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List of 12 best US yacht builders-best yacht builders in America

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List of 12 best US yacht builders-best yacht builders in America

In the United, the yachting manufacturers might not be as established. Yet, today, America’s best US yacht builders advance to put out award-winning and state-of-the-art yacht designs. Who are America’s best yacht builders?

From Christensen to Trinity, we bring on a list the best yacht builders in the United States and highlight what presents each shipyard unique. Here are our favorites on the list:

1. Christensen

Christensen is one of the most grounded yacht builders in the U.S., and the firm is known for its completely custom yachts. Each yacht that the company builds is designed according to owner specifications.

Known for its superior hull design, and the upscale finishes, Christensen produces some of the most expensive and luxurious superyachts in the U.S. That’s thanks in part to the company builder’s in-house design team. Many other builders outsource finish and design. Also, the builder is known for its exquisite interiors, highlighting spacious layouts and the most elegant finishes. Christensen also constantly wins innovation awards for their effective and powerful displacement systems and state-of-the-art stabilization.

2. Westport

Talking of best US yacht builders, we can’t just skip this. Since the year 1964, Westport has been a huge leader in yacht design and manufacturing in the U.S., And it earned a reputation for developing sporty and classically-styled superyachts.

That wasn’t constantly the case. Originally, Westport created and built commercial fishing vessels, but today, Westport centers exclusively on luxury motor yachts, like 34-, 38-, 40- and 50-meter yachts. Westport’s raised pilothouse and the tri-deck yachts emphasize classic nautical hulls with stylish touches. The interiors are sleek and convenient and known for their spacious outdoor deck areas.

3. Derecktor

Derecktor yacht builders are one of the country’s oldest yacht builders company. It was established on Long Island, NY in 1947, and during its initial years, the company manufactured commercial fishing and passenger vessels. (Still today, Derecktor produces high-speed ferries for major cities around the world.)

Derecktor’s output has shifted quite a bit in its 70-year history. Today, the company remains to build industrial vessels, but it’s also a top builder of custom motor yachts. Derecktor presents both explorer yachts and motor yachts, and many of its extravagance motor yachts feature explorer-inspired designs. Many Derecktor yachts, for instance, feature towering superstructures that are positioned forward. This opens up an affluence of aft-deck space for outdoor dining areas, beach clubs, and even helipads.

In addition to style, Derecktor yachts are famous for their performance. They might be sizable. Nevertheless, they’re fast, and the ride is stable.

4. Hatteras

Hatteras as a company is a legendary name in American shipbuilding as is one of best US yacht builders, known for its high-speed and magnificent motor yachts. Originally, the shipyard focused solely on sportfish yachts – something they’re still remembered for today. Yet, the company’s line-up of motor yachts gives the best of the best in luxury yachting.

Hatteras extends a full range of superyachts, including the high rated100 RPH, a stunning 102-foot raised pilothouse motor yacht and the M90. This company absolutely shows its sporty roots in all of its designs; Hatteras outsides are sleek and streamlined, sharing design aspects with its sportfish line.

5. Trinity

At Trinity, the size is the name of the game. This Gulfport-based shipyard assembles yachts up to 123 meters (400 feet), including some of the biggest luxury yachts ever built in the United States

The yacht builder has many signatures. For instance, classic nautical architecture is one. Trinity presents some of the most inspirational superstructure designs that highlight sleek lines and an abundance of glass. When you contract a Trinity yacht, you will have plenty of places to relax and be cool, as most of their designs incorporate an abundance of deck space. In the past, that combines beautiful sky lounges and sprawling aft-deck dining/bar areas.List of 12 best US yacht builders-best yacht builders in America

Below deck, Trinity yachts deliver spacious layouts. The yacht builder is known for their opulent owner’s suites and staterooms, as well as remarkable salons.

6. Broward Marine

Established by the legendary boatbuilder Frank Denison in the late 1950s, Broward Marine has been a leader in superyacht design throughout its history. For instance, in 1954, Broward propelled its very first luxury superyacht, ALISA V. At that time, the 96-footer was really a behemoth – similar in grandness to the today’s megayachts of over 150 feet.

The Alisa floored a path for the company, which changed its focus exclusively to luxury motor yachts. In the early1980s, for instance, Broward was prompt to respond to the inclination of the superyachts; Broward traded some 80 yachts in the late 1980s, an extraordinary sales feat.

Under new administration in the early 2000s, the boat company continued its focus on beautiful megayachts in the 100- to 160-foot variety. Broward yachts are grand in the measure, with stunning tri-deck and established pilothouse designs, and they’re further some of the first to highlight farmhouse kitchens. Today, the company concentrates primarily on refits, but many of their grand yachts are still available for charter.

7. Hargrave

Hargrave has been building yachts since the 1950s, and throughout its history, the shipyard has strengthened a reputation for inspiring yacht designs. In fact, the company originally only focused on design. Founder of the company Jack Hargrave, the famed marine designer, worked closely with other top U.S. yacht builders including Hatteras and Burger, helping to launch various brands.

In 1997, the yacht company transitioned from design to designing and building its own extravagance yachts. The company swiftly made a name for itself. Hargrave has won various awards for its sporty tri-decks and sportfish-inspired motor yachts. Hargrave yachts feature modern interiors, matched with sleek profiles.

8. Horizon

A Horizon yacht has a distinguishing look. The company’s yachts have stately exterior finishes with tons of classic nautical architectural aspects. Inside, too, Horizon yachts have many figures. Most Horizon yachts feature creating a light, sprawling windows, and airy interior spaces.

At present, the company constructs yachts in the 56- to 150-foot range, and their offerings include tri-decks, power catamarans, and raised pilothouse motor yachts.

If you are looking for a power cat, that’s a Horizon masterpiece. The company’s PC Series features a variety of mid-sized power cats up to about 80 feet long, with various concept yachts in the works. Yet, Horizon does it all. You will find Horizon yachts in just about any fashion, from Fast Displacement yachts (FD Series), even to customized tri-decks (CC Series).

9. Burger

The Burger yacht Company is one of the most historic shipbuilders in the U.S. Formerly launched in 1863, and the company has built over 500 yachts in its history (more than 250 of which are still in operation currently). The company was a pathfinder in steel yacht building, but now, Burger primary builds aluminum yachts.

Burger presents a range of custom tri-deck motor yachts, varying from 112- to 214-foot motor yachts. Burger boats have a unique look and feel. They have roomy deck areas, like the wrap-around deck on its current 214-foot tri-deck concept, as well as innovative exterior lounge areas.

10. Delta Marine

For more than 50 years now, Delta Marine has been producing world-class motor yachts from its headquarters in Seattle, no wonder we featured it on the list of best US yacht builders. The boatbuilder is known for its silky exterior designs. Delta Marine yachts highlight clean, flowing lines throughout, and the company produces a range of raised pilothouse and tri-deck motor yachts.

Plus, the interiors are entirely custom. That said, no two Delta Marine yachts look the same, and the insides are as unique as their owners. Delta yachts are similarly well-known for their performance. Several feature performance-minded hulls and focus on state-of-the-art displacement systems.List of 12 best US yacht builders-best yacht builders in America

11. Nordlund

Nordlund uses an expandable hull design to lay up most new yachts and makes the tooling for each superstructure in-house. After the boat is launched, the constructor destroys that tooling, so no two Nordlunds are always the same.

While the shipyard will work with various yacht designers, it is known for its longtime collaboration with marine architecture firm R. Edwin Monk. “Ed Monk has built all but just three boats in the last 45 hulls,” Nordlund states.

Yacht buyers who are fishermen prize Nordlund for its yacht fisher, a category of oceangoing netting yachts that the yard helped to develop. In August, Nordlund went on and launched a 115-foot (35-meter) expedition yachtfisher with marine architecture by Monk and interior layout by Mary Flores Yacht Interiors.

12.Made in Maine

When most yachtsmen think about Maine, they think of smaller, handcrafted boats made of wood. But Maine also is haven to shipyards that build custom yachts in a range of materials. Here is a glimpse at two of the biggest players.

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