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How to Make Money on Audiomack using Audiomack Monetization

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Audiomack monetization

This article will show you exactly how to make money on Audiomack, the free music streaming platform. We will explore the several methods you can utilize to make money on Audiomack, including how to join their monetization program (AMP) and grow your following.

You will have to do several things right so you can increase your audience reach, which puts you in a good position to earn good money on Audiomack. You should create playlists for your songs. You can do this by creating each playlist for each album if you have that many songs.

Users can make money on Audiomack in the form of compensation and royalties for uploading their music on the platform. Audiomack is a great platform for up-and-coming artists who do not yet have the physical platform to access big earnings. It is also a great service for popular artists who weren’t to have a digital collection of their albums and songs. Whether you are a user or a creator (artistes, DJ, etc.), you can create a playlist of your favorite songs.

Audiomack can open the doors of fame to any artiste; so far, you can invest the time and knowledge needed to build a great following on the platform. You have to do it right, and it is why we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Let us get to work.

Apply for Audiomack Monetization (AMP)

AMP is an Audiomack premium monetization service. As a content creator and owner, you can monetize the streams of your songs. You have to apply to this service before it, wait for it to be approved, and start making money on Audiomack.

You have to meet the requirements to get your application approved. There is nothing to worry about as you are quite likely to get your application approved so far; you do not violate their terms and conditions.

  1. Using your preferred browser, visit www.audiomack.com and scroll to the AMP section.
  2. Click Apply for. AMP
  3. A Contact Us page will appear. Select AMP Application
  4. You have to input your email address
  5. Also, ensure you write a short note on the reason why you need an AMP account
  6. Now, click submit.
  7. Remember that you need an Audiomack account to start this process. You should wait for your account approval. When approved, you should go-ahead to do the next steps that will be described in the following lines.

How to Make Money on Audiomack

  1. Upload Your Best Songs

The first thing, of course, is you have to upload your music files on Audiomack. However, it isn’t just about uploading any song. You have to put up the very best of your creative works on Audiomack. This means your audience will be listening to you at your peak powers.

You should also notice the frequency with which you upload the songs. You do not want to upload files irregularly, like creating a playlist in January and putting out two songs in February, another in March, and another set of 4 in June, an additional one in July. The algorithm won’t take you seriously.

In order to get this right, you’d have to create a schedule. You should upload your audio files at regular intervals. Your audience shouldn’t have to wait for two months before they hear from you again. If you can put your songs out there daily, do so. If not, you can put one up each week.

  1. Rank Your Songs

This may be uncharted territory for you, but it isnt6any different from what you do on a physical stage. For you to make money on Audiomack, you need to have good rankings. In order to have good rankings, you need to upload unique songs, songs you created all by yourself.

In the digital space, you can get better viewership and rankings if your products are unique. No matter how tempting others’ works are, create yours and put yours out there. If all you do is upload other people’s works, you won’t last on Audiomack. People will always know the original creator.

  1. Build Your Following

Building your followership has to be a thoughtful process. You need to know the category of audience you want to attract or already attract. You have to ensure that you feed them with the exact content that they love.

You can also use other means, including social media channels, to grow your followers. You should constantly check how well your songs are doing. If there are too many negative comments on a particular song, you may want to improve it or take it down so it wouldn’t affect your takings and popularity.

  1. Regularly Upload Files

You cannot weave your way around this. Ultimately, you have to be consistent with Audiomack to start making money on the platform. Inconsistency is bad for your reputation as your audience wouldn’t be able to listen to your latest songs.

When people start hitting on your profile and listening to your songs, that is when you shouldn’t slack. You should take it upon yourself to upload new interesting songs at intervals.

There are multitudes of artists like you on Audiomack who are looking for huge popularity and a wide audience. If you fail to do the needful, your audience will easily move on to the next artist who is doing things right.

  1. Adapt to the Situation

Audiomack isn’t the natural environment for most artists. It is a new music platform that many digital natives do not even visit. But, for you who will be looking to make big bucks via the platform, you have to adapt to the situation you’re in.

Some of the adaptations include taking a song down, improving it, and uploading it again just to satisfy your audience. Your audience will no doubt love you if you listen to their feedback and use self-same feedback to improve your creativity.

  1. Analyze Your Traffic

You get compensated for having high-quality, high-performing songs. You get high-quality songs and following because you are doing some things right. You have to go back to the drawing board to know the exact things that are integral to boosting your songs and your earnings.

Thankfully, you can do this on Audiomack and focus on uploading songs that resonate with your audience and can shoot your rankings even better.

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