Even app instapay customer service Contacts

Even app instapay customer service Contacts

Even Review: The pros and cons


  • Interest-free cash advances. Instapay feature doesn’t require you to tip the company or pay interest for its cash advances.
  • Pick up your cash instantly. If you don’t want to wait for one business day to have your cash advance processed to your bank account, you can always pick up your cash at any US Walmart instantly at no cost to you.
  • More than just a pay advance app. Even though Instapay feature is one of the major advantages of using the Even app, you can further budget and actually see how much you’ll have left to spare for the pay period after your monthly bills are settled. And soon, you’ll also be able to set up automatic savings to meet your financial goals.
  • Positive online reviews. The Even app draws an average of 4.9 out of possible 5 stars from customer reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play store — with users praising the app’s Instapay feature and essential financial planning tools.


  • Your employer must be enrolled with Even Instapay. Not everyone in the US has access to the Instapay feature of the Even cash advance app-only select companies back it.
  • Monthly membership charges. While you won’t pay any interest on your transactions, you’re on the hook for the constant $8 Even Plus monthly membership charge to have access to the Instapay amazing feature.
  • No list of eligible employers. Wondering if your employer uses Even app? Unfortunately, there’s no official list of employers or companies on its website. You’ll have to either reach Even customer support (Check below) or ask your payroll manager for more details.
  • Only borrow up to 50% of the net pay you’ve already earned. 

Even instapay customer service Contacts

Email: hello@teameven.com 

Website form: https://even.com/

Address: Even’s main office is located in Oakland, California, with another office in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Even app Phone number

The company may call you after filling in the online form. However, the even phone number is not available to make direct calls. You will still get a prompt response from email chats. Let us know if you have anything else to say concerning Even app instapay customer service Contacts above.


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