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Music Review: Robert Michaels – Chrysalis Official

by Exposeuk
Robert Michaels – Chrysalis

U.S. singer Robert Michaels drops his all new ‘Chrysalis’ album – taking us on a captivating adventure through electronic soundscapes.

Touching down with a wide selection of his latest studio creations, highlighting an eclectic mix of emotive & upfront vibes. Robert Michaels conveys a long player, inviting us along on his uninhibited exploration of musical freedom.

From the opening cut ‘Falling’, through to ‘Way Down’, ‘You Got to Go’ & beyond. Robert Michaels showcases his ability to traverse across a plethora of electronic soundscapes.

Robert Michaels endeavors to hold your attention by nestling into your ear with euphoric tunes. The top artist unveils his Chrysalis LP, an outline that feels like a breath of fresh air and builds a feeling of clarity and weightlessness.

Putting together what is otherwise a fantastically essential and sequenced album, Robert Michaels isn’t so much looking to external capabilities for easy affirmations, as he’s estimating out the kind of intensity and hunger that he can enable himself to feel like an artistic personality.

On “Way Down” the sooth vocals come clean and steady as Robert Michaels takes on an adventurous pop crucibles to an even new heights with his fancied voice and compelling songwriting.

Michaels goes through the verses over and over again and explores the idea in depth. “Way Down” feels much more interesting with its syncopated drums. It’s a mixture of raw and refined guitar fuzz blend with tinselly synth glitter and the singer’s startling voice.

Robert Michaels continues to compose on his waltzing guitar, gaining intensity every minute as he attempts to blow up the pressure gauge. The artist tries to recreate that magic on the album’s self-titled track. His agile, sentimental vocals are heartfelt as they tenderly echo in the background, pooling up against rugged drums to prioritize a captivating mood ahead of the lyrics.

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On his track “You A Star” his computer-synthesized voice does the exact contrary of what you will hear in therapy, where the goal, more or less, is to classify what you feel and what you are so that you might more easily bear the former. The song is created from sound sources that create a fantasy-land of tension and wonder with equal fervor.

He proves that he could establish a vibe, and with his latest project, he shows that he’s capable of much more.

Robert Michaels’s songwriting has random bright moments. He is most successful when he deliberately employs repetition, his chugging hooks mimicking the rhythm of cyclical arguments he describes, while the hazy groove alleviates the friction generated by his lyrics.

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