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List of Free WinRAR Alternatives

by Exposeuk

WinRAR used to be the go-to tool for compressing, archiving, unzipping, and sharing large files. However, in 2022 many other tools can do these things in a simple and easy way. Even though WinRAR is still the tool of choice for many Windows computer users, we want to highlight some of the best alternatives to the tool below.

Check out the 12 best alternatives to WinRAR below.

  1. Zipware

Zipware is simple, colourful, and offers a quick way to compress and zip files. The tool itself is light on your computer, which means it will not occupy needless space. Most of the people who resort to using this tool love it because it scans for viruses before the files hit your computer. It is available in Windows and Linux, completely free to use.

Get Zipware here.

  1. ExtractNow

This one does basic unzipping. It doesn’t archive or compresses your files. It is a 100 percent free tool available only in Windows. It is easy to use, and the user can extract files without any effort. It supports all popular formats. Note that this tool will not archive, group, or compress any files.

Get ExtractNow here.

  1. Bandizip

Bandizip is reputable for its ability to operate at high speed. It allows for the extraction of files in more than 30 formats. It is suitable for archiving, compressing, and encrypting. The encryption service endears many users who rely on making use of it often.

Users can also scan files before they open them. People love the fact that it supports multiple languages such as Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. It is also amazing that users can preview files without opening them.

Get Bandizip here.

  1. Ashampoo ZIP Free

This is basic but powerful software that has over 60 unzipping formats. The attraction includes encryption and a simple interface available for users for free. There is the ability to do ZIP writing, preview, extract, repair damaged archives, and zip them. With the use of this tool, it is possible to create large archives with special effects. Users can share or upload files easily to OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Get Ashampoo ZIP Free here.

  1. PeaZip

PeaZip is open-source software, which means that it is free indefinitely. The tool enables high-speed compression of files in more than 150 formats. Furthermore, it also supports the zipping and unzipping of over 180 formats. However, it doesn’t support RAR files. If you want to do editing, splitting, joining, and deleting archives, PeaZip is perfect.

The best part of this software is that it allows users to repair damaged archives, test them for errors, and compress files. It is available for both Windows and Linux only. This is one of the top alternatives to WinRAR, although it doesn’t support RAR files.

Get PeaZip here.

  1. 7-Zip

7-Zip is often seen as the number one alternative to WinRAR. This is because it compresses better than any archiving, compressing, and zipping tool online. Even though it is totally free, the compression rate of 7-Zip is said to be 10 per cent better than that of others. It also has a variety of unzipping and zipping formats that users love. This is the most widely used tool when it comes to the WinRAR alternative.

The tool is just 1MB on your Windows machine, so you don’t have to bother about its hampering your system by using lots of space.

Reasons why users love 7-Zip:

  • Ensures quality and easier compression
  • User-friendly features
  • It has the .7z format that is compatible with most archiving software
  • More than 87 languages available for users
  • Offers protected and packaged archives
  • It can’t slow the computer

Get 7-Zip here.

  1. Hamster Zip Archiver

This is another free tool available only in Windows. It offers impressive compression capability that anyone would love. It has users operating it in over 40 languages, including English. One good thing about the tool is that users can add their favourite compression level.

A word of caution, though. This tool only supports the creation of ZIP and 7z files. A serious drawback to this tool is that the installation language is common in Russian. If you can pass that stage of installation, you will be delighted to see that language on the interface is English. You can also upload and share files to cloud services.

Get Hamster Zip Archiver here.

  1. WinZip

Here is another popular compression software on the internet. Of course, it competes with 7-Zip in a major way. It is available in standard and professional versions, both of which are paid. You can pick which one of the editions you want when you want to download it. The comparisons shown help you to make a better choice.

WinZip is available on Windows and Mac, and it is able to support all the common archival formats depending on the software chosen. The user has to get the Pro edition to get automation and data backup. Users love the encryption capability it provides.

Get WinZip here.

  1. jZip

This compression tool is dependable and fast, but it is also free. In addition to that, the user interface is friendly and uncomplicated, and most beginners will find it easy to use. There’s an adware that accompanies the software, but users can disable it whenever they want.

Get jZip here.

  1. WinAce

WinAce isn’t free. However, users can experience what it really is like when they make use of the free trial period. It is not an excellent alternative to WinRAR because it hasn’t been updated since 2008. People love it because it provides some good features such as encrypting and password-protecting files. The most important feature that users love about it is its ability to run a virus check on files before it opens them.

Get WinAce here.

  1. The Unarchiver

This is a Mac and Linux tool that a lot of users find beneficial when it comes to unzipping files. In this case, it offers no compression services at the present time. The tool is not available on Windows.

Get The Unarchiver here.


The beauty of this list is that you can make any of the choices that work for you. There’s no need to get stuck on WinRAR, thinking it offers all and everything you need. There are tools out there that give more and don’t cost a thing to use. Why should one pay when there’s a free option? Lets us know your best WinRAR alternative. Leave a comment below.

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