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List of Top 20 most developed countries in the world 2021

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most developed countries in the world

Development in different countries is measured using the Human Development Index. It is a statistical tool that is used to measure a country’s overall performance in its social and economic sectors. The social and economic dimensions of each country are based on the health of their people, their level of educational achievement, and their general standard of living. You can also see the Top 100 richest countries in the world.

Calculation of the index links four major indicators that are: mean of years of schooling for education, life expectancy for the population’s health, expected years of schooling, and the Gross National Income per capita for the standard of living.

most developed countries in the world 2021

Rank Country Human Development Index (HDI) (value)
1 Norway 0.953
2 Switzerland 0.944
3 Australia 0.939
4 Ireland 0.938
5 Germany 0.936
6 Iceland 0.935
7 Hong Kong, China (SAR) 0.933
7 Sweden 0.933
9 Singapore 0.932
10 Netherlands 0.931
11 Denmark 0.929
12 Canada 0.926
13 United States 0.924
14 United Kingdom 0.922
15 Finland 0.920
16 New Zealand 0.917
17 Belgium 0.916
17 Liechtenstein 0.916
19 Japan 0.909
20 Austria 0.908

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