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Lauren Wood Bio, parents ,height, weight, Family Facts boyfriend

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Lauren Wood Bio ,height, weight, Family Facts and Relationship With Floyd Mayweather

There is no doubting the fact that social media platform by facebook, Instagram has birthed thousands of social stars who normally break into the limelight by doing stuff that seem very normal in an extraordinary way. Additionally, most of these social media personalities we know today became extremely popular by tapping into the popularity of already-made celebs, and that’s the section where Lauren Wood could be counted. She is an Instagram social star who has additionally appeared on TV for a gig or two and is renowned for her good looks.

Nevertheless, her beauty and ability are not the only determinants that contributed to the popularity she enjoys today as the IG star. At the age of 26, in 2019, Lauren hogged the media headlines for hanging out with former American expert boxer Floyd Mayweather who is presently famous as a boxing promoter. Let’s probe into the relationship between the couple and what went down during their yacht venture but first, a sneak peek at who this Lauren Wood really is.

Lauren Wood’s Bio

The American Instagram celebrity was born on the 13th day of March in1993, which makes Pisces to her zodiac sign. Her country birthplace is Texas, United States. Little to no information is publicly known about the social media personality’s family, parents, education, and early life, but she is known to have a younger sister. Furthermore, there is no information on her real educational background, including the institutions that she attended.Lauren Wood Bio ,height, weight, Family Facts and Relationship With Floyd Mayweather

While her earlier life is not much in the spotlight, her exploits on social media have been exceptional so far. She has earned a massive fan base on her Instagram account, which boasts over 1.2 million followers amid her luxury lifestyle on the platform.

Apart from being a social media model, Lauren Wood is additionally famous for other enterprises in the showbiz business. She has made presentations on the MTV improv drama show named Wild ‘N Out. The series debuted on 28 July of 2005, and she appeared on the sixth and seventh seasons of this show to rave reviews. By late 2015, fans were already gathering around her in support, and as a result, Wood was voted as a fan-favorite on the Tv show. Lauren appears alongside fitness personality, dancer, and model Rosa Acosta on the American comedy Tv series.

Lauren Wood Boyfriend

It looks like Odell Beckham Jr. is still moving strong with his current girlfriend, Lauren Wood. In September of 2019, the two were spotted wearing matching sneakers and went out to dinner together courtesy of TheShadeRoom.

The couple both shared photos on their IG accounts of them wearing matching Nike sneakers, before later on being spotted out together at dinner. Lauren also shared a selfie on Instagram, where she had a message for the online haters. “It ain’t a secret, and it just ain’t ya bidddnesss ?,” to which OBJ responded in the comments with a “lip seeled” emoji and power fist.Lauren Wood boyfriend

Family Facts and Relationship With Floyd Mayweather

For now, the Instagram attraction has not been very charitable with details concerning her family and background. Therefore, not much is known about her real parents and siblings though she has once mentioned that she has a younger sister, but her identification has not been confirmed so far.Lauren Wood Bio ,height, weight, Family Facts and Relationship With Floyd Mayweather

For her relationship bio, the Instagram celeb has not been in several romantic entanglements, at least to the best of our understanding. Nonetheless, she is known to have dated the popular NBA player Eric Moreland. Further a Texas-born like Lauren, Eric is an acknowledged Power forward/center in the NBA games. He penned a deal with the Sacramento Kings as an undrafted independent agent during the 2014 NBA Draft. There is no much information on when and how the pair started dating or even how much their relationship has grown. Notwithstanding, the fashionable Instagram model dominated the headlines sometime back in June 2014 when she was caught on camera, experiencing the luxury yacht life with celebrated boxer Floyd Mayweather.

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For what it’s worth, there’s no knowing what the relationship between the couple is but they looked relaxed in each other’s company. Boxer Mayweather is no stranger to living his life to the fullest and making most men green with envy, and thus, when the photos of him and the social media, Instagram, sensation hanging out on his ship surfaced, it wasn’t much of a wonder. After their date on the yacht, both Lauren Wood and the boxing titleholder took to social media to distribute the photos, some of which revealed the boxing headliner hanging with the beautiful IG model and Wild ‘N Out star. As anticipated, the pictures garnered different reactions from fans. While some were thrilled about the couple living the life, others called boxer Mayweather out for many reasons, most of which bordered on their race. Besides, Mayweather has not been much of a keeper when it comes to love relationships. He has a notoriety for dating a lot of ladies some of whom he got engaged to, but nevermore got as far as tying the knot with any.

Nonetheless, he has four children and seems to be great with his bachelorhood. After all, he made it obvious once that the only woman he needs in his life is his mom.

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