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Music Review: Amy Gordon – Too Fly to Care

by Exposeuk
Too Fly to Care

Amy Gordon shakes pixel-pocked logic for something more like ambient nature. On her newest single “Too Fly to Care” it sounds brittle, with a capably ominous take on the sound.

Full of icy synths and spring-loaded drums, the song trully stands out from scads of like-minded music. All those staccato hi-hats and crystalline snares scatter into the music with a tightening grip.

Creating a delicate appeal, Amy Gordon shows off her versatility, shifting between fierce grit and conscious lyrical techniques, and maintaining an unwavering center on memorable melodic hooks.

Her new single music “Too Fly to Care” delves into having a consistent commitment of putting your best foot foward and letting go over a relationship that is gone sour. Amy Gordon attempts to put back the real reason in reconnecting with people who care about you and add meaning back into your good life, the meaning that was so abruptly dragged out from underneath you like a standard dining room rug.

Letting go of a poor relationship that you were certain would last permanently or that you just knew was ”the one” is very painful. At the same time, letting go will be the most empowering thing that you’ll ever do and Amy Gordon makes sure that you’re aware of that.

Moving in-between club productions to ambient music style, there is an undeniable solace in this piece, that is if you are looking for it. It’s suggestive dreamy sound design accompanied by Amy Gordon’s captivating voice, shows resolve in becoming more assertive and falling in love with life again.

“Too Fly to Care” is a solid proof of her talent, and its mix of rhythm and harmony seems destined to be but the first taste of what’s yet to come for the young artist.
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