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Veronica Montelongo | Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Ex-Husband |

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Veronica Montelongo

Veronica Montelongo not only climbed to fame after marrying celebrity Armando Montelongo, a popular American real estate developer and a skilled TV personality but also successfully authenticated herself as an American actress.

Well, Veronica is popularly known for her role on the reality show of the A&E tv Network Flip This House. She has additionally earned a considerable amount of money from her long career. On the one hand, numerous of her followers want to know the specifics of her private life, while the other wonders about her net worth in 2021? Let’s find out about all the stuff on the lower pages.

Summary of Veronica Montelongo

Full Name: Veronica Montelongo
Marital Status: Divorce
Gender: female
Net worth: $1 million

Career and Professional Life

Struggling for her profession in the film industry, Veronica Montelongo never received so much recognition from her fans for her TV career roles. She went on her way to meet the famous reality TV star, real estate developer, and a TV producer Armando Montelongo.

Active in the same profession, Veronica and Armando spent quality time with each other, and after a short period of time, they started dating each other. Although the couple never spoke about their marriage location and date, it is speculated that the couple spent over 14 years together until they finally divorced.

The talented couple, Veronica and Armando, began a reality TV show called Flip This House, where they both performed golden roles in the series that ran for five seasons in mid-2005.

Their show focuses on making old houses in order to sell them to new owners at low rates. As per to numerous rumors, Armando had previously filed a divorce in 2011.

Due to some mistakes during their investment in land, Armando and Veronica started to have ideological differences. As a result of that, the pair agreed to part their way, and they got divorced in 2012.

Armando was forced to pay his wife Veronica $4,000 a week after appealing to the court for her maintenance expenses in the Bexar Country District. Not only this, alone, but the court agreement also agreed to pay the wife Veronica about $250,000 in spousal money from Armando for five years.

As soon as Armando declined to pay a certain amount, Veronica again recorded a lawsuit against Armando. Listening to Armando, he holds all stuff as close as he can.

Career’s highlights

Veronica Montelongo was extremely successful in the reality show of the A&E Network, Flip This House. In the meantime, she has accumulated a large amount of attention when resolving her separation cases with her ex-husband.

Following the breakup, she decided to appear in a 2013 film, Line of Duty, in which she performed the role of Bobby’s mother. She also has a good knowledge of the real estate market.

Net Worth and Salary

Without a rush, Veronica Montelongo is again joining the real estate market with the launch of her own real estate firm. It is estimated to have a net value of about $1 million as of 2021. We’re sure that her 20 years of business experience will absolutely boost her net worth to the top. She’s living a beautiful life with her family for now.

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