain.

The dual 250W motor on the Unagi Voyager is a powerful and efficient unit that provides ample torque and acceleration. It is capable of reaching a peak power output of 1000W, which is significantly more than what the Model One Voyager and Model One Classic can provide. This means that riders can achieve faster speeds and better acceleration, making the Voyager a great option for getting around in busy urban environments.

The motor and battery work in tandem to provide an excellent riding experience. The motor is powerful enough to handle steep hills and provide a smooth ride, while the battery provides enough juice to get you where you need to go without running out of power. The Unagi Voyager also comes with regenerative braking, which allows the battery to be recharged when braking or coasting downhill, extending the battery life even further.

Size and Weight

The Unagi Voyager has a size of 37.8 x 43.3 x 16.5 inches when unfolded, which is the same as the Model One Voyager and Model One Classic. However, the Voyager is slightly heavier than the other two models, weighing in at 29.6 pounds compared to the 28.5 pounds of the Model One Voyager and Model One Classic.

Price and availability

The Unagi Voyager is priced at $1,190, see on Amazon here, which is slightly more expensive than the Model One Voyager at $990 and the Model One Classic at $790. However, the Voyager’s additional features and longer range make it worth the extra cost for commuters who need a high-end electric scooter.


Overall, the Unagi Voyager is a great electric scooter for commuters who are looking for a high-end and reliable mode of transportation. It has a sleek and stylish design, a powerful motor and battery, and a longer range compared to its predecessors. While it is slightly more expensive than the Model One Voyager and Model One Classic, the Voyager’s additional features make it a worthwhile investment for serious commuters.

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